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  1. JaniFIN

    Fullday fishing

    1 week a go we went fishing all family, and my mom, uncle and cousin. We start pier, Esko cach firs fish by first cast, 49cm zander, and second cast he lose zander. So 2 cast 2 bite. Viko allso cach zander soon 48cm but more slim. Allso Veikka cach wery first fishes on pier, couple perch and was quite happy with big finnish smile. Allso Vili cach fishes, i am not. After pier fishing session we come our house to eat, and live boat fishing with Viki and Esko. First try cach zanders, but catch only undel limits. Then we move to other plase try cach perch and pikes. First i catch 1,5kg pike, soon Viki catch 320g perch and later 2kg pike. Than start windy and lighting, so we move other side bridge, but no zanders. Then start raining allso, so we move under the bridge, and soon leave back to shore.
  2. JaniFIN

    3 days fishing

    3 days fishing 2 weeks a go. More pictures, less text. 1th day went fishing with Vili and Shappo00. Catch some small ffishes old style systeem, and i catch my wery first fish by bait, 42cm zander. I was exiting like small kid. 2th day went fishing with Vili and my friend from old work, Arja And Liisa, Shappo00 came there allso later. Again i cach zandr by bait, 49cm. Liisa catch 250g perch, and Arja catch 1kg common bream by icefishing gears. Vili cach some small perchs. I allso lose on zander. If i remember, Shappo00 cactch allso 49cm zander By bait. 3th day fishing with Vili and Shappo00 by boat. Shappo catch 360g perch by bait (roach) i cach 1,8kg pike by softplastic and lose about 1,5kg pike. Vili allso cach couple nice size perch by oldstyle fishing
  3. JaniFIN

    Windy roach, zander and pike

    My home is 450km from Tampere. Send message when you come next time, so planning something.
  4. Short session shorefishing with Veikka and Shappo00. Vili did go meet him friend, so we packt fishing gears with Veikka, send message to Shappo and leaved to shore. Had plan try baitfishing this time for zanders. Veikka catch roach, perch and other small fish roach family. Was quite windy and no much time, so i did not put baits, but casting with softplastics. Shappo came by bicyckle and we give baitfishes to him. I did go fishing on pier and hooked pike. Small, but line inside mouth, so i yelling to Shappo00 that ”bring my net”. So Shappo00 running, hooking pike on net, running back to his own rod. We start clean pike with Veikka and Shappo00 walk to us, with 48cm zander. He fishing under 8minutes and catch fish. I start to be quite interesting baitfishing to. We clean fishes, tuc some photos, but start to rain and we leave to home. jani. BTW Shappo00 is from Holland, and they have there HUGE perchs, hope that he start allso wite reports sometimes.
  5. Ok. We done fishing trip with new fishraider member Shappo00. So we had dutch/finnish team on lake. First we did drive to close sawmill, there is ”sea”tweed, and was quite calm weather. Still had problem. I have anchor from my old boat, and it is too small. So first had to fixed little more weight to anchor, and i connect piece of concrere on rope. Then we start casting, with softplastics of course, but Shappo00 had allso baitfishing gears on water. We get some bites, but not anything big bites. Soon i catch perch, and Shappo catch allso. Casting and casting, only some bites but no fishes. Anyway weather was nice. Then we moved boat otherside that ”tweed field”. I get one small bite close on boat, but no fishs. That plce was 2,5m deeb and full of long, over 2m long tweed. Shappo try vertical fishin between tweeds after i get bite. And fish on to Shappo00. Looks like and feel huge, becouse couldn`t know is line around tweed with fish. So fight start, and we saw that is pike, not huge but quite big. Fish come to boat many times, but dive back and turn line on tweeds. Shappo00 pulling in back many times with tweed, but its going back. Then it stuck on tweed on top of water. Shappo pulling so hard that boat turn to fish, i sneaking net to fish grap it in. Nice pike, 90cm long. Shappo00 use ”priest” (baseball bat) and we tuck it for eat. I told some new recept`s for coock it different ways. We continue fishing, but catch nothing more. We moved boat other side tweed field again and try casting, but i cacht only one perch more. Then sunset and we move other side bridge try catch zanders. We try 3 different spots, but nothing, i only get 2 light bite bot nothing more.. We did drive boat on pier and try casting there too, but no bites. Allso start been so many mosquito, that it was not so nice anymore, allso it was midnight allready. So we clean fishs, is show new style to Shappo00 how clean perch or zander if you smoked is. Let in skin around fish and take intestines out from gills side, so fish stay more juicy after smoking. Then drive back home. Nice trip anyway, and second time when i fishing with other fishraider member.
  6. JaniFIN

