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  1. tuffy

    Stearing very stiff

    Just another suggestion guys, check the trim tab on the bottom of you motor. If it's sitting straight you will have a torque problem. I had this issue with my new Haines. The previous owner obviously thought the trim tab should sit straight but this is not the case as these tabs are designed to offset any engine torque. Just a suggestion as this was my problem. It was obviously the previous owners problem as he replaced the steering cable 3 times in 5 years. Cheers, Tuffy.
  2. I have one on my Haines Signature 492 Cuddy and it works brilliantly. I still have to get my feet wet when I'm fishing alone, but apart from that it really is a convenience. My last boat didn't have one and I had to leave the motor in gear at high idle to stop the boat from slipping back off the trailer while I hooked up over the nose. With this, I just drive on until it catches and kill the engine. Job done. Certainly impresses the shit out of the bystanders! BTW, this was on the boat when I bought it. Cheers, Tuffy.
  3. Hello fellow Raiders, long time no post. I bought a Haines Signature last year with a Honda 75 and unfortunately didn't get many opportunities to use her until a few months ago. I started having trim up/down issues as the operation became intermittent. Closer scrutiny ( and topping up the fluid reservoir) revealed slight leakage on the top of the 2 trim rams, so I figured that there were seal problems. After attempting to get some advice from a couple of marine dealers/ mechanics to little avail I decided to attack the problem myself. I searched online and found a supplier of new parts. The main issue was how to undo the caps on the top end of the trim tubes and it became apparent that I had to purchase a special "Flange nut wrench" at $60. Ok , bite the bullet, just another specialty tool for my kit. When I eventually removed the caps, I withdrew the rams and noticed that there was distinct pitting on the rams particularly at the bottom end. This is the part of the ram that sits under the seals when fully extended, so apart from the seal kits and "o" rings, I decided to buy 2 new rams. Nice and cheap!! took about 2 weeks to get the parts and carefully replaced O rings and seals and re-assembled the unit. After topping up the fluid reservoir and bleeding the unit I still had a minor issue. The motor was going up and down perfectly but when I lifted the motor to its fully up position and heard the hydraulics start to bind, the motor would not go down without releasing the manual release. I mucked around with it for a bit , obviously getting frustrated, until I released the cap from the fluid reservoir and let a small mount of fluid out. Tried the whole process again, up fully etc, and bingo, job done. The power trim/tilt is now operating perfectly, so I am satisfied that I was able to fix the problem myself without having to pay a mechanic to do. Saved $100's in doing this. Anybody else have these issues, just PM me or call 0402 110 666, and I will be happy to help. Cheers to all, Tuffy.
  4. mate, had a CC for years and like you I got sick of being sunburnt, bashed up, tired legs and soaking wet when coming in from outside. Sold it last year and bought a Haines signature 492F cuddy. Best boat I've ever owned. Tuffy.
  5. Hi fellow Raiders. Just wondering if anyone has a lifting ring to suit Mercury. It seems the only place I can get one is the USA and are quite expensive. Only need it for a one-time job to get the donk off the boat for painting. Happy to pay a reasonable price. Please PM me or preferably call me on 0402 110 666. Thanks in advance, Tuffy ( Russ)
  6. Hi Mate, I've done this 3 times now and you have to go back to as close to bare metal as possible, ensuring the finish is as smooth as you can make it. Lotta hard yakka but worth it in the end. As for paint, I always use Norglass Paints, manufactured here in Sydney and is absolutely bullet proof. Comes in 2 pack or single pack, but I use the single pack as it is much more user friendly. Do not roll on. Use a spray gun or if you are VERY careful it can be applied with a very soft brush. Call the company and talk to a tech - they are very helpful. Not the cheapest paint around but definitely one of the best for marine use. Glosses up beautifully and is long lasting. Any help I can give just pm me. Cheers, Tuffy.
  7. Flylife? Isn't that a Chinese dish you have with Satay Beef? Tuffy.
  8. I was out on the harbour one day and caught a little rock cod about 8 inches long - had him dangling on my line in the boat looking for the pliers to unhook him and toss him back and my phone rang. The call was from a prospective employer talking to me about a potential position. Heavily involved in the "interview" the bloody fish started flapping around and shook itself off the hook and landed dorsal fins down on my thong clad instep. Well, I can't begin to tell you how bloody painful it was, and all the time trying to keep a professional tone in my voice with a prospective employer. The call lasted about 15 mins - the pain about 2 hours! Ever since I have never kept a Red Rock Cod to take home. Waste of time for what little meat you get - and can be tough. Oh, I got the job as well. Sometimes ya just gotta tuffen up! Cheers, Tuffy.
  9. Save yourself the trouble of germinating the chilli seeds. It's a lot easier to go to Bunnings and buy the seedlings. They are only a few dollars each and just stick them in the ground. Do not water too much and the more sun the better. I've grown jalapeno, habaneros (very hot) firecrackers, thai chillis and some orange coloured ones about a big a your little finger. Ended up giving most away because the crops were so prolific. Definitely a summertime crop though, they start dying off around June. Still got a heap frozen in Ziploc bags to tide me over winter. Cheers and hot times to all ! Tuffy
  10. Just like all my Kingies----------- 2 cm short!!!!! Good work though mate. Tuffy.
  11. Easy to do Camo, just make sure you use DD ply and not MDF! Seriously, just Google it or if you want ring me 0402 110 666 and I will walk you through the process. Cheers, Russ.
  12. tuffy

    My new boat

    Nothing really with this motor, but my last boats had Honda 4 strokes and I swear by them for fuel efficiency and low noise. I will upgrade this to a new Honda/Yammie 80hp when I get some surplus fat$$$. Thanks for your comments guys. Tuffy
  13. tuffy

    My new boat

    Good afternoon Raiders, I just thought I would share some pics of my new ( new to me) boat I recently bought. Sold Tuffy after owning her for 9 years, but I was getting a bit over the centre console thing - too hard on the body after a day standing up, so she is now living happily in Port Macquarie. These are pics of the new one, and it is a pearler! Only down side is that the motor is a 2 stroke - until the new Honda 80 comes along that is. Cheers to all, Tuffy.
  14. tuffy

    Leather Jacket Scam

    Years ago a guy I worked with bought one. These guys used to come around the car yards selling "leather jackets". He paid $200 and when he accidentally burnt it with his cigarette, he realised that it was vinyl with fake leather spray on it. Turkey! He was a tool anyway. Tuffy
  15. I converted mine to a CC about 6 years ago. 4.55 Seajay with 50hp Honda - Polyethylene console from what was then Bias Boating, but other chandlers would probably sell them, cost roughly $400, then the steering - I went hydraulic - control unit for the Honda was expensive with the wiring loom. All up I reckon it cost my about $3000, but the best money I've ever invested as the hull now performs like it should with the weight now moved forward to the centre of the boat. I can send before/after pics if you are still interested.