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  1. skirulz

    If only I was in Port Stephens...

    Are they still around worth making a trip from Sydney this weekend????
  2. skirulz

    Bate Bay

    I drifted over an hour at hawksbury to only get 1
  3. skirulz

    Bate Bay

    What depth were they in
  4. skirulz

    Bate Bay Flaties

    what depth were they in?
  5. skirulz

    Optimax Fuel Pump Issue

    I have a 2011 Optimax 115 on my boat and after servicing in June by TR marine and starting it twice over winter with Fuel that was treated by Stabil with 150 hours on the motor both the fuel pump (booster and low pressure died. I got to the boat ramp, put the boat in the water and tired starting but the motor cranked over and fired for a second and then just cranked over afterwards. Took it to TR marine and they advise that both the pumps are gone. Does this sound normal for optimax? Could this have been picked up during servicing in june?
  6. skirulz


    Mate welcome to the Forum and some cracking muddies there....
  7. skirulz

    Brisbane Water Blue Swimmers

    I tried this method but no luck using mullet head and mackerel frame up near Saint Hurbets island. Will try the chicken necks next time
  8. skirulz

    Forster fishing Easter

  9. skirulz

    New here looking at buying a Quintrex

    Hi Mate I have a 2011 Quintrex Freedom Sports 530 which is the new cruise-about and i love it. There is just so much more room with the bowrider and the best thing is that you can put the cover in the front if the its very choppy out there and if you were going to use it offshore in choppy conditions then i am sure someone could whip up a water proof metal lid for the bow area that you can put on and bolt it down before heading out with Front and side clears which will act like a cabin. Its the best of both worlds and really its not like u will be at the FAD every week. Chances are you might get other there twice or 3 times a summer but you will use the boat more inshore and in the estuaries. I use mine to fish out of the front and the back i love sitting out the back next to the motor and fishing off that. Mine comes with a 115hp optimax which i love its very close to the 4 stroke fuel usage but just way more grunt and slightly cheaper to service as its still a 2 stroke. If i were you i would go with a bow rider setup it looks good and its easier if you have family.
  10. Sorry missed the 0 should be 50lb line i have seen ppl use 80lb main line with 140 lb leader on a pe 4-pe6 rod
  11. Hey Mate Got my light tackle gear but now i am looking at getting my heavy guy which will be used for reef fishing off a boat. the Rod i have narrowed it down to are: Daiwa Saltist hyper 2 pc which is the new name for the monester mesh rated p3-pe5 Daiwa Demon Blood 3 pc rated at pe2 - pe4 i want to run a 5lb braid with 80lb leader as everyone i talk to tell mes that i need to go as heavy as i can. I didnt want to go any heavier as i didnt want to get a super stiff rod that i can only use for this trip. What do you guys recommend go with the lower rated 3pc demon blood or the new daiwa saltist hyper?
  12. Hey mate i ended up getting the rod from the US since my brother was up there on holidays and i ended up with the 3 pc tidemaster MH and let me say what a beaut of a rod man will be taking it to fiji as my light tackle for beach and landbased work.
  13. skirulz

    Moorebank Marina

    I love how the water is so blue anyone seen these articles too i dont think i would even let that water touch my feet....
  14. skirulz

    Simrad NSS7 evo 2 vs HDS 7 Gen 3

    Hi Whats the better unit nss7 evo 2 or HDS7 gen 3 as HDS7 gen 3 with sidescan and chrip sonar on specials so wondering which one to go for?
  15. Hi Guys Would you buy a nitro magnum butt which is a 4kg - 6kg 5 pc 7'6 rod or a St Croix tidemaster 7feet MH 3 pc rod at 10lb - 20lb? i will be using as my one and only rod when i go to fiji landbased and around bays and offshore chasing kings, snapper and jewfish