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  1. podtrailler

    Battery for Elect motor

    Hi there thanks to above members I dont have to elaborate in detail of information. I used to have 40pound motor and 100ah battery and combination hobie mirage drive, 15km range with varying speeds. Going home was tough with this dead weight motor15kg and battery 16kg drained. So I upgraded with Bixpy jet weight about 1.2kg motor and 404 watt lithium battery. Total weight about 7kg with motor adapter and battery. Range and speed depends on your kayak hull design. I have 3 lithium batteries which is enough to cover a full day. Expensive but vary quite and light. Recently I have sent these motors to Bixpy USA for warranty repairs. Mean while I have been looking into 2 stroke petrol engine jet These motors are used in Brazil kayak fishers and there are not cheap (A$700 with freight) to import from Brazil but I found the manufacturer supplier can supply me with a sample cost A$200 approx plus freight and tax. Going to install into mounting of mirage drive location. No more expensive battery to replace and charge. Just carry enough fuel no worries except the noise and fume. Anyone interested in these motor private message me. Still waiting for payment details from China supplier.
  2. podtrailler

    Central Coast Kayak Fishing

    Wow. Nice report. That's one fine video editing. I like to see more of your video uploads. Well done Sam.
  3. podtrailler

    Winter squid

    Congrats Nice catch. Yummy..
  4. podtrailler

    Illawong Bay

    Hi mate. I was on a kayak out in bay 6km. Came by illawong bay the sounder picked up a lot of fish even hairtails. People were casting at wrong spots. I told them what depth and how far. There is fish there. Use fresh bait hawkesbury prawn and pillhards. Last night it was so windy could not fish there. I caught breams when it was noisy there, or maybe I got lucky. There are sensitive fish. Good luck. Cheers
  5. podtrailler

    Hairtail season in Cowan creek

    Hi Sam. Thanks. Yes I would be happy to go on another hairtail voyage with fellow members.. Mostly on weekends. Cheers.
  6. podtrailler

    Hairtail season in Cowan creek

    I posted if anyone would join me for a session of Hairtail and kindly members replied with good feedbacks and information. The day started well, did all my home chores and family matters. Arrived at Akuna bay set for launch and testing all my electrical but trolling motor would not start wasted 1 hour. Peddled out to Jb took me 75mins. So many boats. Disappointed a party boat anchored at my hot spot. Dozen drunk men screaming, swearing and music so loud you hear them a mile away. Anchored 100m away from them and these guys were so abusive. It annoyed me crazy but there were having fun. Sounder showed lots of fish the whole time I was there and I think it was hairtails. Cast my first rod and preparing 2nd rod the float disappeared fish on. Dropped and missed many hairies but had I good time out there caught 5 total and a yellowtail. Tide changed around 9.30pm and bites gone off. Tides is going out but sounder showed lots of hairtails but there have gone deeper water from 5 to 6m to new depth 9 to 10m. Not a single bit for half an hour. My mobile rings strangely normally dont get a single here. My daughter calls and says are you ok and replied why? Its blowing so hard at home be careful out there. I take her advice and started packing up. It was very calm night no wind in Jb, as soon as anchor is up wind picked up getting choppy. Struggled from shark rock point to Cottage point open waters. In the middle of bay got blown away, for 20mins top speed 0.75km/h Got to Illawong wind was behind me and pushing 4km/h no paddle no peddling great. Total voyage time 120mins. A good exercise and good feed catch night. Loved it.
  7. podtrailler

    Illawong Bay

    Hi, I fished yesterday in Jerusalem bay a party boat was anchored with dozen drunk blokes screaming, swearing the night and music so loud your hear them a mile away. It annoyed me crazy but fishing was good it didn't bother the hairtails.
  8. podtrailler

    Kayak Hairtail fishing Saturday 11th Cowan creek

    Hi Zoran, I will look out for your boat. I do have a marine vhf radio but have not booked myself for a test yet. Soon I hope... Thanks for the offer for hot cuppa. First I will have to find you. I glade I'm not alone this time in water..... Cheers Myung podtrailler
  9. Hi fellow members. Going hairtail fishing on a kayak, anyone interest on Saturday 11th 4pm session launch at Akuna bay boat ramp. Going to my usual spot Jerusalem bay. Be brave..
  10. podtrailler

    Lake Jindabyne

    Nice report. Good times and fantastic fresh water catches. I was there at Jindabyne for snowboarding not fishing. Met a friend who has estate in Jindabyne and asked me come down for fishing and I think I will take that offer after reading your results.... congratulation on your fishing trip..
  11. podtrailler

    Sea urchin study ( cull )

    Pity all urchin are killed. Someone should harvest and sell the urchin eggs to korea and Japan. There expensive and demand is alot in Asia.
  12. podtrailler

    Flathead atvMalabar

    How far out from malabar. I am kayak Fisher. Keen to fish out there some time.
  13. podtrailler

    Hairtail season in Cowan creek

    I launch from akuna bay marina boat ramp. Nice car park and well lighted and safe area and free carpark as long as your have national park ticket. No evidence of car window breakages. I think there is security there. Bobbin head appletree has boat ramp but not sure leaving in the carpark I've seen alot of window breakages. Use akuna bay its 2km closer to Jerusalem bay. But a bit of drive depending where you live. Cheers
  14. podtrailler

    Hairtail season in Cowan creek

    Thanks mate. My pride and joy Love kayak fishing.