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  1. tobycb

    Winter Fatty

    Nice work JOnnO.
  2. tobycb

    Wooli- Day 1+2+3+4+5

    Nice work Scratchie. Top fish.
  3. tobycb

    Reds again

    Bloody nice fish Rick, well done mate.
  4. tobycb

    Flathead off Barrenjoey

    Nice work there Saltrix! I also fish out of Broken Bay and have found the flatties a bit hit and miss. Regards, Toby
  5. tobycb

    Lake Cathie- found a feed!!!

    Well done Scratchie!!
  6. tobycb

    Attempted crabbing with the boy

    Hey @kiwicraig, Seems the crabbing's a bit slow at the moment! What method do you use in Brisbane Waters? Regards, Toby
  7. Great report @GordoRetired Got to give Jindy a crack sometime!! Regards, Toby
  8. tobycb

    Back on the water

    Nice work @Jenno64
  9. tobycb

    Hawkesbury Jew

    Thanks guys, This guy fell for a live stinky pike @flatheadluke Regards, Toby
  10. tobycb

    Hawkesbury Jew

    Hey guys, Had a crack on the run out tide on Wednesday arvo/ evening in the lower Hawkesbury. The forecast rain eased and the wind dropped off to provide pretty plesant conditions. Put out a variety of live and fresh dead baits. Caught a shovel nose and a pair of Port Jackson a few tailor and a couple of red rock cod. Were about to call it quits when one of the livie's loaded up. This fish went 105, Looking forward to summer. Regards Toby
  11. tobycb

    Winter Kingy's

    Yeah @GoingFishing its a long way to the boat in 115 metres of water....
  12. tobycb

    Winter Kingy's

    Thanks Gordo!
  13. tobycb

    Winter Kingy's

    Thanks guys, looking forward to getting amongst them again soon....
  14. tobycb

    Big Broughton Snapper

    Nice bag @garfield28 well done! do you fillet and freeze the excess? Regards Toby