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  1. Fished with him again last week and he nailed another nice bream on a wasabi wriggler. Its killing me, he is having so much beginners luck.
  2. You'll get them mate, you gotta persist. I took my mate 2 weeks ago and he got his first fish on a plastic (flathead) next day he went and bought himself a new rod reel and some lures and jig heads and is officially 'hooked' ended up landing 2 bream over the weekend at Roseville. You just gotta get your first one so you get confidence then you will be ok. You'll be stoked when you get your first one I promise!
  3. I just fish soft plastics around the harbour. Only managed a small snapper from near those house boat things on the south western side of the spit. The jackets showed up in big numbers there too, that's when I pulled the pin and went home. Its tough fishing when the NE is howling... might try sneak out for a cheeky cast this arvo down at burns bay.
  4. Hey Sureangler I just seen your post, sorry mate. I ended up fishing around Fairlight then around spit bridge to get out of the wind. Again plenty of fish spotted but none playing ball. Tough going in the heat I tell you. How did you go? did you head down to Sugarloaf?
  5. Ended up hitting Roseville bridge for a yakka only. Will save the trip down to Castle Cove for the weekend I think. Heaps of nice bream at Roseville but they are too smart for me to catch, they were smashing my lure and swiping it but just would not eat it not matter what I threw at them.
  6. Cheers Scratchie, Pittwaterfishing I quite often see bream rising and feeding off the surface there! The other day I seen a small bream stalking then smash a little bait fish from the surface, it was cool to see. Fished Roseville yesterday arvo for a few hours for nothing more than a yakka! Seen heaps of bream but they were to smart for me.
  7. Good day to you Raiders, Haven't had a post in a while so I thought I would check in. Have been doing a fair bit of bream fishing over the last couple of weeks with some nice results. Both bream were caught in Lane Cove, one on a Squidgy Wriggler (wasabi) the other on a Squidgy Critter (blood worm). 4lb fluro carbon leader using slow lift and wind technique on run in tide. The bream that I am in the picture with was a cracker taken from under a tree in about 1ft of water whilst chatting to a local bloke about the dwindling numbers of ducks living in the area. The other one was taken from a little sand bar on the other side of the cove. Please enjoy.
  8. Never mind! Just used my brain instead and did a search in old topics and got the info I needed. Probably should have just done that to begin with.
  9. G'day Raiders, looking to head out for a bream reaping session this arvo and was looking at going to Castle Cove Middle Harbour. I have no idea how to get down to the waters edge! Ill be fishing landbased. Can anyone help me out? Cheers Josh.
  10. Great fish! What plastic did she fall for?
  11. Yeah but I spose if I was cold wet and naked a tree is the place I would want to be...
  12. Should also mention try and cast with the wind at your back or directly into the wind as it will help stop you getting a big bow in your line. if its not possible keep your rod tip low to the water.
  13. I found when i was starting out using a heavier jig head helped me get onto fish. Flatties are on the bottom so having a heavier jig head will help you stay down there. I started out using 1/4 jig heads and got heaps. Just do a slow roll dragging you lure on the bottom with a few stops in between and a couple of faster winds of your reel. You should feel the lure dragging across the bottom, when a flattie hits it, it will stop so strike. You will get snags from time to time but just persist and you will get on to em. Don't be afraid to use big plastics like Turtle back worms or 100mm Wrigglers (bloodworm or wasabi) Flatties are pigs and they will have no trouble smashing them! Good luck.
  14. Cracker! I can't seem to muster anything bigger than about 50cms.