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  1. Fab1

    Braked boat trailers

    They need to draw the line somewhere.It's like speed limits.A couple of kays over is nothing but will get you pinged.
  2. Fab1


    Agree with Scratchie,definitely beats working and i need to get my clacker out there as i haven't fed the fish my bait for ages.
  3. Fab1

    Braked boat trailers

    Totally agree mate.My 4.2 weighs 550kg on the dot ready to fish with full fuel tanks(Main & spare) and all fishing gear,anchors,ropes,etc,etc. It weighs a little less on the return trip as fuel,food and bait is depleted. I'm willing to bet there would be plenty of overweight rigs on our roads both braked and unbraked.
  4. Fab1

    New Around These Parts

    If you keep that colour code...I'd name her Smurf.
  5. Fab1

    Outboard servicing

    If you go to the effort of dropping the leg you may as well go the whole hog and replace the impellor. it's like dropping a manual box in a vehicle,changing the clutch and not machining the flywheel and changing the spigot bearing, slave cylinder etc while your there. MY opinion only mate but i understand where your coming from. I can change the brake pads on your car for x amount of $$$ in 15min flat or i can change the brake pads, service the calipers,machine the discs etc for x amount of $$$ and take alot longer to complete the job. When you look at cheap guys factor in what your getting for the $$$ spent and whats important to you. Again,i undestand where your coming from mate as there's always a few routes that can be taken when fixing things. Cheers.
  6. Fab1

    Outboard servicing

    God help you learning from him.I watched him years ago when his channel first started and had to switch off before his bad habits rubbed off on me. Give him a axe and a piece of chewing gum and he can fix anything. Lol. Nice chap though but i wouldn't want to be learning from him. Hope his channel is going well.
  7. Fab1

    Helm steering needs tightening

    Those steering wheels are attached to a tapered steering shaft.They normally don't need tightening and most times are even a pita to remove when needed. Yes that's the nut to tighten it down.You sure the play is there and not somewhere else?I'd take the bloody thing back to the dealer and get them to fix it.
  8. Fab1

    Batteries. Switch off or disconnect?

    Switch off and disconnect for good measure.Keep them charged up while sitting idle on a trickle charger .Saying that I've never bothered with trickle chargers and never had an issue. I just disconnect the negative lead on the battery when at home and reconnect when going out. I don't see the point in isolator switches on a single battery equiped boat.
  9. Fab1

    Outboard servicing

    Welcome to the world of knowing excacly what you did to your boat at the convenience of your own home/time and saving a motza in $$$$$. I've never been to a Mechanic,Auto Electrician etc in my life for anything i own and don't plan to anytime soon. Good on you for having a crack.
  10. Fab1

    Towing ability of a Toyota Carolla

    The lower the gear the more torque you will put to the ground actually increasing the chance of wheel spin. The op doesn't state if his Corolla is manual or auto.In an auto i lock it in second gear to help minimise wheel spin when retrieving and with a manual well timed use of the clutch,accelarator and handbrake after selecting first gear will get him out of problems.
  11. Fab1

    I broke my Bollard... what do i do now ???

    After bow roller and cleat attached. There's options available.
  12. Fab1

    I broke my Bollard... what do i do now ???

    Here's what i did mate before i put my own bow roller on.
  13. Fab1

    I broke my Bollard... what do i do now ???

    Hey mate,i put on the exact same bollard on the bow of my tinny before i put the bow roller on. I drilled 4 holes in the corners of the bollard and through the bow bolting it on with 6mm stainless bolts,spring washers and nuts using an alloy plate underneath and sealing all bolts. On yours i would just file the small part of the broken post flat with the base and put the new one directly on top like above if you dont want to grind/weld new one on.
  14. Fab1


    Well done mate.Fantastic result!!That's more fish than i catch in a decade.Great stuff!!
  15. Fab1


    The ones you catch in a single trip would be worth $480.50.🤣Fish is sooooo expensive that's for sure.