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  1. davido


    A week ago, I caught 3 undersized Snapper in Windang. Quite interesting
  2. thanks for that. I will try coniston some time. I like finding new places to fish
  3. Just got back from a 2 hour session of fishing at the lighthouse aiming for bream with prawns. Not much to report except this fish that I caught. No idea what it is, can someone identify it for me? I probably won't reply for a while, getting ready to go to Melbourne for a birthday party then to Lake Eucumbine for some fishing fun for 3 days Davido
  4. davido

    Friday 23/9/11 fish

    nice catch mate, gotta get myself a PS2 controller for catching fish too i guess
  5. Went out to Corrimal beach and arrived at 5:30am, a long grooooooling 5 minute drive. Casted out around 5:45, using pilchards on gangs and pillie fillets on 4/0 circle hook (as a raider suggested i use) Around 7:20am i get my first hit, fairly big hit but didnt hook up. A few not very polite words later and raising a single fist at the sea, I baited up another fillet and casted out again. 10mins later while i was checking my other rod, my uglystick bent over and slammed on the ground out of its holder (not snapped just thrown on the ground by the fish). Quickly ran over and heard my drag going nuts. Pick the rod up and started to fight the fish. Seeing how heavy it felt on the rod i thought i should play it safe and just tire the fish out. Was an awesome sight to see since it was the first time i saw a fish jumping out of the water repeatedly. Finally 10-15mins later i tired him out and set my drag a bit higher and pulled him up the beach, fairly far away from the water just incase those low swells create a freak wave Here it is still alive and well, i quickly grabbed my fone and took a pic, if u look carefully u may see the hook and line still in Got em home and measured it up(tho i compared it to my rod holder which i mark out every 10cm a long it with legal fish sizes) Smashed my record of 46cm by 10cm. New PB of 56cm. Was definetly worth the early morning and long drive and sacrifice of no sleep to catch this one! now to do my uni assignment which is due tonite Davido
  6. davido

    Surf fishing tips

    Corrimal beach is alright(south of austimier) would tell you where a good gutter is but gutters changed recently in last few days and didnt check earlier so was fishin in a bad spot this morning but still produced a salmon. I reckon a good time to start for this saturday if you fish illawarra area maybe from 7am to 5pm. Im not a beach expert but its the times I would fish this weekend
  7. davido

    BEACH FISHING 11/09/11

    Nice stuff mate, fresh tailor is great. I went out this arvo to the beach but only caught a plastic bag.....
  8. davido

    Rod and reel assignment.

    Nice explanation. With that in mind, I do have one outfit that i call my "Bream Stick" and use it for targeting bream with bait. First thing i put together without getting a premade combo already spooled. Quite happy that it does its job catching Bream
  9. davido

    Fishing Closure Tallawarra

    And i was thinking that I would never get the chance to fish that area
  10. davido

    a quick hand needed guys

    I think i know the bank your talking about, what about that sand thats between the caravan park and the entrance(breakwalls)
  11. davido

    a quick hand needed guys

    Yeah love to know a good place to get nippers and yabbies in wollongong area. At the moment Im giving a shot at collecting bait in Wollongong area so ill tell u if i get any good information.
  12. davido

    how can i catch australian salmon land based

    Tried metals once, funny story. I think there was a fracture in the line so when i casted, i just watched my metal lure fly away pretty far. Was an awesome sight to see while going "ahh, i just bought that....." I did tie it properly but i guess i didnt check my line. around the sizes of 2/0-4/0 ??
  13. davido

    how can i catch australian salmon land based

    At the moment for past few weeks, ganged hooks havent been a great success, only had biteoffs with them but using prawns on 2/0 baitholder has landed me 2 awesome salmon 45,46cm and a fair few flatties and 2 whiting. just yesterday, 5/9/2011 on corrimal beach been giving pillie fillets a shot, going to try your setup with them because my setup id either lose the bait on cast or been stripped of. But great to know they are atleast attacking it, and boy i had some strong tugs on it, many were to me rebaiting my surf rod while my other rod was out, missing multiple bites. I would turn my head and theres my rod head banging like crazy, and once i grabbed it, goes slack. I think i counted 6 times with pillie fillets and twice on prawns. Davido
  14. davido

    Towrodgi Creek

    Went out fishing with my mate for an hour(4:30pm to 5:30pm) to a location where Ive never caught fish before. I agreed to go thinking I wouldnt catch anything and just have a good conversation but well I was suprised. Caught 2 nice black bream, first time too, usually catch yellow fin bream at windang. Mate started to brag saying "see see, you can catch fish here" while he had a suprise look on his face then added "man never knew you could catch bream here and look at that, bigger than what I ever caught"(referring to the first fish i caught). When I caught the 2nd fish, he was like "holy crap, thats a big one" and I was like "Farout this is heavy" while fighting it out of the snaggy areas. when i brought it out and held it in my hands i was like "OMG THIS IS BEAST" (yeah very excited) Both fish was caught using half prawns deshelled. 6lb main, 4lb fluro lead, size 0 sinker? something like that. This one measured in at 27cm, it WAS my PB for the bream species and its the first black bream ever caught BAM landed this one on my last cast before leaving because of many mosquitos came to have a play with us. Fish measured in at 33cm, new PB :thumbup:lol .... Heres the comparison of sizes and I was pretty excited. For 1 hour fishing, had a tonne of fun and more bragging rights against my mate. Couldnt stop rubbing it in because I always seem to catch fish on every outting and my friend hasn't caught anything in probably a month. Davido
  15. Nice catch there, I should get myself into black fishing. Looks fun