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  1. Izza

    Lake Illawarra

    I was pretty lucky in that I got it off a very good mate of my dads who did me a good deal on it, he checked and changed anything that needed it before I got it.
  2. Izza

    Lake Illawarra

    that's the boat to for anyone who's interested needs a bit of a clean up but mechanically fairly sound
  3. Izza

    Lake Illawarra

    thanks very much motohead that's a great little check list, will remember to check the bungs, now all I have to do is find the fish lol
  4. Izza

    Lake Illawarra

    G'day guys Been a while since I posted on here, haven't been doing much fishing due to work and home reno's BUT in happier news I have just got my boat licence and picked up a 4.1m aluminum runabout which I'm hoping to take out on the lake tomorrow weather permitting, just wondering if any of you guys have any general boating advice,advice on lake illawarra itself and any spots to try for some fish on the lake that you could impart onto a complete novice (seriously I can count the number of times I have fished from a boat on one hand haha) cheers in advance guys tight lines
  5. Izza

    Durras Lake / Batemens Bay

    Cheers for the info guys, Dfishin do you know a good place to get bait down there?
  6. G'day guys Been a long time between posts for me due to losing my nan at the beginning of the year and undergone some minor surgery but everything is back on track now! Im going away with the fam for a weeks camping down to durras lake its about 20mins north of batemens bay (will provide map link at the bottom) and was just wondering if anyone had fished that area before and had any general info/tips, Ive got both beach and estuary gear and also a yabbie pump if anyone knows anywhere to get them (or a good local store to get good bait from), the camping ground we are staying at also offers rental kayaks so was thinking of going out in one for a fish which Ive never done so if anyone fishes from a kayak a few tips on that would be great haha Cheers Raiders http://maps.google.com.au/maps?hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&channel=np&q=durras+lake&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1280&bih=661&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl
  7. Izza

    New Fisher

    that was a nice breambo indeed, the only advice with bait I can give is the fresher the better thats what Ive found anyway
  8. Izza

    chicken for bait

    yes tasksta I had some success on the smelly chicken it seems to attract most fish I even managed a small trevally on it
  9. Izza

    Weird clouds, flathead and a flying Mako.

    great picture mate
  10. Izza

    Carp Infested Ponds

    I think its just that particular area Im talking bout but Ive been to a couple of different ponds in the same general area of the one I was talking about n burleyd up hard to see if I could raise anything and didnt get any sign that there were carp in those sections, if it wasnt such a crap hole area where you were likely to get beaten n robbed if your hanging around in the dark fishing in a park Id give it a crack at night time coz there would be no rangers at all to give you crap and the birds should be sleeping
  11. Izza

    size limit change?

    I was talking to my mate the other day and he said that they are increasing the size of legal bream to 30cm and dusky flathead to 40cm, Iv checked the dpi website n cant find any info on a change and bream are still listed at 25cm and duskys at 36cm has anyone else heard of this or is it just a rumour??
  12. Izza

    Carp Infested Ponds

    theres a spot at lake gillawana thats fair dinkim full of them Iv actually seen people feeding them when walking my dog through there and there are some real bruisers in there but for some reason the oh so wise and smart council have banned fishing in there because there are ibis that nest on the island in the middle (thats the only reason I can think to not allow fishing in there in case a bird took a bait), bit of a joke if you ask me part of me really wants to go down there and have a crack figuring it cant be that highly patrolled its just a park ffs but the other part of me cant be botherd paying a fine from some jumped up council ranger for doing nothing more than having a relaxing fish
  13. G'day Raiders Headed down to my local haunt at tallwarra last night to try out the chicken with parmesan cheese n garlic bait that was posted in another topic on here, it seemed to work pretty well, doesnt come of the hook as eaisily as a prawn would, managed about 4 bream that were just undersized n got busted off by a couple of fair sized fish the first one snapped me off on an underwater cable on a line of buouys that stop the foam getting out into the lake the second one (think it was a flathead) Id moved spots to the wall just near the bridge n got a massive pull down on my rod followed by a few headshakes and then nothing just felt like Id snagged up on something could this of been a massive flatty?? I have seen rays there before but I think if Id of hooked a ray it would of pealed off line instead of just laying back down on the bottom? thoughts and opinions on that would be appreciated haha either way wasnt a bad way to spend a night with my dog. tight lines mateys
  14. Izza

    chicken for bait

    I just made up some today gunna try it out tomorrow hopefully couple of tea spoons of garlic n coated the lot in the stinkiest parmy I could find, heres hoping for fish!!
  15. Izza

    Dream Boat

    not as flashy as some of the other boats here but Id be happy with one of them bar crusher boats, they look the goods for fishing