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  1. sydney south

    Port Hacking Friday 8/02/19

    Good reading - thankyou....
  2. sydney south

    90 HP Mercury

    Brand new outfit. Getting prices from one dealer that deal's in Etec's and the other Mercury 4 strokes.
  3. sydney south

    Towing speed

    I will only tow at Max 100kph. Too much strain on you, the car and trailer going higher in speed.
  4. sydney south

    90 HP Mercury

    Thinking of buying a Quintrex 490 Renegade coupled with a 90 HP Mercury 4 stroke. Any opinions please?
  5. sydney south

    Navigation Lights Failed - What To Check?

    Best way to quickly check if the switch is gone to god. Generally the switches have two wires with spade connectors. Pull each spade connector off the back of the switch and then touch the copper part of the two spade connectors together and see the accessory works
  6. sydney south

    Navigation Lights Failed - What To Check?

    I would go one further and replace the switches anyway. Especially if they have some age about them or do get wet .
  7. sydney south

    Prawn Scoop Nets

    I have been searching for a couple of long handle prawn nets, as I want to get back into prawning from my boat in Tuncurry and when I was young used a long handled net in Sussex Inlet. All I have been able to find is the short handle type, that prompted me to look at the rules. Think that the drop length of the net is the total length from the end of the handle to the bottom of the net. Any help will be welcomed. Scoop net Maximum diameter of hoop or ring 0.6 metres. Minimum mesh size 20mm measured across the diagonal. Drop (length of net) no more than 1.25 metres. Must be used by hand and not staked or set. Must not be joined or placed with any other net. Only one net per person at any time. Other fish caught while fishing for prawns may be kept, however, bag and size limits
  8. sydney south

    Navigation Lights Failed - What To Check?

    May I suggest that you first check that you are getting power to the + terminal of the switch and then when the switch is in the on position check that you have power to the - terminal. Use a cheap test lamp or multi meter to test.
  9. sydney south

    Trip suggestions

    Depending on where you live in Sydney. Think about Forster/Tuncurry
  10. sydney south

    Botany Bay or Port Hacking

    I would got the bay.
  11. sydney south

    2001 Mercury 4 stroke 115hp fuel pump cutting out

    Yes, the breather can get clogged up with salt.......
  12. sydney south

    The process for buying new boat?

    I would only pay 10 - 15% of the buy price. If they do not accept it - go to another dealer.......
  13. sydney south

    Anglapro 484 Sniper

    Hello All, Thanks in advance for your comments. I have recently been looking at buying a Quintrex 481 top ender. But have stumbled along the Anglapro 484 Sniper. Can anyone please give me some real life reviews. There are a lot of positives for the Anglapro, but the only negative is, that it does not come with a tansom door. Welcome your opinions.
  14. sydney south

    MEDIA ALERT - Jetskis Georges River

    I have been out on the Georges and a jetskier has cut in front of me when I have been in a 40 foot Riviera. Then chose to fall off. I had to put throw the thing in reverse so hard. They need to police this, and get it under control... Make the Georges a 15 knot limit.
  15. sydney south

    Bate Bay

    Nothing wrong with that catch...