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  1. Fab1

    Great day on the plastics with Swano

    Great result fellas.
  2. Fab1

    What is this bar on my new boat???

    Another option is removing those spray chines and painting/vinyl wrapping the hull then replacing them again. I doubt if you completely removed them though you,d see much effect if any with such low hp fitted. Personally,id do what i mentioned above.
  3. Fab1

    Paternoster Peg Board

    Awesome work mate. Like others said mate,cd wallet works a treat.If your worried about hooks penetrating the plastic I've used ear plugs with good results on the hook points.
  4. Fab1

    Couldn't turn a reel.

    Me too mate.Thanks. If your not catching much mate, what chance do I have?I didn't even get the usual small fry,a bite,anything.2 or 3 guys in boats I passed and asked reported the same. Mate,sitting there in the boat taking in the scenery is 1000 times better than work.Especially in the upper reaches of the swa and up towards Audley weir if you didn't know better you'd think you were 1000 miles from civilization. Sure does,and after all that motoring I did my fuel tank is almost still full.It drank like an Islander at a free xmas party before.
  5. Fab1

    Couldn't turn a reel.

    I don't like fishing that much mate.You can keep those conditions to yourelf.
  6. Fab1

    Humane ways to dispatch fish

    I'd like to see a taste test done where one fish is killed one way and another the other way of the same species.I bet not many people would taste the difference.But in reality you have a 50/50 chance of picking the ike-jimne method i guess and believing that tastes better just because you picked it. My brother in-law is a better fisherman than me and ike-jimne his flathead etc and to me they taste the same as mine that i put to sleep in icy water then fillet and cook. Maybe i have shit taste buds don't know.
  7. Fab1

    Couldn't turn a reel.

    Cheers,it certainly was better than being at work and mulling over being sick at home.Wish i could have stayed out there longer to have a good crack as i wouldn't off even soaked a bait an hour.
  8. Fab1

    Couldn't turn a reel.

    Thanks mate.In this short video you can tell how nice it runs.It used to hesitate and miss at the same slow speed previously. I can basically troll in gear for as long as i want now and the throttle responce is instant. It runs even better than when i bought it new and the dealer tried fixing it.
  9. Fab1

    Port Hacking Monday

    Went out late this morning for an hr or so only mate.
  10. Fab1

    Port Hacking Monday

    Great stuff.You did better than me.
  11. Fab1

    Couldn't turn a reel.

    I just got back from a solo trip to the hacking spending an hr or so fishing there for zero sick with the flu.A couple of boats there catching nothing too so it isn't just me.Plenty of bait schools showing and i tried using pilly tails,squid, and salted fillets for not even a bite. The weather wasn't the best and it was quite windy but i wanted to test my motor after working on it and i must say im a happy chap as she's silky smooth for a 2cy poverty pack.Cut the trip short and headed back home as it started raining and i didn't want to get sicker than i already was.
  12. Fab1

    Good day on the hacking!!

    I think he was trying to cast close and accidently gave it too much muscle Rick.For that reason you mention i just lob a bait a good 10m short from boats even crappy ones as even they are someones pride and joy i guess. Good report champ and as Rick mentioned try to leave yourself short from hitting peoples hulls. Look forward to seeing more reports from you.
  13. Fab1

    Who remembers the good old 80's

    I remember attending and not much else after a few too many forced drinks down me at the age of 14.lol.
  14. Fab1

    Who remembers the good old 80's

    In 1988 i was celebrating with my older brothers in the city for sydneys bicentenary.30yrs already.How time flies.
  15. Fab1

    Humane ways to dispatch fish

    The best possible way not to harm the fish at all i know and not having to dispatch the fish,is to come fishing with me and you won't have to worry about it.You won't need a net,a gaff,anything.Mine are only for show. But yeah,i just chuck my fish that i catch everytime I've aged a couple of years into a chilled esky and they go to sleep.