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  1. Fab1

    Super easy fishing caddy

    Good work. Certainly beats being loaded up like a pack mule.
  2. Fab1

    Navigation lights

    Simple compliance would have stopped the idiots ive nearly run over not displaying nav lights from nearly being run over. I know what you mean mate.The more lights the better.
  3. Fab1

    Navigation lights

    I get what your saying mate and totally agree that a general purpose light is way better than those tiny all round white lights.I for one have 2 Led strips mounted either side of my boat that im sure are visible from pluto when switched on as they give a white light and are very bright.exactly what i wanted as the brightness isn't an issue for me. The difference lies within the theoretical and practical being if something goes wrong out there and you injure or kill someone....i would be praying that my navigation lights are set up the theoretical way and not the practical way as the pain to follow won't be pretty. I use my all round white light when motoring/anchored and even when i have my boat lights on whilst underway or anchored. But like i said,my anchor light is illegal as its too low and the light is being blocked by us and will rectify the issue for peace of mind to myself. Cheers.
  4. Fab1

    Navigation lights

    It still doesn't fix the dilemma of the light being mounted too low for me or it being blocked by the boat and people. As for the cleat and rod holder I'd want a foot of length added to my arms too.
  5. Fab1

    Navigation lights

    Maybe just invite Midgets. Don't you guys block its light or do you have it pole mounted high? Yeah,light in the eyes doesn't help the night vision.If i mount mine on the windscreen rail or bow rail it will be on a long pole. Its a pain fonding somewhere decent to mount it i tell you.
  6. Fab1

    Navigation lights

    I'm great thanks mate.Hope your doing well and in good health.Yeah,finding somewhere is a pain in a small boat. Im thinking of extending the pole for the light that's already mounted on the stern as its annoying when fishing anchored up and illegal if people are standing as i always motor along standing up. Thanks Zoran as im well aware of the rules and should of made it clearer in my post that i knew them.(I'm betting many people don't). What i meant is so many people have them mounted incorrectly and im finally going to fix my all round white light just incase for the reasons you mention.Besides the light shines in your eyes when fishing in a small boat light mine and is blocked by people where it is now. I will mount it higher in the existing rear starboard mount or mount it on the windscreen or bow rail.They are my only options from what i can see. As for idiots motoring at night or anchored up without displaying them.... I've never been out without at least seeing one or almost running them over.
  7. Fab1

    Navigation lights

    I've often wondered how high a percentage of us are running around with technically illegal navigation lights on our boats? They are supposed to be mounted in such a way that gives the right amount of coverage in a 360 degree arc aren't they? Yet so many seem to just find a spot that "looks" about right and plonk them down. Im betting theres plenty of trailer boats with especially the all round white light mounted too low which will break its 360 degree arc its suppose to have by having obstructions in the way including the boats own crew? Mine is certainly illegal as its mounted on the transom corner and too low which ill rectify by moving it to a higher position on the windscreen. Has anyone been pulled up for this or know anyone that has as im sure like me you guys see plenty of boats running illegal lights and maybe even your own? Thoughts?
  8. Fab1

    What Alloy does Quintrex /Telwater use?

    My Father in-law has told me that many times.
  9. Fab1

    Boat Fuel Discussion - What Do You Use and Why?

    I,m not really fussed with what i use as i use regular unleaded when possible but have and will use E10 now and in the past in all my boats with no ill effect. I use/d a portable fuel tank and would empty it in the car every trip and use new fuel the next so it wouldn't have time to degrade. Not easily possible for you guys with big underfloor tanks i guess unless you want to be syphoning and mucking around.
  10. Fab1

    What Alloy does Quintrex /Telwater use?

    Your boat is a credit to you and your do it yourself capabilities.People that get others to do things don't know the satisfaction of doing something yourself not to mention the $$$$ saved. When i did a few things around home i thought id get quotes to put in my pool,shed,fencing,retaining walls etc and the cheapest quote came back at 210k.I nearly fell over. I did the lot myself for 80k. I'd work nightshift from 10:30pm-6:30am and get straight into it until about 3pm then sleep for work again.That went on for about 2 months straight.
  11. Fab1

    Any gardeners out there?

    Just goes to show you can achieve things if your preparer to put in the effort and time. Im happy how everything is going and we've already eaten some veggies and they taste great compared to the rubbish that is shop bought. Thanks for reading.
  12. Fab1

    Any gardeners out there?

    Lawn 2 weeks later.
  13. Fab1

    Any gardeners out there?

    Lawn after aeration and topdressing with the compost 3 days after application and watering and me very tired and sore.
  14. Fab1

    Any gardeners out there?

    I even use it on my lawn. Lawn after scalping.