    Sydney BlueFin

    Oh, nice fishes, one of my "once on lifetime" specie, blue or yellowfinn. Baby some day...
  7. JaniFIN

    3G boat fishing

    No no, it is "big finnish smile" ? . Btw, Vili get fever and is sick now. So couple of days no boat fishing, maby shore fishing. Btw2. I allso thinking, that maby better go fishing smaller lake for smaller perch's, maby with bite fishing. I think, that should be main thing to Vili (and Veikka allso), that they catch even something?
  8. JaniFIN

    3G boat fishing

    Hi again. We went 3 hours on lake and river. Target was perch, but that side on lake was so windy, that was difficult fishing with softplastic. Lot of weed, but cant see where, becouse so big waves. I get first bite and fish on, pike. Then i did remember, that net is it on home, so we have problem. Pike was not so big, about 1,5kg, but it is so slimey and teeth is sharp, that difficult take up by hands. I get it many times side on boat, but finally it shaking head and gone. I check line, and it was ok, so cast again same place, fish on. Same size pike, maby same. Then i remembered that i have filing glove and it is rough surface. I ask my dad put that glove on my hand. Really carefull fight with pike, then it was tired so much, that i grabbed it on boat. I started fixed line, Vili and my dad casting, many fish follow their lures, but not bite. We did try change place couple of times, but was too windy to Vili and my Dad. So we change other side on bridge, i get one small zander. Then we need to go back home, becouse we was allready so hungry. So nice morning on lake, but shame that Vili did`nt catch nothing again. I have not ideas soon for that, how i can help him catch more fishes? It help if coming calm weather.
  9. JaniFIN

    3 G fishing

    Yep, same pier.
  10. JaniFIN

    3 G fishing

    Hi mates. My dad come visit, and we spend couple of hours on pier today. My dad catch first perch before i went even out from car. I start make new knots to Vilis line, and my daed catch 2th perch, nice size 320g. Then we casting, casting, casting and nothing happend. Then i get bite, Vili get bite, and i get new bite. Change new softplastic, roach with pink tail and fish on. Short fight and Veikka use net, 42cm zander. Nice arvo, but shame that Vili didi´nt catch fish, he really try hard. Tomorrow we have plan go fishing By boat, mostly perch, hope that Vili`s luck turn better. BTW. i hooked softplastic body to side, sliding longer time close on bottom.
  11. JaniFIN

    3 zanders with Veikka

    Size limit depens where you fishing. This side that bridge it s 42cm, other side 40cm and some plases it is 45cm. I try keep 42-45cm everywhere where i fishing. That biggest zander was 48cm, but under 1 kg. And yes, it is taste good, really boneless fish. I like moste smoked that or fried on pann.
  12. JaniFIN

    3 zanders with Veikka

    Hi again. Vili was playing with he`s friend, so we tuc car, softplastic gears and did drive to pier. First cast and fish on, we use net with Veikka, but fish release him self, too late, we still grap it. Veikka was really exinting. So we walk from pier to land for cleaning fish, but knife was home. So use pliers for take blood out. Walk back to pier, and second cast, again fish on, this time i give Veikka to try use net, and he`s done quite good, need help for pulling fish up. This Zander was under limits and we release it. Then we continue fishing, but not even bites. We change fishing to land, drink some juices and whatching birds. Then i give Veikka to choice new oftplastic body, walk back to pier, 1th cast and fish on again, Veikka use net and we had 3th zander on pier. This 3th was allso under limit. Any way, 3 zander in 2 hours from pier, not so bad, and we really enjoy. jani
  13. JaniFIN

    Vili`s perch

    Can you see pictures? I did`nt, but now i see??
  14. JaniFIN

    Pike with Veikka

    Catch by small softplastic. Vili was not jealous, he catch early same day 28cm perch.
  15. JaniFIN

    Pike with Veikka

    So. Morning we went fishing with Vili, how i told my last report. After that i tuck 2 hours snap, eat and drive to pier with Veikka. We vertical fishing By softplastic and some castings allso (Veikka cant casting yet), we went 1 and half hour, Veikka enjoy and i enjoy, allso catch small pike. ( Maby you can see "big finnish smile" on he`s face )