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  1. dogbox

    fishing under captain cook bridge?

    There are nice jewies holding east of the bridge on the banks of the channel run in tide. nice mix of Flathead too look out for the small green backs. Dogbox
  2. dogbox

    STOP THE LOCKOUT RALLY - raiders represent!

    It was my first rally it was awesome
  3. dogbox

    Blue Fin South Coast

    Hi Radiers Went on a last minute trip to Bermagui on the weekend on word that there the Blue Fin run was on. Yes it was, the number of Fin being caught was incredible. I got one weight 60kg, my first and it was deferentially worth it. Tight lines Dogbox
  4. dogbox

    Scumbag in Botany Bay

    Yes the same thing happened to me a few months ago and to top it all off i loaded my boat to go fishing on the 28th, boat parked in my back yard and someone during the night stole 2k worth of fishing gear. Doxbox
  5. dogbox

    Burrill lake picking up

    Burrill Lake should become a excellent fishing spot now the new bridge is in place and the old one that was blocking the water way has been removed. Ive fished there for 25 years and since they removed the guys that used to net it its been getting better ever since. Cant wait for my next trip to Burrill.
  6. dogbox

    FAD Update

    Please be advised that the below FADs have now been deployed. The Ballina FAD has also dragged approximately 4kms south of its mark, to the co-ordinates below. This FAD will be relocated back to its correct location shortly. FAD Location Latitude (S) Longitude (E) (3) Ballina 28° 56.600' 153° 40.886' (10) Port Macquarie 31° 24.567' 153° 04.725' (11) Laurieton Scheduled for deployment (12) Crowdy Head Scheduled for deployment (13) Forster Scheduled for deployment (16) Swansea 33° 10.005' 151° 48.976' (17) Terrigal 33° 30.032' 151° 38.592' (18) Sydney North 33° 35.700' 151° 34.600' (19) Sydney Harbour 33° 47.021' 151° 22.700' (20) Sydney East Scheduled for deployment (21) Botany Bay Wide 33° 59.672' 151° 26.743' (22) Sydney South 34° 07.950' 151° 23.090' (23) Wollongong 34° 27.321' 151° 04.308' (24) Shellharbour Scheduled for deployment (25) Kiama Scheduled for deployment (26) Jervis Bay Scheduled for deployment (27) Ulladulla Scheduled for deployment (28) Batemans Bay Scheduled for deployment (29) Narooma Scheduled for deployment (30) Far South Coast Scheduled for deployment
  7. dogbox

    any tuna news?

    Consistent reports all week coming in of bluefin east of Browns 60-90kg fish dogbox
  8. dogbox

    Fishing como this weekend. Am i doomed?

    Big bream are around at the moment use plenty of burley run out tide and fish the structures. I fish with fresh mullet from the fish market. Fish lite big baits dogbox
  9. dogbox


    I had seats that look the same in my old Sundance boat, they where called Springfield fishing pro seats bought them at Whitworths marine dogbox
  10. dogbox

    Camping Fishing - Broughton Island

    I've camp here a few times, don't worry about the snakes their grass snakes and the birds come out at night can be noisey be careful at the shore when loading or unloading there are rocks that can damage your boat at low tide when choosing a morning ask the people that stay in the shacks they will tell you which one to use Dogbox
  11. dogbox

    Fish ID. (Red Rock Cod)

    Also known as poor mans lobster because its similar in taste dogbox
  12. dogbox

    Checking fish species

    I use it for bait generally baker and snapper hang out together but it has anyone ever eaten it dogbox
  13. dogbox

    any tuna news?

    Just got a text from a mate of mine he went out on the weekend he got a 70kg yellow fin SE of browns dogbox
  14. dogbox

    Nth Coast

    That's huge
  15. dogbox

    Nth Coast

    Yes sweetwater hope your talk'n bass I've never caught one yes please PM me dogbox