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  1. I always us 95 or greater. Motor always runs better and better starting. During the colder months when the boat is not used so much, I do not leave a large amount of fuel in the tank. Start the motor every month and run for 1/2 an hour. So far, touch wood i have never ever had a problem. But not saying that I will ever have an issue, as I may have a dose of bad fuel. I work on the principles of good duel batteries, good servicing and maintenance and hopefully I reduce the risk of operating machinery in an hostile environment.
  2. Always get a full day. Charges overnight. Have a 115 etec.
  3. Don't laugh. But I did at the moment. I went out one day, flushed the motor at the end of the day, ready for day two. Idililong for about half an hour, then bought the boat on a plane and the an alarm. Raised the motor thinking to find a plastic bag only to find my ear muffs attached. Removed ear muffs and happy days. Can happen to anyone.
  4. Well done on the new boat. I have a 510 Frontier and use a 55lb minkota. Works fin in all the conditions that I fish.
  5. Well done - good bag there.
  6. Hello Adam, From what I understand with the Telwater range is the Stacer Crossfire is equal to the Quintrex Top Ender and the Qunitrex Renegade is equal to the Stacer Outlaw. All are great boats, but I personally like the additional accessories and equipment levels of the Qunitrex Top Ender or the Stacer Crossfire. After having used both the Etec and Yamaha motors. I prefer the ETec over the 4-stroke.
  7. They work well and make drive on and driving off a dream. Makes launching and retrieving a one person exercise. The only downside is attaching the safety chain through the mechanism.
  8. Yes, should have scrubbers fitted.
  9. The front kill tank is an option and can also be added in later if you want. The top ender should have a sealed floor and self draining deck, also has may other options over the Renegade.
  10. I personally would go the Top Ender. Bigger boat with more add-ons. Also, you do not need to wear a life jacket, when in calm waters.
  11. I have always used Streamline Boat covers at Kirrawee. Again not the cheapest, but close to it, and great workmanship
  12. Not sick, just average.........
  13. Hello Raiders, This fish was caught in Wallace lake Forster and can anyone supply a ID as to what type?
  14. Yes you have to eat mowie strait away. My nanna use to make a great fish mornay from Mowie. but nevee freeze it and expect a good feed after.