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  1. Coming North From Tunks Park ramp there is an old red hulled sail boat on your right near Quakers. Should find the wreck between the boat and headland, holds schools of yakkas on the right day. Only legal fish I have caught there was a Watsons Leaping Bonito, I think Seaforth is more reliable for legal kings.
  2. I use 6 or 8oz drop sinkers. May be a little heavy but I got them cheap a while back and the bait doesn't rise up too much when moving.
  3. Have had a Hobie Adventure for 9 or 10 years but think it has been out of the garage once in the last 2 years. Car with the roof racks was written off by hail and it took some time to get around to sorting a replacement. Didn't want to spend hundreds getting racks for the other car I knew we were not going to keep. Now I have the car sorted but with life/wife commitments and the weather/water quality of late there has not been a lot of opportunity. Best king so far is 113cm a few years back from North Head. Having the Hobie allowed me to turn the yak and head for cleaner bottom while fig
  4. Thanks for all the replies. Went with the Demon Blood 72MH and Saragosa 8000. Just need to get out now and put a bend in it.
  5. Good write up. Can I ask what brand/model your foam PFD is? I find the back of mine gets annoying where it contacts the seat.
  6. Thanks for the info. A longer rod would be better for putting action into the lures but make it hard getting fish to the kayak.
  7. Hi, Looking for advice on an outfit for throwing poppers/stickbaits/livies from kayak and boat. Going on specs and budget currently thinking either Daiwa Demon blood V2 72MH or NS Black Hole Offshore S-722XH Has anyone used either? Cannot find a store nearby I can handle the NS. Will be matched with 6 or 8000 Saragosa & 40-50lb braid. Cheers Rob
  8. I attached a a snap swivel to a snapper lead or other drop sinker with a short (5-10cm) length of line. I then clip the snap to the top of the swivel on my main line (closest to the rod).
  9. No other way to land a 113cm king from the kayak so stuck thumb in the mouth and fingers in the gill cavity while it thrashed. The abrasion on my thumb bled profusely. Still don't own a gaff.
  10. I used to drive a Suzuki SX4 and never had a problem at highway speeds carrying my Hobie Adventure/Revo 16. Just need make sure its properly secured and put a red flag on the back end. Only time I really notice it is in strong crosswind in which case drive slower. I would advise avoiding ProRack brand. They flexed constantly under the weight of the yak.
  11. It is worth looking for a second hand kayak on Gumtree/ebay etc as you can quite often get something set up with fish finder, paddle, seat etc for less than a new model. Length of the kayak will be dependent on storage space and where you intend to fish. If you want to go onto larger waterway and open ocean then something 4meters or more is recommended. For rivers etc the under 4meters will be fine. Also check the kayak can float you and all your gear with plenty of capacity to spare. Possibly the most essential skill is being able to remount the kayak in deep water. If you can't do this
  12. If you have a downrigger, try getting some 80-120mm hardbodies down deeper around the reefs and troll 1-2 knots. May pick up a few snapper.
  13. Not trialed them yet but decided we need to give circles a go for the dollies next year. Too many baits taken deep by undersized fish.
  14. The pike would have sufficed as a live bait. Kings and jew love them.
  15. ANZAC morning launched from Tunks about 5am, got about 15 yakkas pretty quickly on the way down to The Spit. First boat at the waverider arriving just after sun up and hooked up within seconds. Finished with 11 dollies from 60 to 75cm. Bites on live and dead yakkas only. Plastics, metals and poppers didn't get a look.
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