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  1. cos

    Gear for kingies

    Do you know how deep you're going to be fishing? If the current is up and the fish are holding down low you might need some heavier jigs. Also don't be afraid of using the jigs when you're targeting the snapper
  2. cos

    surface popper

    I feel your pain, I've had plenty of those sessions. Only advice I can give is for whiting don't pause on the retrieve while for bream pauses work. Good luck
  3. cos

    New Storm Gomoku Fishing rod

    Thanks for the info
  4. cos

    New Storm Gomoku Fishing rod

    Hi mate Just had a look on the swap and sell, nothing is posted there.
  5. cos

    Sea Anchors

    Once again thanks for the info. I'm going to give the funnel one a go. Sounds like all things fishing trial and error (hopefully not too much error) is the way to go. Thanks Costa
  6. cos

    Sea Anchors

    Thanks for all the advice guys..I'mglad I asked. Final question. When tying off the bow how much rope do you let out and os the aim to have the boat at 45 degrees to the drift or do you have the drogue under the boat?
  7. cos

    Sea Anchors

    When I used a mates I had it placed directly behind the motor. Is that correct. Is there anything else I should be aware of?
  8. cos

    Sea Anchors

    Thanks for the advice guys. I just want to slow my drift down by a km or 2. I have a 5m fg boat so might try the ones recommended for 6m boats.
  9. cos

    Sea Anchors

    Thanks for the offer it's really kind. I've seen the funnel ones for sale around the $30 mark so they're not very expensive. I guess my question is do the funnel ones actually make a difference to your drift speed or should I just bite the bullet and by a parachute
  10. cos

    Has anyone tried fishing

    Not sure about low light periods. I'm usually fishing 30 - 60 metre mark, so the light at that depth isn't great anyway. I guess you could try the glow plastics
  11. cos

    Sea Anchors

    I'm looking at buying a sea anchor and trying to choose between the funnel shape or parachute type. I'm leaning towards the funnel shape (approx. $200 cheaper). Does anyone use them and do they work or does the old adage ring true 'You get what you pay for'
  12. cos

    Has anyone tried fishing

    I've fished a patternoster style rig for snapper using an occy jig style lure as the 'sinker' and a 5 or 7 inch plastic above on a weedless hook using 20lb leader. I put the rod in the rod holder and let the swell do the work. It definitely works.
  13. cos

    Fishing tips

    The lagoon tends to go a bit quiet with all the people and stand up paddle boarders over the school holidays. If you're determined you can walk over to the northern side during low tide and fish the channel for bream, trevally, flathead and possibly whiting. Pump nippers if you can otherwise any of the usual baits. The beach fishes like most beaches. The gutters near the little island normally work best for salmon and tailor. I normally use strips of squid
  14. cos

    FG knot half hitches

    Thanks for the responses guys. I use to melt the end of the leader also but I've stopped smoking now so rarely have access to a lighter. The knot still hasn't failed.
  15. cos

    FG knot half hitches

    What do you think the half hitches actually do. As far as I can tell their only purpose after the initial locking of the knot is to keep the line straight. Any thoughts?