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  1. i have been using normal car/truck batteries in the boat for last few years and had no problems
  2. you could probably mix up some fibreglass resin and fill the holes with it,did 2 smaller similar ones on my boats 4 years ago and still all ok hope this helps Phil
  3. its a thingamejig or possibly a whatsemecallit
  4. have not been down there for a while,but when we used to go down there we used to fish reefs between benelong and green island,hope this helps
  5. anyone been fishing outside near greenwell point lately,going down there at end of this month and hoping of some reports.am like a big kid at xmas at moment as i just replaced old 85hp johnson on boat with a new 90 etec cheers Phil
  6. i always salt my pilchards for a few days then put in bags,seem to stay firmer
  7. i just spray on truckwash then use a soft broom and bucket of water to wash boat then hose off,but i must say that our glass boat needs a really good polish as it has not been done in 4 years we have had it,probably never been polished Phil
  8. i think a 500gph would be heaps,remember thats 2000 litres which is a lot of water,we have a 750gph on our 5.2m glass boat Phil
  9. my dad used to have a paper scroll sounder on his boat about 15 years ago,used to take up about 18 inches of space on dash if his nautiglass
  10. Hi Guys,was wondering if full synthetic 2 stroke oil can be used in old motors as my local auto shop i used to get nulon semi synthetic from doesn't stock it any more,they only stocking full synthetic,any opinions appreciated as i don't want to use it if it will stuff engine thanks Phil
  11. thanks for advise,will in as a second radio
  12. a picture would help to make an identification
  13. Hi Guys,i am about to replace GME 27mhz radio with a VHF,can i still use old base and lead and just put a new VHF whip on or do i need to replace base as well Phil
  14. got told today buy a bloke that it looks similar to a beastmaster he saw in queensland but i can't find any information about these boats
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