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  1. Hi Basil; Sounds like a great day out. I wasn't too happy about missing out on a fishing trip but what can I do? Got to help the brother out. Good feed any way. I'll try not to miss out again. Meng
  2. Congrats Tony, it's not illegal to take a marlin home especially your first one. You're not out there every day. I'll be doing the same if I have that chance. So well done!! gonfishing
  3. I like your style of cooking!?
  4. Hey Grouper; just got back from Queensland last night. Good to see you and Cris still reeling them in. Didn't get to do any fishing at all but did a good crabbing session. Did well, had about 10kg of muddies.
  5. Hi Butch; Well done mate, what a weekend you had! A sort of weekend that most of us could only dream of. You sure are know your onions.
  6. Hi Groper; Wow, Mr and Mrs Groper and Pongrass combined is a horror for the squiddies. Well done and welcome to Mrs Groper!! It's always very funny when one of the group got inked up. You can ask Pongrass, he knows all about it. Lol Meng.
  7. Hi Yowie; Talking about consistencies: breams, Taylors, whitings, jewfish, flounders, trevally, kingfish snappers. You must know the Hecking very well. Well done and thanks for consistantly posting the reports up.?
  8. Hi Groper; What can I say? What an experience you guys had! While you and Cris were fishing, I was slavering away at work. Did you know how jealous I was while on the phone to Cris and at the back ground I could hear your ratchet going. I knew I should have been sick that day. Anyway, congrats on the catch to you both and thanks for a good feed of kingfish as Cris gave me one of his. I have a feeling I'll be sick sometimes next week.
  9. Hi Groper; You're not meant to say that. What happened in the boat stays in the boat. Oh!! That's if he can keep it in the boat?
  10. Hi Tony, Like always, very entertaining to read. With the 2 idiots, common sense isn't so common.
  11. No kings? No worries, squids and bonnies are just as good. Well done guys!
  12. Not 100% sure, but glad to see that guy behind your thong is getting protected though.