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  1. Just bumped into this report and saw you were using the bent minnow. I head down to gippsland chasing bream and perch . I have herd some good things about the lure and am keen to get a couple and practice down at the lake. What colours would you recommend for bream. Cheers
  2. Have been meaning to go there myself. How is it putting the yak in there, and how is the walk from the car to the water???
  3. nice fish, I fish it pretty often but have stopped as its mayhem down there atm. There are some big girls in there. You are in the right area for sure, the bream hang around the yellow marker in the afternoon and also under the bridge. The second island is a good spot as there are a few nice drop offs and you can only fish them but boat or yak,
  4. nice , were you at the front or back of the lake, ive seen a heap of crabs while prawning near the caravan park. Scooped up 2 but they were in berry so I let them go. also got an octopus on plastic as well.. ill start fishing it again after Australia day when all the holiday makers have gone. But with the water nice and warm those big girls should be in the shallows for sure.
  5. yeah mate, I went for a walk down near the caravan park last Australia day, it was out of control with all the undersize fish being caught, went back that night and it was like a bomb site, the worst thing was all the left over coals just dumped on the waters edge. does my head in, ah well they will be gone soon lol
  6. Were you out on sat or sunday, I think I spoke to you. I managed 1 40cm flatty at the bridge and a few hits near the island. I fish it very often and we just have to wait until at least Australia day for the big flatties to be out sunbaking in the shallows. Far to much boat and surface traffic atm. Saw I guy at the bridge keeping some undersize bream , far out. Im not sure how you would even get a feed of these fish. Was going to make a call but wasn't sure of the number here in nsw. is it 13fish. ?????? and does anyone no the response time.
  7. had a big zero as well at Scotland island as well, micro bait everywhere, yackas galor, but the kings never showed. everytime the kings are around the baits not and vice versa. fun and games
  8. Awsome thanx fellas i appreciate the help
  9. G'day raiders, just after some help on an outfit to flick smaller plastics at kings, was out on the weekend and had a school busting up on small baitfish. The only thing I hooked up on was my 2kg bream outfit with a wriggler on it but fair to say I had no chance of landing it as it almost spoiled me. Any info would be greatly appreciated , cheers
  10. cheers, cant wait to get back out there
  11. Just realised king are like grand finals, you have to loose one b4 you win one, cracker morning Had a massive school bust up at first light this morning around lovit bay, Kings spraying tiny whitebait everywhere, threw every plastic, metal hardbody at them for nada. Then I grabbed my 2kg out fit with 8 lb braid on it, wacked a blood worm wriggler at them and after the 50th cast bang, I now no what its like to have a king on the line after chasing them for so long. This thing didn't no it was hooked till I started putting a bit more pressure on it then it was on, no stopping it on this l
  12. nice work mate. cant wait to dong my fist king on the yak.
  13. hahaha gold, im adding that to my cd. cheers,
  14. followed by http://youtu.be/WwRrKaq0IyY im gonna miss her, I tried to get the darls to agree to this being our first dance as husband and wife, ahhhhhhh got shut down pretty quick lol
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