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  1. Nice work again scratchie. regards Toby
  2. What a day! well done gents! What water temp you got up there now @Scratchie ?
  3. tobycb

    Winter Fatty

    Nice work JOnnO.
  4. Nice work Scratchie. Top fish.
  5. Bloody nice fish Rick, well done mate.
  6. Nice work there Saltrix! I also fish out of Broken Bay and have found the flatties a bit hit and miss. Regards, Toby
  7. Hey @kiwicraig, Seems the crabbing's a bit slow at the moment! What method do you use in Brisbane Waters? Regards, Toby
  8. Great report @GordoRetired Got to give Jindy a crack sometime!! Regards, Toby
  9. Thanks guys, This guy fell for a live stinky pike @flatheadluke Regards, Toby
  10. Hey guys, Had a crack on the run out tide on Wednesday arvo/ evening in the lower Hawkesbury. The forecast rain eased and the wind dropped off to provide pretty plesant conditions. Put out a variety of live and fresh dead baits. Caught a shovel nose and a pair of Port Jackson a few tailor and a couple of red rock cod. Were about to call it quits when one of the livie's loaded up. This fish went 105, Looking forward to summer. Regards Toby
  11. Yeah @GoingFishing its a long way to the boat in 115 metres of water....