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  1. Best lock if it's to prevent theft is a tack weld on the existing nut.Nothing is truly anti-theft though. I could have pretty much anything off within sec/min including wheel nuts. Some photos would help guys recommend options too. Cheers.
  2. Fab1

    Yamaha gear oil

    As they say there's only one way to find out.Personally I'd keep filling from the bottom drain plug.
  3. I've probably had the boat in the water a couple hundred times at a guess and it has never been used to drain the bildge. No pee,blood,ink guts or fish in my boat.As a matter of fact my boat is bone dry under floor unless i give it a good hosing then tilt it up,remove bungs and drain water. I must have a dud boat. 😂😂😂I should take it back to Quinny and complain it doesn't get water in the bildge,have cracked welds and they forgot to bloody paint it!😂😂
  4. Your bung itself may be leaking around it's housing.My tinny is only a few inches deep underfloor too. For what a bilge pump set up costs and how easily installed they are,they give you peace of mind not to mention added safety too. I've never used mine in 8yrs or so I've had my current boat and hope i never need it too , but it's there. Test it BEFORE every trip if you decide to go that route and keep the screen on the base of the pump clean as regurlarly as possible as they can and do clog with debris. Cheers.
  5. Fab1

    Yamaha gear oil

    You can get away with just the one bottle if you have access to air( I use compressed air)and put a small hole in the base of the bottle when you can't manually squeeze anymore by hand and give it a squirt with compressed air to force the fluid into the gearcase. Another option is filling a large syringe and injecting the oil in . I've used both methods for various applications and they do work.
  6. Fab1

    Yamaha gear oil

    It's very hard to get it all out using just the bottle, infact it's almost impossible. Buy a pump,look after it and it will serve you well.
  7. Fab1

    Guide poles

    Good job.Hopefully they serve you well.I wouldn't be without mine.
  8. Just glad you're not a detective mate.😂😂
  9. All you people that complain how hard it is to hitch your boat to the car i found you guys are doing it all wrong. YOU NEED TO LIE DOWN.😂😂
  10. Nice catch mate.Good on you for helping them.
  11. Nice haul you managed there.
  12. I'd be locked up as this is my pet hate.Right up there with idiots leaving filth in "OUR" Bushland etc. These people only understand one language Rick, but the problem is not many are prepared to give them "Free" language and swimming lessons hence it continues to happen. Watching someone do the wrong thing without getting involved achieves nothing. Not having a dig at you mate as i know your reasons for not doing more than you did.Just saying that there's no point getting upset really as while we as a race continue to stand back and do nothing these vermin that do these things will continue to do the wrong thing destroying everything in their path dud to greed.