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  1. No other way to land a 113cm king from the kayak so stuck thumb in the mouth and fingers in the gill cavity while it thrashed. The abrasion on my thumb bled profusely. Still don't own a gaff.
  2. I used to drive a Suzuki SX4 and never had a problem at highway speeds carrying my Hobie Adventure/Revo 16. Just need make sure its properly secured and put a red flag on the back end. Only time I really notice it is in strong crosswind in which case drive slower. I would advise avoiding ProRack brand. They flexed constantly under the weight of the yak.
  3. It is worth looking for a second hand kayak on Gumtree/ebay etc as you can quite often get something set up with fish finder, paddle, seat etc for less than a new model. Length of the kayak will be dependent on storage space and where you intend to fish. If you want to go onto larger waterway and open ocean then something 4meters or more is recommended. For rivers etc the under 4meters will be fine. Also check the kayak can float you and all your gear with plenty of capacity to spare. Possibly the most essential skill is being able to remount the kayak in deep water. If you can't do this you could end up in serious trouble faster than you realise. Take the kayak out a couple of times and get use to it before you start taking fishing gear. Jump off in water you can't stand in and try getting back on board. This will also help when mounting accessories as you will know which areas you need to keep clear. Once you are ready to start fishing, keep it simple to start and leash everything. Rods, pliers, nets, etc etc. I think everyone I know who fishes from a kayak (including me) has lost stuff because they thought something would be fine. There are plenty of instructional pages on the internet for making your own, just pick something that suits you. Try to get a kayak with internal storage and a decent dry bag for your wallet, phone, keys etc.
  4. If you have a downrigger, try getting some 80-120mm hardbodies down deeper around the reefs and troll 1-2 knots. May pick up a few snapper.
  5. Not trialed them yet but decided we need to give circles a go for the dollies next year. Too many baits taken deep by undersized fish.
  6. The pike would have sufficed as a live bait. Kings and jew love them.
  7. ANZAC morning launched from Tunks about 5am, got about 15 yakkas pretty quickly on the way down to The Spit. First boat at the waverider arriving just after sun up and hooked up within seconds. Finished with 11 dollies from 60 to 75cm. Bites on live and dead yakkas only. Plastics, metals and poppers didn't get a look.
  8. Have a Black Diamond flats rod rated 1-2kg. Only fresh water it has seen is when I wash it. Matched with a 1000 Stradic it has taken plenty of flathead plus whiting and bream on lures.
  9. I think the FinNor 60 is about the same size as the Daiwa 4000. One of my Daiwas is starting to stiffen from salt water intrusion and a bearing replacement is half the cost of a new reel. A friend bought the FinNor Lethal 80. It looks pretty solid and can be had for under $100 on sale.
  10. I have never fished heavier than 30lb braid from the yak. Currently have two Daiwa 4000 size reels which have landed some pretty decent kings. I am considering replacing one with a FinNor Lethal 60. My main concern is keeping the breaking strain down to something I can break off if snagged. There is only so much pressure you can apply from the yak. Your existing 3000 setup will be fine for most snapper. As most of the water you will fish from the yak will be 30 meters max you don't need a huge amount of line. I would probably cross the 6500 off the list. The 4500 will also give you nearly as much drag as the biggest TLD and be much easier to handle on the yak.
  11. Rubber deck matting. Similar to the stuff that is used on the floor behind bars with lots of holes for the blood and slime to run through. Doesn't get glued down so you can lift it and wash everything away later and doesn't hold water.
  12. Not sure the roof of the car would support them without further damage, seems pretty thin.
  13. The car that had the roof racks was written off after the Sydney hail storms in December. Don't want to spend money on racks for the other car as I intend to sell it after its hail damage is fixed. Unfortunately that won't happen until first week of June. So no yak fishing for me until at least the second half of the year.
  14. Never seen the iBobber but suspect a standard fishfinder would be more functional and have better resolution. Lowrance Hook2 4x GPS is around the same price and easy to install. Also don't have to retrieve it when moving so you can paddle around looking for structure, bait schools and bigger fish.
  15. Or get a Hobie and aim for the drive hole