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  1. I have been lucky enough to go up North every year for over 20 years. I bottom bash off the main boat. I take a large Penn egg beater with 50lb braid. A large Alvey spooled with 80lb mono. A large overhead spooled with 50lb mono for Spaniards. A smaller egg beater with 40lb braid. A spool of Scheinder 50lb for leaders, Gang hooks, 80lb steel leader, balloons, 6/0, 8/0 hooks, good quality swivels, squid jigs and a pair large long neck pliers. If you are gong with mates you can cut back on some of the gear and share your gear for Spaniards. The rods I take vary from 10kgs to 25kgs. And not to forget a must have, a couple bottles of port. Enjoy your experience. I hope you get a gun skipper and deckies. They are the blokes that can make or break your trip.
  2. bream111

    Aluminium Deck

    I believe you can apply carpet over the aluminium. I think there is rubber product on the market that can also be applied. I wasn't sure how strong the aluminium plate would be.
  3. bream111

    Aluminium Deck

    I am considering replacing my casting decks. It has been suggested by a mate of mine that I consider 3mm reinforced plate aluminium. Does anybody have a aluminium plate casting deck and if so how strong is it. I am not a little bloke, I am over 110kgs.
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    You're all over it thank you NaClH2OK9.
  5. bream111


    A few years ago a member put up a post about electrolysis when he was pimping his boat. He mentioned that he had come across a special washer he used when he replaced stainless steel screws on his boat. Does anybody know anything about these washers. Where to buy them etc. Thanks in advance.
  6. I am heading up to the Swaines next week. We will be trolling when move from reef to reef. The set up I am considering is single wire trace 79lb connected to the lure with a Haywire twist. At the opposite end connecting to a heavy duty ring also with haywire twist. Any suggestions what is the best knot to tie at the ring. I will be using 50lb mono main line. Should I tie a knot onto a Crane Clip swivel and clip it onto the ring. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. I am heading off to the Swaines again in September. I would like to take up 3 or 4 deep diving XRAP for trolling. My issue is they tangle up in my bag. Any Raiders have any suggestions on how to keep them separated and untangled without taking up a lot of room in my tackle bag. I was thinking if all else failed I would remove the trebles and put them back on when required. I thought of putting them in PVC tubing but I think that would take up to much room. Any suggestions.
  8. At present I am land based. I am staying at a unit that allows for 1 parking space and I would have to push the boat in and out. I have intentions to fish Saint George's Basin. I will bring the boat down to the Basin and stay a few days and give it a try.
  9. Hi Raiders I currently working in Sydney. I am staying at Homebush Bay. I would like to have a fish but don't know any spots at all. Where I'm staying is on the water. There are sign posts saying No Fishing Allowed because the water is contaminated. I am am into most forms of fishing but really enjoy soft plastics. If there are any Raiders out there that can take me fishing I would appreciate it. In particular I would like to give St George's Basement is a go. I can reciprocate. I live at Hawks Nest and I will show Raiders where I fish. We are now starting to get some nice lizards. I have a 4.4 Estuary Tracker with a 60 Merc on the back.
  10. Ditto me too. Thank you.
  11. Absolutely you should fish in the winter. Some of the bread and butter species that you will catch are, bream, Luderick, snapper,tailor and many others. All of these fish can be caught land based. Try to specialise don't generalise that will increase your catch. Bream111
  12. Hi Raiders I appear to be the only one happy with the current bag limits. How many of us actually bag out. And those of us that do it is their business what they do with fish. As long as they don't break the law and don't waste the fish. If the DPI was serious about sustainability of our fish stocks than surely the Pros have a role to pay. I can remember not to long ago Fishiers banned the figure 6 netting. Unstead of abiding by the spirit of the law the Pros changed the type of net they used and continued to netting. The loop hole was eventually closed. I have seen the Pros net ground fish believing there were bream in the school. The majority were Luderick, the market for Luderick was poor so they dumped them in the sand dunes. Their reasoning, it cost more to pay for ice and truck the fish to market so it's cheaper to dump them. I thought about may be increasing the size of the fish for eg. Bream and Luderick to 30cms. Size for fish like flathead and many other spicies would have other size considerations. Another sustainability line of thinking. Reduce the size limits. "Would this have a another advantage". More fish would get to get to breed and in turn produce more young. Obviously one fit does not fit all. But one thing I do know if the DPI is really interested in a sustainable fishery then belting the amatures is not the answer. The Pros have major role as well. Try getting the Pros to agree to closed seasons during the spawning runs. Limiting when and where they can net, have annual quotas I don't have the answers and I'm sure there's no easy fixes but one thing I do know belting us amatures is not the only solution. Bream111
  13. A new mate of mine who recently moved from Albury has never fished for lizards. I took him fishing yesterday at magnificient Hawks Nest. We fished with plastics and his biggest went 78cm. Not bad for his first try fishing for flatties. A PB that will take some beating. Don't know who was more excited me or him. For the record he took a few snaps and let the big girl go. Lucky bugger also caught a good salmon. All in all a great sessions. We end up boating 7 lizards up to 60cm and dropped few as well.
  14. bream111

    Please ID this

    Bull shark are we related? That's also my mother in law.