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  1. @big Neil I have biger net, but i let it home becouse it take so much space and we went first only boating and swimming with family. Btw, Shappo was last evening alone fishing same spot, on shore with out boat. He did fight 20minute with 100-120cm pike, but pike bite cut 0.40mm fluorocarbon. Btw2. I just notice that you have catch 101cm flathead!!?!?! 😲. Ihave been keep target 100cm flathead, but now i have upgrade my target to 105cm flathead. ( Good reason travel to Australia again 😉 )
  2. Video with mixed bad english/ bad finnish languages. I am not sure even my self what i speak on this video😂😂. And thanks again to Shappo for video.
  3. Yep.. good for fried on pot and for fishcakes.
  4. Shappo allso made some "goodluck sinks" for baitfishing.
  5. PB pike. Short report about my PB pike. We went yeastarday all family on cruising on lake. Swimming ext ext. Allso ate some ice creams on shore. Was 6pm when we arrival back to harbour. Saija, Veikka and piki dog drive to home, but i call to Shappo00 and asking him fishing for short time with me and Vili. I pick up Shappo and drive back to harbour. We drive slowly to ”hotspot” and fixed gears ready. First Shappo fishing baitfishs for us. One roach was small and he want put back in river, but i sayd that i can use it. Last time was big bait= big fish and now should be small bait= big fish. We catch 7 roach for bait and slowly drive to rusty sign. Same spot where i catch last time my pb zander and Vili catch pb pike, and Shappo catch allso big zander. We locket i pilot and i sayd to Vili that he can start fishing with softplastic and i start made ready bait rods. Shappo allso start casting with softplastic. I tuc that smallest roach and put line on river. start fixed Vili´s baitrod, and looking why my rod ”shaking”, test but didnt feel any fish there, so i loose more line on river. Start again fixed Vili´s rod, but still my rod shaking, but reel didint give noice. So i put brake tight, waind loose line in and pul fast. ”Fish on” i sayd and could`nt belive, same spot again, and igain something big. I ask Shappo if he can made video again. I remember, that i allmoste lose my pb zander, becouse brake was too tight, so i did try assembly brake enought tight, but not too tight. I was quite calm, if fish escape, it escape. So fish pull, i pull. Its coming closer and ipromise to Vili that he cant try use net. Net use was more complicated that normal, becouse we had only short handle and smaller net, allso stream make it difficult. I pull fish near to boat and we did try get it net first time. Didnt want go and fight continue. Finally fish was enought tired and Vili get it head on net, and i sliding end of the net around pike. I was sure, that it was my PB pike. Shappo had measure and we check it 90cm and scale show 5.45kg. What a fight and what fish, biggest fish what i have ever catch in Finland. ”Wohoo” i little smile, least allmoste. We still continue fishing and change spot once, Shappo had bite on softplastic but nothing more anymore. So drive back to harbour, stop take one more picture pike with me and Vili on sunsed light. Then back to home, and then cleaning fish. Today we again ate fish and ships finnish version. Sorry my english, i am too lazy use google translator. I put some pictures and wait when Shappo send me video clip and put it then here. Jani
  6. Sounds "challenging" trip like we had long time a go, but you even catch something. 👍
  7. Thanks @mrsswordfisherman but aussie smile, huh, i start be worry about my self 😀 . And my fish catch by bait if i forget wrote.
  8. Here is link to video to Vili vs Pike https://streamable.com/y96yhh?fbclid=IwAR2g6s4n1RrhEsR5UGfXStdn_tV0_Nsc9rhXA2cQc3Hxrm6rtIzGYQWsRAI @mrsswordfisherman , i get idea, we made some fish and chips later.
  9. Weather was nice later, and we saw that ospray. I just sayd that we have to order more fishraider hats soon. 😄
  10. Fight with Pike start, if you look closely, you can see how bend rod is on last picture. Shappo00 took video allso, but i haven seen it even my self yet, and i dont know do i can attach to here.
