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  1. inhlanzi

    Pittwater & Fad

    Have to agree with you prawnstar it was a slow day out there. Thanks for moving out the way of that fish we had on. You blokes just missed the action. There was a good bust up just before you arrived. Earlier we spent about 2hrs fishing for squid and only managed to get 3 small ones. ( Our squid King didn't fail us ). We proceeded to downrig all over the place for zip. We lost two squid to peckers BUT the third one got monstered by a 90cm fat angry king. I was a good battle on the Shimano 8000d and a small (8-10) wilson texie Also a good battle by skipper and crew to get to the rod first. Skipper has a new nickname - Poacher! The skipper was happy as he had fish for a week. ( As ordered by SWMBO ) We went back to try for more squid but only managed one more. More downrigging for zip. Pulled the pin at around three 1xKing 1xSalmon 4xbonnies 4xsquid cheers inhlanzi
  2. inhlanzi

    Finally My Turn To Report On A Jewie.

    Well done Andrew!!! - I knew you would do it. The fish looks like it is in good condition. Would loved to have seen the look on your face when it came up! Give us a shoout when you get back from NZ
  3. inhlanzi

    Dolpins Munching Kings

    Yea I heard Justin Duggan on 2UE this morning and he said there were hundreds of them. Should have hear the excitement in his voice. He said they were after Kings and Salmon. Did any of the raiders see any of the action. I think it was at about 09h45 cheers inhlanzi
  4. inhlanzi

    125cm King 18kg

    chef Wow awsome King!!!!!! Got to be really stoked with that beast. More pics, more story please! cheers inhlanzi
  5. inhlanzi

    Hawkesbury Session 11-12/10/08

    G'day Byron Thanks for the Hberry report. Seems like the bigguns are a bit elusive at the moment. You were not alone this weekend there were quite a few serious Jew fishos out having a go. I have not heard of any heavyweights being caught in the river on bait. There were two very nice fish one of +_ 10kg qnd another of +_ 20 kg taken on SPs. Just a matter of time before someone gets a biggie. Cheers inhlanzi
  6. inhlanzi

    Ray R And Roberta Meet Up

    Good report Ray Is the Blackfish Queen heading our way? cheers inhlanzi
  7. inhlanzi

    Albacore Wide Of Bellambi

    Sammy those are great looking photos what camera did you use? That Ventura is one great looking setup too. What year is she? Did the bait table come with more hodholders? ie horizontal ones. cheers inhlanzi
  8. inhlanzi

    Kingey For Dinner

    Hey Snapper Hunter Sorry you feel like that. I blur out the background of the pics out of respect for the blokes who tell me about, show me and take me to their spots. There are a lot of blokes on this site that know me and and have shared their knowledge and skills with me. In turn there are many of whom I have helped and shared my skill with. When I get to know a person I am more than happy to share spots and techniques with them. I used to show backgrounds and two things happened. I was asked by the blokes who told me the spots not to post the pics and in some cases soon after my post there were nets and traps laid in the area and a lot of boats pitched up in the area that were not there before. I like to take pics soon after we catch the fish as the fish look a lot better in the pics but that leaves you with the problem of the background so that is why I blur it out. I also believe that a big part of fishing is finding the spot for yourself! cheers inhlanzi
  9. inhlanzi

    Kingey For Dinner

    Thanks Red Mine tasted really good. Are you ready for the Jewie season? There seems to be a big change in the system at the moment. Bait, temp, etc cheers inhlanzi
  10. inhlanzi

    Kingey For Dinner

    Hey Slinkey if I am not mistaken your new abode is up near the Wilson Factory...maybe you will have to go and do a bit of a reccie for us blues. I think they call a kingey with a morone jersey a cobia! PS Send GofishPete a PM and get him to save you a "going away" slab of fresh Harbour Kingey cheers inhlanzi Thanks Red Mine tasted delicious... The bigger one had +_ 17cm whiting like fish in it. Have you got your Jewie gear ready for the season? The whole system is on he change at the moment. cheers inhlanzi
  11. inhlanzi

    Kingey For Dinner

    Thanks just a Photoshop filter called crystallize
  12. inhlanzi

    Kingey For Dinner

    Hey Josh - I promise just as you blokes pulled off they hit us. Maybe next time I will be able to have a proper look at your boat. She sits really nicely in the water. I think you did well by upgrading. Watch out for Pete'e (GoFish) report tonight... cheers inhlanzi
  13. inhlanzi

    Global Credit Crunch

    Good topic this boys... All I know is my savings / investments for my new boat are gooooooooone!!! Back to plan B keep the old boat going and hope the market comes back. I think there are a lot of people out there who should be far more accountable for the mess we now find ourselves in. All too happy to take the fees and commissions with no or little responsibility for the outcomes. cheers inhlanzi
  14. inhlanzi

    Big Cobia

    Excellent fish there Henno Well done cheers inhlanzi
  15. inhlanzi

    Kingey For Dinner

    Went for a fish in the Harbour with Vagabond. Mission: Kingeys Method: Catch livies and catch Squid and downrig them... Result: 2 x Kingfish around the 75cm mark ( Just perfect for dinner ) cheers inhlanzi