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  1. I tow my tinny 550kg as per weighbridge loaded to fish with a 1.8L 4cyl auto car. My trips are over an hour each way sometimes 2hrs going up and down steep hills like Mount Ousley. Car does it easy and have never had ramp issues hauling out.Mines auto and I pull it out in second gear. Drive accordingly allowing plenty of stopping distance, use gearing to slow down, stay out of overdrive and use chocks behind your rear wheels at the ramp or have someone in the car applying the brakes when launching and retrieving. If manual leave it in first on ramp with handbr
  2. I better stop using it then.I've been washing the outside only with it and rinsing with fresh water.Boat still looks pretty much new.Cheers.
  3. MY 9 yr old tinny is the same.It's normal for bare ally mate.You'll be 6ft under long before you need to worry. My boats the same inside mate.(Normal on bare ally).I wash mine out with freshwater inside and sugar soap outside.Hope you're getting some use out of that beast of a boat of yours.πŸ‘
  4. Love your work mate.Enjoy the new donk and trusty boat for many more years.
  5. Don't look at any of my reports unless you want to be an expert at feeding the tiddlers your bait like me.Good luck out there mate.
  6. Fair enough. Sounds like a royal pain doing all that.That would put me off boat ownership for life.Boating/fishing is meant to be easy in my books.
  7. If i relied on the fish i caught to build muscle I'd have arms like Urkel. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Hello beer gut.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ That's great going.Imagine what you could do it you were "Natural". I'm kidding mate.Well done!!
  8. Those are great as you get constant tension like using cables.I use to play tennis too.
  9. How do they know if they've been parked without moving for 28 days in residential streets? If you have a roadworthy boat it's impossible to police unless they camp in the gutter for 28 days watching every move. Move your boat a meter back and forth or drive it around the block and "technically" it has moved. Same as when you park somewhere even if your tyre has been marked move your car one spot along, drive to feet and it starts again. 8am-8pm is 12hrs but basically there's no point having a boat in those areas. I know what you meant.
  10. The Key to big biceps is lots of "sets".πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  11. Most people keep their boat that size in a lug , carport,driveway, backyard etc.I kicked the car out on the driveway and have mine in a lug. I wouldn't own a boat if i had to keep it anywhere else. That's my personnel thoughts though as there's too theives walking around at night in all suburbs and don't like giving them something for free except something i can't mention here. As others said ring council and hope you don't have whinging neighbours or the above mentioned thieves walking around. Good luck mate.
  12. Found it interesting even though i never do this type of fishing. https://youtu.be/727kdjDk8lo
  13. As others have said nice rig mate.I thought you'd be happy with the 30 as my quinny goes real well with the 3 of us heavy weights running a 30 yam smoker.Don't be too harsh on yourself and enjoy your boat for what it is.I had the option of wide funnels on my quinny but elected not to and just run rails.My rod holders, baitboard,etc are rail mounted. I also couldn't justify t the expense of a electric outboard and people still caught fish using lures before they were even invented too. I keep thinking of selling mine but can't think of a reason too as it suits us fine and costs bugger al
  14. I have mastered your last few words.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  15. Does anyone do weight training?
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