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  1. Yea that's the way to go if you want to fish. Then you can leave a baited rod overnight as well. I also ran into another raider there and he gave me a lot of helpful tips on setting up the rig. He caught one early in the morning on lures but nothing else for the whole day.. windy day too! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I camped there on the August 20th weekend and caught one off the bank using power bait. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks scratchie! I'm more disappointed that it happened to me not once but three times. I'll be going there again to get one to get over it Thanks Big Neil! I forgot to mention now I know that distinct smell the Jews have. It's like no other fish. Thanks camelsownunder! I guess I was bit lucky too! Bit of research and help and tips helped as well. There was this yellow marker nearby and at first thought it was the wreck. LolBut the coordinates didn't line up so I kept passing the lat/longs I had until I found it. I let the boat drift to figure out the drift then anchored about 20m up the drift and let out enough rope to get into position. It is bit of a guessing game. Thanks Camo1808!They are very smart! Can't be a coincidence all three did much the same thing! Stockton was great fun! Highly recommend to anyone with a young family and a 4WD. Thanks downsouth! I was drifting at around 2-3m depth just between the yellow markers and the moored yachts. If you are land based I think you can try the jetty there. Scratchie should be able to advice you on that but kayak will definitely let you cover more ground. Green yamashita worked for me the best. I don't think I would go any higher than 60lb best to try lock the drag and hold on! Good luck! Thanks adamski! Hopefully I'll be onto few more soon!Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Came to Port Stephens for the long weekend with the family with plenty of fishing in mind. Decided to get an early start on Friday before the ramp got too busy so launched from Soliders Point at 6.30am headed to Shoal Bay for squid. First cast and I was on to a nice one. Second drift on the same line resulted in three more. Every drift was a success so by 1/2hr I had plenty and couple of cuttle fish too. It was hard to leave the place as I love squid but I needed to get to the breakwall early. First live bait sent out was an unweighted cuttle fish . Only took five mins and the reel screams, tightened the drag and stared winding then goes for another massive run.. then gone.. Pulled the hook! Second cuttlefish goes in the same way and in no time I'm hooked up again & lot heavier this time. It was swimming in to the mariner and I couldn't stop it. As it went around the rocks, snap, my leader was shredded like ferry floss. On Saturday I thought I'd try for a Jew at the corlette wreck so I got there just after 5pm just after low tide. After few passes managed to find the wreck then anchored up and sent a fresh whole squid from day before. Bit later there was something playing with my bait but not taking it so picked it up and tried to set the hook.. Fail! left it there bit more hoping it would come back and sure enough it did. This time well hooked and goes for an long run but after the first run it came up quite easy. Trying to land a big fish solo is never easy and with all the excitement of landing my first Jew it was even more harder so stuffed up the first net attempt so goes for another mini run but second attempt just guided it in to the net in the boat. There was a couple more missed hook ups after that it went quite so decided to head back. Next day was a trip to stockton dunes so not much fishing but couldn't help but cast a line as we took some timeout near the wreck.. No fish tough but I wasn't really fishing. We had a late check out on Monday so I wanted to have one more crack at those kingys at the breakwall so followed the same routine as Friday. The squid were not as easy to find but got three and a cuttlefish in about 1.5hrs effort. So back at the breakwall I let the cuttlefish off the same way but not much happened for a while. Then there was a little bend in the rod and then nothing for a while and then the rod buckles over and reel start screaming. This time I'm on 60lb leader and I had lot more drag on than Friday so I thought I had it all under control. The harder I pulled the harder it took off in the opposite direction and headed towards the marina again, touches the rocks again and believe it or not it's done me for the third time. It was a hard way to finish a great weekend but quite thrilled to get my first ever Jew and few squid to take home as well. Quick thanks to scratchie and my mate for the excellent tips on fishing at this awesome place. Can't wait to come back here again soon to hopefully land one of those that got away! Thanks for reading! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. That's awesome! Where was this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. nanman

    First King!

