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  1. I mostly softplastic fishing. I want wind knot in rings, but maby is best use swivel in mono leader and connect to steel that way.
  2. Hi. I do find several videos and tips how mono connect to steel wire and how mono connect to braid line. Is it any knots how i can connect braid to steel wire with out swivel?
  3. Some times is hard. Specially winter, becouse cant fishing any bigger fish, is dark, cold. So visit and write here on winter is too painfull, becouse know that is so long time when can visit OZ next time (but next time will come). It is hard explain, but i have chronic miss in Australia. My first impression on year 2009 when i very first time step out Sydney airport on evening sun was "this is my place". When i get retirement i would like live some where between Forster-Brisbane..
  4. Finnish record is from this year, 15.3kg, so my is not so big, but quite big. 😁
  5. Allways fishraider, and fishraider hat, cant fishing with out that or with out australian singlet.
  6. Ok. Week a go catch my pb zander, after that nothing. Yeastarday i think that i take half day for fishing. Tuck stuff and drive to boat, thist time did`nt forget net. I prepared boat and saw that frontmotor remote control is home. Call to Saija and she drive it to pier (we have only 800m from home to pier). Usually i start fishing same closest spots, but now i did drive straight to ”rusty Signs” where i catch my pb zander last year and this year, there is 2-3m, side to 4m deeb water Heavy wind, and still strong stream. Use same softplastic that zander week a go. 2 cast, nothing, 3´th cast, win
  7. Couple of days after Vilis first Zander i mede many empty trip to river, complete notheing, not even with baitfish. Then one day cach 6 bite but cach nothing. Then few days not interesesting go fishing for nothing. Week a go from this day back i start boat again. Fishing some bite fish first and think that if softplastic not work, i try with bait. I id wait call from healtycenter nurse and think that cast couple of cast before she call. Drive to ”Rusty sign” where we catch last year my and Vili´s pb pikes and my Pb Zander. Cast few cast but nothing. There is strong stream 2-4m deep and water g
  8. Went with me and boys short fishing session on river with softplastic. I had allso empty trips earlier days, complete nothing, not even bite. Vili sayd that this year he want cach zander, any size. We try many spots, Veikka allso casting, nothing. Then we think that trolling slowly with softplastic, quite deep water (9-10m) for that, but try. Soon Vili sayd. ”fish on”, short fight and Vili´s very first zander was on boat. 38Cm, so under size cuple of cm, but Vili was quite happy. I casting one cast to same place and first cast fish on. Soon Vili use net and 45cm zander on boat, first to me thi
  9. We went Saija´s parents cabine some weeks a go. Moskitos was wake up and was warm day. Saija and her mom drive shopping flowers and Saija´s dad let with me and boys to fishing some pikes. Small lake was quiet really quiet. Casting after casting but nothing. Just think that leave to cabin, but i did try cast between stics and rocks, really shallow water, 10cm deph by softplástic. Wind in and saw that ”torpedo” coming from shore, fish on, short fight and Vili use net. Catch panfrie pike, 1.6kg.
  10. We went hunting ducks morning with Veikka. No ducks, but veikka want made fishing rod for playing. So i did give his knife to him and help little. So ve had straight 150cm long stick, with out sticks. Evening he sayd, that he vant really line and hook his rod and try go fishing. So we did, but i was sure, that only small hook what i had, was too big for fishs. BUt with worm, it was not too big and he catch roach. I allso catch accidentally pike by pink softplastic, 1.90kg. So all time go to fishing not need be too complicated, only go to fishing with out any plans and m
  11. Fried on pot with rye flour. Tail parts where is bones, we made fishcakes.
  12. We went some days a go fishing with Vili, Shappo, Shappo`s brother and me. We fishing baitfishes before leave to river. Shappo´s brother was our "guide" and first we stop redfinn spot. Put 3 baitrod on water and start fishing by softplastic. Shappo`s brother fish on, big redfinn, and we saw that hi didnt fishing by softplastic. He fishing with dead bait. Line, small weight and hook. Fishing style same that softplastic fishing. Ok, we continue, and he catch second big redfinn. Soon he had bigger fish on. Pike 92cm soon on boat. Cach and releace. Soon other big pike on, abou
  13. Hi. I have been lazy made reports, becouse i have so poor and slow edit pictures. Some weeks a go we went boating with family. Swimming ext. We allso fishing and we arrived to "rusty sign". I casting couple of times and big fish on, but only 3-5 seconds and line broke. Was big pike and cut my fluoro carbon. Family leave back to home and i pick up Shappo on boat and we drive back to rusty sign, put baitrods on water and start fishing. Mabu 5-10minutes Shappo had fish on. Big pike and after short fight i use net, but it was allmoste too small. Pike 8kg/104cm. I think that it
  14. @big Neil I have biger net, but i let it home becouse it take so much space and we went first only boating and swimming with family. Btw, Shappo was last evening alone fishing same spot, on shore with out boat. He did fight 20minute with 100-120cm pike, but pike bite cut 0.40mm fluorocarbon. Btw2. I just notice that you have catch 101cm flathead!!?!?! 😲. Ihave been keep target 100cm flathead, but now i have upgrade my target to 105cm flathead. ( Good reason travel to Australia again 😉 )
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