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  1. Congratulations!! Is the entrance open at the moment or is it shut?
  2. Thank you Rah. Of course carp is not a native species so it was not mentioned in the species list you put up. There's also another Australian native fish that has not been mentioned to be in Wolli Ck. 😘 So I haven't tried it there yet. I managed to find a cupla carp elsewhere in the Southern/Eastern suburbs but I will try Bardwell at some stage.
  3. Does anyone know if there are any carp in that creek? Its quite lovely surrounded by parkland. I checked it out today but didn't see any. That doesn't mean they're not there. Thanks!
  4. As someone who has lived a few years in the US and fished a lot there, I agree with some of what Capt Spanner said. Most of the US bass fishing we would see on TV, etc are Pros - this is a living for them. They are competing with huge fields of competitors, unlike some of the pro comps in Oz. A big pro comp there would field 100++ competitors. Time is money! They're not there for fun. Largemouth mouths aren't particularly super-hard. Bream mouths are much harder. Other reasons - (1) Largemouths jump and Smallmouths jump even more. Skiing them in quickly reduces the chance of them throwing the hook when they jump & shake their heads. (2) It also depends on the technique they're fishing & location. During the Spring spawn bite, they're targeting bass holding around & defending their spawn beds & depending on location, they could be fishing heavy drowned scrub, That's when they use their "flippin' sticks". Ultra heavy action rods, 30-60lb line & very short, repetitive casts into small target areas, using mainly skirted jigs. I find it interesting that skirted jigs are starting to be usedr for bass in Australia, not that I've ever used them for Aussie Bass. I thought they would be handy for cod. Those US bass pros can repeatedly flip (underhand short casts) those jigs into a bucket from 3-5m. The "fight" is brutal - its only a couple of seconds between the bite & the fish poled into the boat!
  5. I like adding assist hooks to my flathead blades but I just buy the ready made assist hooks, usually twin hooks.
  6. No need to do anything to the SSC hooks.
  7. EP. My 1st ever EP was caught in the Hacking. They don't need to come down from the fresh.
  8. Yes, I forgot about the stretch factor. I doubt it would make that much difference with a squid jig. I was referring to v light jigheads (less than 1/20th oz). Leader length - probably people would give a range of answers. Generally, for bream - long light leaders 2 - 3 times your rod length. Bass, flathead, most other fish - from 1 - 2m.
  9. There are a few reasons for using a leader of mono or fluorocarbon tied to your braid - Its much easier to tie knots to your terminal tackle with mono or FC. Braid is opaque and can be easily seen by the fish. A length of leader ensures it is less visible than the braid main line. It can depend on your target - some are very leader-shy (eg. bream) while some are much less so (eg. bass). I know some bass fishos who just tie their lure on to the braid without a leader of any type, but they are in the minority. Probably can work well if they're using one lure on an outfit all day, without changing lures. Braid is extremely strong and way ahead on breaking strain to diameter ratio, BUT can break from contact with abrasive surfaces (rocks, barnacles...). Mono or fc is more abrasion-resistant. Braid is very buoyant as you'll notice with new braid. Having a leader of fc helps your lure, especially if using very light jigheads, to go under. On the other hand, if using surface lures, many people recommend using mono & not FC as FC sinks and can impede the action of your surface lure. My tip: you can get around this and use either mono or FC if you're using one outfit exclusively for surface lures by using a very short length of leader (2ft or less). As for the FG knot - yes, it is a very popular leader knot and has been for at least the last 3 or 4yrs. I tried it and I remember casting the whole leader & lure off almost first cast!! Obviously it is not the knot's fault but my own ineptness in tying the FG knot! Obviously I didn't do it right and for those people who can tie it properly, they swear by it. There are many other leader knots that can be used. Easiest to tie is the double Uni knot. I can almost do it blindfolded and is the one I use if I have to retie a leader on the water (usually kayak) without glasses on. Big downside to this knot is that the tag end of the mono faces outwards (in the direction of your cast) and with repeated lurecasting can catch and wear until it breaks. The best leader knots, like the FG or Slim Beauty, have the tag end of the braid facing "out". Being much softer, it doesn't catch & wear out easily. Everything above relates to lure fishing. If bait fishing with sinkers, swivels, etc, you can tie your braid to the swivel and the mono to it as well. Big tip - if tying braid to terminal tackle like a hook or swivel like I do when blackfishing (yes, I use braid as my main line for blackfishing!), you have to double the number of wraps in knots like the half blood knot. This also applies to the double Uni knot for joining leader to braid - the standard number of loops (usually 4) for the mono part and 8 loops for the braid part. Hope this helps.
  10. Wow! Good stuff! Is it the soft filamentous type or the really wiry stuff?
  11. Vanders, its called Spike-It. Comes in 2 forms - liquid in a small bottle and you just dip your plastic in it and it also comes in pens like a marker pen. REALLY strong garlic smell!
  12. Fantastic! Congrats. My attention will be turning to blackfish again soon. Is there much cabbage on the ocean rocks around the place & same for weed?
  13. The only thing I would do in that situation, before swearing at them and giving up, is to go down to 4lb leader.