    Well done! What size was it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hi mate, Pilchard cubes for both burley and bait. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks for the comments guys. So, now I'm wondering if we get a 65cm kingy and shrink to 64cm I'm stuffed! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hi all, Decided to go for fish for the first time for the new year last Saturday so headed off to Pittwater very early in the morning. Left home about 4am as its about a 50min drive from home to Bayview boat ramp. I was on my own so it took a little longer than usual to have the boat launched and ready to go but was on the water around 5.15am. It was around first light so the skies were too awesome to ignore so had to take a couple of snaps. I got to the location to see no one else there so I cruised around a bit to see if I could sound out any bait fish and there were plenty around so i decided to anchor up on one location and bait up couple of rods and start burling. Kept at it for about an hour and half with no luck just pickers. The water was really murky after all the rain so I thought the kingies may have been put off by it. So I decided to go the squid grounds hoping to get some live squid but the water was still murky around the heads as well so I guess for that reason I didn't have any luck with the squid either. Went back to the location again to see now there were about 5-6 boats there anchored up by then. So, I cruised around a bit more again to find a suitable location to anchor without getting too close to other boats etc and started burling up again. Usually this area is full of yakka but last couple of visits there it was full of these small fish that I don't know what they are so I decided to take my GoPro out and take some shots of them. Anyone know what these are? Do they make good live bait? Anyway about 30mins of burling without any action so I decided to reposition the boat so as I was winding up one rod there was bit of weight on it so i gave it a wack to set the hook and pulled in this decent flathead of about 43cm. More time passes without any action and looking around other boats it much the same for everyone else. All of a sudden though I noticed the guys in the boat behind me looking in one direction with a lot of interest so as I turn around to see what its all about I see this massive could of smoke rising up to the skies. Turns out to be a boat close by had caught on fire. This goes one for a while and lot of boats and kayaks had gathered around the boat so I decided to keep fishing. The flames got larger and larger and it took quite some time for police to arrive followed by fire and the westpac rescue chopper came around for a look as well. The fire had been extinguished and I'm still burling away without any hits but then one of my rods bends in half. So I grab it and start winding but then it start peeling line and going harder than before. I was fishing with 20lb leader so i didn't want to tighten the drag too much but I knew I could up the drag a bit more so I did. I gained a bit of line but then it started to head to the reef and snap busted my leader and its gone. I was quite certain it wasn't a rat but not a hoodlum either. So I quickly toss more burly into water to keep them in the area while I was rigging up again. About 5mins after that dissappoinment the rod buckles over again and as soon as I picked up the rod and start winding it starts peeling line again just like before. But this time I had a 30lb leader so I was able to put bit more hurt on it but it still kept on going for a while. The tussle kept going for about 5mins until I was starting feel I'm winning and finally I see colour. I had my GoPro on head this time and thought great so hit the record button but damn.. it hadn't recorded.. err Anyway, as it came close to the surface I made a lunge toward the new which was on the other side of the boat and the fish took the opportunity to make another run towards the reef. So, another tussle later bring it back to the surface but landing it solo was another story. I had 3 missed attempts to land it with rod in one hand and the net in the other but finally managed to get it on boat. There was no one else on the boat to give high fives to share my joy so gave a thumps up to the boys on the boat behind me who I'm sure was watching most of the fight. I was sure it was over legal size but got the tape out to give it a quick measure and it was 71cm so into the ice slurry it went. Now, I've noticed this happened to me few times so just wondering if any raiders have noticed this too. When I remeasure the fish at home after its been in the ice slurry for a long time the fish had shrunk by about 1cm. Is this possible? Thanks for reading
  10. Nice haul. Where was this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks guys. Yea. It was recorded on a gopro. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Hi guys, I've been in NZ over last couple of weeks to watch some of the cricket World Cup games and bit of a holiday driving around the country. One of the stopovers on the South Island was at Westport. I had been itching to go fishing but only got my first chance there. On first day I went looking for spots and went to one of the piers and watched this amazing sunset. On day two I went to a local tackle shop to get some tackle & advice then headed to the pier again. I was told that Kahawai were easy pickings there so decided to target them with few metal lures. I had few follows after few casts no hookups. After about 30 casts my spoon lure was taken by what I thought was a small Kahawai but after winding in closer it finally realised it was hooked and started going nuts. It must have been around 3kg & I knew I couldn't lift it in but I wasn't planning to keep it anyway so tried lifting without much care.. You can watch the video on the link below. This is the lure I got it on
  13. I was at barrenjoey heads
  14. Thanks nbdshroom. I washed them off straightaway at the ramp so with a bit of elbow grease it rubbed off ok.
  15. Hi Guys, I went out to pittwater on 31st morning hoping to catch a kingy but first went to get some green eyes for bait. Catching them was so much fun so I decided to keep going with it for few hours. I had 11 on the boat in couple of hours & they made a mess of my boat but luckly I didn't get sprayed with ink. Kingy session had to be cut short because of extra time spent on catching calamari. I sent one live one down but no kingys it got chopped up by taylor. Then I did a bit of trolling but still no strikes so headed home with a nice feed of calamari. Here is a short video of the trip.