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  1. We went hunting ducks morning with Veikka. No ducks, but veikka want made fishing rod for playing. So i did give his knife to him and help little. So ve had straight 150cm long stick, with out sticks. Evening he sayd, that he vant really line and hook his rod and try go fishing. So we did, but i was sure, that only small hook what i had, was too big for fishs. BUt with worm, it was not too big and he catch roach. I allso catch accidentally pike by pink softplastic, 1.90kg. So all time go to fishing not need be too complicated, only go to fishing with out any plans and m
  2. Fried on pot with rye flour. Tail parts where is bones, we made fishcakes.
  3. We went some days a go fishing with Vili, Shappo, Shappo`s brother and me. We fishing baitfishes before leave to river. Shappo´s brother was our "guide" and first we stop redfinn spot. Put 3 baitrod on water and start fishing by softplastic. Shappo`s brother fish on, big redfinn, and we saw that hi didnt fishing by softplastic. He fishing with dead bait. Line, small weight and hook. Fishing style same that softplastic fishing. Ok, we continue, and he catch second big redfinn. Soon he had bigger fish on. Pike 92cm soon on boat. Cach and releace. Soon other big pike on, abou
  4. Hi. I have been lazy made reports, becouse i have so poor and slow edit pictures. Some weeks a go we went boating with family. Swimming ext. We allso fishing and we arrived to "rusty sign". I casting couple of times and big fish on, but only 3-5 seconds and line broke. Was big pike and cut my fluoro carbon. Family leave back to home and i pick up Shappo on boat and we drive back to rusty sign, put baitrods on water and start fishing. Mabu 5-10minutes Shappo had fish on. Big pike and after short fight i use net, but it was allmoste too small. Pike 8kg/104cm. I think that it
  5. @big Neil I have biger net, but i let it home becouse it take so much space and we went first only boating and swimming with family. Btw, Shappo was last evening alone fishing same spot, on shore with out boat. He did fight 20minute with 100-120cm pike, but pike bite cut 0.40mm fluorocarbon. Btw2. I just notice that you have catch 101cm flathead!!?!?! 😲. Ihave been keep target 100cm flathead, but now i have upgrade my target to 105cm flathead. ( Good reason travel to Australia again 😉 )
  6. Video with mixed bad english/ bad finnish languages. I am not sure even my self what i speak on this video😂😂. And thanks again to Shappo for video.
  7. Yep.. good for fried on pot and for fishcakes.
  8. Shappo allso made some "goodluck sinks" for baitfishing.
  9. PB pike. Short report about my PB pike. We went yeastarday all family on cruising on lake. Swimming ext ext. Allso ate some ice creams on shore. Was 6pm when we arrival back to harbour. Saija, Veikka and piki dog drive to home, but i call to Shappo00 and asking him fishing for short time with me and Vili. I pick up Shappo and drive back to harbour. We drive slowly to ”hotspot” and fixed gears ready. First Shappo fishing baitfishs for us. One roach was small and he want put back in river, but i sayd that i can use it. Last time was big bait= big fish and now should be sm
  10. Sounds "challenging" trip like we had long time a go, but you even catch something. 👍
  11. Thanks @mrsswordfisherman but aussie smile, huh, i start be worry about my self 😀 . And my fish catch by bait if i forget wrote.
  12. Here is link to video to Vili vs Pike https://streamable.com/y96yhh?fbclid=IwAR2g6s4n1RrhEsR5UGfXStdn_tV0_Nsc9rhXA2cQc3Hxrm6rtIzGYQWsRAI @mrsswordfisherman , i get idea, we made some fish and chips later.
  13. Weather was nice later, and we saw that ospray. I just sayd that we have to order more fishraider hats soon. 😄
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