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  1. tobycb

    Port Hacking

    Well done Yowie, nice seafood platter! Regards, Toby
  2. Merry Xmas @Scratchie, nice work again! regards, Toby
  3. Well done @Scratchie and @back cruncher nice bag of fish there...... even if you got toasted by some bigger models! I'm fishing 40 and 60 lb leader for the Kings around the Northern beaches headlands..... not sure i'm brave enough to go any lighter...
  4. Nice work again scratchie. regards Toby
  5. What a day! well done gents! What water temp you got up there now @Scratchie ?
  6. Bloody nice fish Rick, well done mate.
  7. Nice work there Saltrix! I also fish out of Broken Bay and have found the flatties a bit hit and miss. Regards, Toby
  8. Hey @kiwicraig, Seems the crabbing's a bit slow at the moment! What method do you use in Brisbane Waters? Regards, Toby
  9. Great report @GordoRetired Got to give Jindy a crack sometime!! Regards, Toby
  10. Thanks guys, This guy fell for a live stinky pike @flatheadluke Regards, Toby