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  1. Ribs

    Port Stephens- Brut snapper!

    That's a cracker bro, once again team Scratchie delivers. Well done boys 👍🏾
  2. Ribs

    Port Stephens- snaps are chewing!

    Killed it bro, that's some nice snaps and pearly . Im jealous ....I need a reason to pick up my kayak from little beach, think u just gave me an excuse to come up for a run .
  3. Ribs

    A girl from Cowan

    Good lizard there mate, great fish ??and good on u for the release! Hats off to u !
  4. Ribs

    Flathead in the bucket

    Good couple of Lizards there mate, gotta love flicking for flatys, especially with that sky, and never a good idea lifting them in on 6lb, u only get 1 shot at it. What system u fishing in?
  5. Ribs


    Always tops when a green eye pulls drag, assume u got em at shoaly? I Have also had success at night off the small ramp at little beach, ?? keep the reports coming bud and welcome to FR
  6. Wow..... what a top day, and a hell of awesome rig! That's the real deal in fishing right there... very nice ooglies!
  7. Ribs

    Georges - Anzac morning flick

    ? ..... need em mate, especially after a 3 hr session with my mate and son, not much fishing fir me When dealing with tangles and tying their uni and loop knots all morning. That's the joys , passing on the knowledge!
  8. Ribs

    Georges - Anzac morning flick

    Me too, little samaki green paddle tail, which he has caught whiting, flaty, tailor, bream and now a blacky, he's going ok that's for sure.... now gotta him a 60+ flaty,! That will sort him out !
  9. Ribs

    Georges - Anzac morning flick

    U said it BN, without them we as a nation are fk all. Lest we forget! Young fellas got footy training tonight, game tomoro and fishing Sunday. Got appreciate the time together, as u never know when it will end!
  10. Ribs

    Georges - Anzac morning flick

    Sorry Mick , however I use 10lb Fluro and lost a 70+ model last week with my 130mm wriggler , 4lb silly string , I thought I was giving them a chance.
  11. Ribs

    Georges - Anzac morning flick

    Thanks Jeff , yes he loves his flicking and footy, better than the screen anyway. A couple of flatys( I've been catchin plenty) to a family with only a tailor in their bucket, their kids were stoked, benji not so much giving away our fish. Sorry No crabs in the mail bro, next season, and you don't want one those guys in your pants ?
  12. Went out yesterday on the last of the run out for a 3 hour flick with my young fella and my mate who has now been converted to using plastics, no bait on my boat ! We caught 4 flatys at 45 48 56 68, and my son caught a blacky on his lure, which got him excited, he will be 6 in 2weeks and he has now earned a decent new fishing rod/reel for his bday. He can now cast and retrieve so I'm proud he his developed the skills to flick lures and most importantly always keen for a qik flick with daddy! Gave the two smaller models to a family fishing from the shore, they were pleased to take home a feed. Also over the weekend we got 8 muddys, released 3 big Jenny's and kept 5 bucks, biggest at 2.3kg. Once again flatys fillets for the kids and srilankan style crab curry for the adults. Thanks to all the diggers for doing what they did so we can all enjoy what we do????????????????
  13. Think u should add the word " team" to your boat bro, pretty good start to the holidays !