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  1. Snapn

    Line And Knots For Light Soft Plastics Try the albright. strong knot and passes through the guides with mimimal notice. Will improve your cast distance
  2. Snapn

    Nitro Rods

    Finished product: *Magnum butt *DA Luvias 3000 *300m [YGK Yoz-Ami] G-Soul WX8 PE # 1.5 (Rated 25lb) Hopefully this can put me onto a king or 2
  3. Snapn

    Nitro Rods

    thanks guys, i'll post a photo of the finished product. the spool holds 330m of 1.5 PE, Could i get away with 200m spool with more mono backing or should i fill it with 300m and less mono backing? Cheers
  4. Snapn

    Nitro Rods

    Bump I was thinking bout matching my luvias 3000 to a magnum butt. Thinking bout ordering some varivas braid in PE 1.5 or PE 2. Would this be alright for the magnum butt or will i need the viper? I will be flicking plastics for syd harbour kings. Thanks
  5. Snapn

    Marine Parks Sydney

    Shelly beach in Manly, Great for scuba diving, lots of blue groper and an awesome giant cuttlefish
  6. Snapn

    More Toothy Critters

    the Payara still wins
  7. Snapn

    Weird Baits & Captures

    This thread is inspired by a recent catch and release of a 40cm Snapper which i caught on a raw piece of Veal. Whats yours?
  8. Snapn

    Lox Rods

    Cheers for the feedback, Ended up going with the Daiwa infeet 3lb-6lb to match my sol. Great little rod with an awesome taper.
  9. Snapn

    Lox Rods

    cheers guys, yeah i'm going to be running 4lb fireline so should be a good step up.
  10. Snapn

    Lox Rods

    hey mate, im about to make the same pairing, did u end up pairing it? if so how does it go? Thanks
  11. Snapn


    ok thats great, thanks, ill be on a boat so wont really need to cast mainly just for live baiting and bottom bashing
  12. Snapn


    bout to buy a charter special or a penn 330ld overhead reel can anyone give me the heads up on a decent braid for these? looking at 20lb not incline to buy fireline as it seems to be designed for eggbeaters. thanks
  13. Snapn

    Hummingbird 350tx

    my adice would be to buy one of these superb
  14. Looks good but the previous Australian record was 11.679kg any pics?
  15. Snapn

    Ahhhhh - What Tha - Just A Head

    A fisherman out on justin duggans tour cought a small hammer head on fly around that area