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  1. And if they whinge about the 2 stroke smell I tell them to wear this with those and them.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  2. If they say it's not enough.....I tell them to put these over them.
  3. If the neighbours whinge about the noise I tell them to help themselves to these.
  4. I made a plastic drum up for mine ages ago that's cheap and works great when I want to flush mine.A half drum takes up bugger all space and could be stored pretty much anywhere.I recommend plastic and not steel as it's light and doesn't rust. Mate and brother in-law had collapsible and now do what i do. The drum I use.
  5. Fair enough.Keep doing what you're doing as it seems to be working well for you.
  6. Excellent write up and photos as usual mate.Have you tried silicon paste/grease?
  7. It's been all about the mighty $ now for yrs mate.There's very few companies out there left that give good quality at a reasonable price and top shelf customer service. Everything you buy pretty much these days the quality has suffered, it has shrunk and the prices have gone NORTH!
  8. Agree to a certain extent.I'm not talking about custom built trailers. I'm talking about mass produced off the shelf box section trailers. There's no way of adequately flushing the cross members out with just water. All steel galvanised trailers should be manufactured with c section steel at a minimum and save the rhs for building things like box trailers etc that don't see salt water immersion. Problem is trailer manufacturers want us to come back asap and buy another trailer from them. The back third is where most trailers rust and that's where the last and second last crossmember is along with the axle/s and springs. If you can prolong the rust from occurring here by sealing them up you're leaps and bounds ahead of the guys that try to give their trailers a quick rinse which only really rinse the surface of the trailer not the insides. Mines a dunbier too.
  9. I think you'd be hard put to find a trailer manufacturer in existence that hasn't cut costs by using thin galvanizing.Look at a trailer from say 30yrs ago the galvanizing is superior to the rubbish now.
  10. Exactly.Or you can just use knead-it like I did and avoid doing all that creating more issues than you began with. I let my trailer/boat sit in our dam for 2 days after I sealed the cross members before filling them up as a test.(I like testing things for my own piece of mind). I opened the holes again to test for water ingress and not a drop was inside the cross members.Dry as a bone. I sealed and filled the cross members up after that. Cheers.
  11. My trailer had open ends on the cross members and holes top/bottom in the centre of them also.I blocked them off and filled them.
  12. I'm yet to see a galvanised trailer that flushing drain holes with fresh water has stopped them from rusting from the inside out. I think they should be sealed after galvanizing but the manufacturers know they would be shooting themselves in the foot.
  13. With winter,this cold weather,not being able to fish and not being able to stray far from home due to various reasons I still like to be outdoors enjoying a fire and feed. Today's brekkie over the fire went down a treat. Get out there and enjoy what you can guys.
  14. That's it mate.At least you got out and caught a fish.
  15. Good stuff mate! Did you seriously expect anything else though?Sunday,nice weather,Covid,school holidays,idiots everywhere. The more I read about the issues people are having the more I want to get rid of my boat as I want to go fishing during the day again when I can. Nice fish.
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