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  1. Another great report and catch there yowie.....
  2. Thank you for your suggestions
  3. Hello all, Just have picked up my new boat with a Minn Kota. It has a single 100 A/h battery. I am looking at recharging the independent battery used for the Minn Kota off a suitable regulator connected to the main batteries or using a separate charger. I welcome any suggestions that will help in my choice.. Thanks in advance..
  4. I was shown this method aboard 30 years ago by a chef. Have been using it ever since.
  5. Some prize winners there - good work......
  6. Always will have a bilge pump and will always have one. I do check mine often and after each trip fill the bilge area to flush away any salt etc. and also this assures me that it is running, as the last few pumps that I have had have been automatic.
  7. Do not fill it with water. Boats are to displace water - not hold it....... I would expect an old boat to leak. We have an old savage, the is known a leaky, but is a great boat. Make sure that the inside is dry and then look where the water is entering. As mentioned, it is most likely from the bung area.....
  8. If your mate was that stupid to blame you, you are better off apart anyway, as who in their right mind would hold someone responsible for that.
  9. What a pitty, I have just come back from Forster (Tuncurry) today. Would have been more than happy to have a look. I will be back up there early October if that helps?
  10. Thanks. This the way I have been advised and have dicided on the manual deploy. As for the price. It was built into the deal. The manual deploy is a 55lb. I am looking at changing the lowrance to the hummingbird and getting the I pilot link.
  11. Hello All, I have just bought a Quintrex 510 Fontier at the Boat show. Did the deal with a Minn Kota Terrova . Thinking I may upgrade to the Ulterra with the self deploy an stow function. Has anyone had or heard of any good or bad experiences with the Minn Kota Ulterra with the self deploy? As i have heard that they have had some warranty issues...
  12. Turn the battery switch to No2 and charge both batteries at the same time. If your charger does not come up to being fully charged, then one of your batteries are gone.
  13. What are the voltages on each of the batteries. You may not be getting the required voltage from one battery alone.
  14. I went today and it was good. Caught the train and light Rail there and then walked up to Town Hall station and caught the train on the way. Seems a bit better laid out this year, but I thought that there was not as many exhibitors. On the plus side I bought a Quintrex 510 Frontier with all the accessories that I wanted. In my opinion there are some great deals this year as well..