  11. More pictures after we pickup Vili from harbour.
  12. One day, 2 trip, 3 fisherman, 4 fish. Zanders and Pikes. @mrsswordfisherman i du edit and put video link to here, i dont know is it work but maby you can check? I put this link allso to last message on this topic. https://streamable.com/y96yhh?fbclid=IwAR2g6s4n1RrhEsR5UGfXStdn_tV0_Nsc9rhXA2cQc3Hxrm6rtIzGYQWsRAI My Dutch/Finnish friend, Fishraider forum member: Shappo00, come from Holland for 4 weeks in my home village. So we had first fishing session together yestarday. Plan was fishing with softplastic and with bait. Weather was challenging: rain, no rain, sunshine. So i put rainclothesd (what i bought from Australia). I was sweated, and feel cold same time. First we did try near bridge, Shappo00`s spot, where he catch many zanders couple of days a go. Nobody home there. So we did move other side bridge. Shappo00 fishing baitfish, i casting with softplastic, and get couple of bites and lost one hook for pike. Shappo00 catch some roachs for bait, but it was quiet spot. So we did drive to ”tweed place” try for pikes and redfinn perch´s, but it was allso empty spot. So back other side bridge to new spot. There we get some bites but no more, not even with baitfish. Again rain and not rain and rain and sunshine. We trolling slowly to new spot, there again some bites but not more. Then try new redfinn spot, but nobody home. So rain, no rain, windy, calm water, i feel cold and sweating, strange weather. Oh!!, did i told that rain, no rain ext ext.. We move new spot to me, locket i pilot, put bait with sink, 3.5m deeb and quite heavy sream. So we both put baits and casting with other rod by softplastic. I think that i have fish on, on bait rod, but no, there is not enyone. Casts after casts, but not even bite. I told Shappo00 that move next spot and stard wind in bait rod. ”FISH ON” there, and fight start. I tought that it is fish, but it is allso on stone or something, but then reel start keep noice. ”Oh yeah” nice fish, should to be, maby big pike. Shappo00 put net ready, and i try keep line faraway from engine. Fish pull, i pull and sweating. Slowly fish come to closer. ” Zander, it is not pike, it is zander”. I sweating more, but then it is happen, we get fish on net and in boat. It really is my pb zander, 71cm and 3.5kg. I forget that i am finnis guy and hug Shappo00, what a shame, but i can live with that, becouse finally i cach over 2kg zander. And ofcource this is my PB zander. We took pictures ext. and i ”collected my self”, allso fixed gears and start casting with softplastic. 2-3 cast and fish on, Shappo00 use net and we had 1.9kg, 65cm pike on boat. Weather was nice, no cold, no sweating. So we took a break. We did drive to harbour wait my older son Vili, becouse he was come to with us after he visit birthday parties. So we drive to harbour, clean fishes, and i bring fishs to my home fridge. Shappo00 stay looking boat in harbour. I did eat fast, made some sandwichs for Shappo and drive back to boat. Vili was there allready waiting, so we start boat and drive same spot where we get that fishes before. I sayd to Vili, that i not fishing anymore, and we put one baitfish rod for him, and he can fishing same time with softplastic. So we arrived on spot, there is old rusty sign. So put front motor i pilot on, and drop bait to bottom. Vili start casting and Shappo00 start casting. Maby 15 minutes later i start move bait rod closer to boat, but it was stuck on bottom. No it was not, there was fish on line. Quick shange rod to Vili and fight start. Vili was allmoste too exited take a rod first, but after that quite calm and done nice and easy, "pull, wind, pull, wind..". We was allready practice last week how fight with fish, pull slowly, and wind in, pull, wind, and he made it good. Only problem was engine, becouse fish try go around motor, and rod was quite bend. But then fish start to tired and come closer. ”Pike, big pike”. I did give camera to Shappo and tuck net ready. We get pike on net, but it jump back to open water, but (huh) still on line, i was allready sure that i screwed up. Vili pumping it closer and finally we get it in net and in boat. But still it want escape and try jymp out from boat, so use priest fast, then fish calm forever. Huh what a fight, i was so happy and Vili was so exciting, Pike 93cm and 5.110kg. We take rest with Vili, fixed gears and talk about that fight with fish, but same time Shappo say ”fish on”. Allmoste same spot that Vili´s pike, only 2-3 meters from that. Bait rod again, we whatching Shappo and fish fight, fish coming closer slowly. I Use net, and we had new zander on boat, 3.3kg. Soon after that we drive back to harbour. Ofcourse took time fixed boat, and drive back to home. Saija and Veikka was still wake up, and they made ready some hot shandwich´s. We ate, and took dessert´s really nice coocies from Holland what Shappo00 give us. Have to say, that that coocies is yammy, we wait every year summer, when he come and bring it. Then was time fillet fishs, lot fillet for pot and for fishcake Good day, only 4 fihs, but my pb zander and Vili pb fish ever, that 5.110kg pike, bigger fish what i have ever catch in Finland. And top of the cake, Shappo cach big zander allso. Weather was strange, but nice, and we saw allso one ospray. Now is 1:30 am, and i end this story. Put on he forum tomorrow. Swordie heve been sayd to me allready years, that : "put your zanders to fishraider record topic". And i have allready says on years that "No, not before i catch least 2 kg zander". So now i can do it.
  13. Day 5 PB Zander. Fishing day 5 was longest. Severeal hours trolling and new thing to me, troling with softplastic. Saija´s uncle live in Sweden and he came to visit hi´s summer cabin. He had catch allready several zander from lake near hi´s cabin, biggest 4,5kg. We had plan go trolling there, but ramp was so steep and soft, that not any chance use that on my car. So we change plan and drive other place. 2 Lakes what is middle of river. First trolling lures, nothing, i havent see even fishfinder any fishes. Usually this lake have nice size zanders and really big redfinn perchs. Allso pikes was quiet, usually it is probleem cach too much pikes. So, we keep lunch break. I had ”meat pie” (meat inside, covered rye dought and baked in owen long time) and butter. So we did eat and start fishing with softplastic. I catch redfinn and Saija´s uncle had bigger fish on, brake ”sang” nicely, but then fish escape. And then 20min, not even bite. So we try trolling with new style to me: Short line, small softplastic, middle weight softplastic head, and really slow speed, 1-2km/h. I just testing my new Ultra Lite rod and fishing with that. Maby 20meter trolling and my brake keep noice. I was sure, that hook it on bottom, but no, fish on. Cant now how big fish becouse rod was so light and lot of bend. But then i saw, good size zander. ”Net, where is net?”, ok, we find net, but not shaft.?? OK, shaft is in cad but we can handle this. We get fish on net and i was sure, that fish is my pb, over 2kg. But no over 2kg, just 1900g but still my pb zander ( EDIT 60CM). I was quite happy and we think that now we find fish spot, becouse fishfinder show several fishes. So we trolling many times over sam spot, nothing not even bites. So we move place and trolling with softplastic..nothing in next 1 hour. So we change gears for trolling. Trolling after trolling, nothing but i did like new views, i was first time here. Still we try catsc big redfinns and change small lure and trolling shallow water. No, nothing after hour. So we did think that better goin home. And that net shaft, we find it when we came back to boat ramp, it was in boat, under paddle. Ps. I was yeastarday 5 hour fishing on ”home waters” catch only 1 perch, where fishs is?