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  1. It looks easy but in reality it is hard work. Most of us are learning from you Scratchie. Thank you!
  2. Excellent report and even better photos. Congratulations.
  3. I don’t think it will make any difference. Sometimes even runners on new rods are not absolutely straight and most of the time it is ok. Problem is that this is your new baby. Cheers
  4. Welcome Mass. Great report, thanks for sharing.
  5. Congrats to your son! Great report and photo. Thanks for sharing!
  6. So you finally made it there. Great report and photos.
  7. Great report. This is what you call ‘Few Reds’ ?
  8. Went to explore one of my favourite fishing area Cowan Creek yesterday. Came to Apple Tree Bay before 9am. Car park was empty, no cars with trailers. Beautiful day but the water was still muddy, visibility 2-3 feet. I could not locate any live bait so I just used frozen white pilchards, plastic lures, metal vibes, freshwater metal lure and squid lures. In 5 hours I caught one pinkie and 2 undersized breams on pilchards only. Water was very quiet, nearly no fish activity visible. It was incoming tide when I came and it was interesting that I haven't noticed strong water movement at all. Water l
  9. Carp is very strong fighting fish. You don't need any leader because carps don't have teeth, just running sinker or float with the hook. Any bait will do, bread, worm or insects. Just make small ball from bread and hide the hook inside of it. Small lure will work too. Carp is bottom feeder and eats everything. Your 2-4 shimano should be ok. It is so many of them in that pond that it should take just couple of minutes to catch one. Cheers
  10. Great report and pictures. Flathead would be best for me!
  11. Interesting. I have some freshwater lures like this. I will try them too. Thanks!
  12. I agree with everything what was said above, but I would do it slowly one step a time. Remove all the fittings then use the paint stripper, wire brush and sand paper. I would then clean it with the methylated spirits or mineral turpentine. After this I would reinstall the fittings and I would use the boat for 6-12 months to see what is happening with the aluminium and then decide about painting. Aluminium boat doesn’t need any paint protection. cheers
  13. Great fish and report. Congratulations
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