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  1. I have a couple of 1500x165mm thick walled black pipe that could probably be used for smaller fish.Heck I could make one out of 20mm tube that will suffice to measure the fish i catch.
  2. Good stuff as usual mate.Out on the boat alone would have to be one of the safest places you could be with everything that's going on.My guess is a few that have been put off work for whatever reason are having a fish too.
  3. Good work mate.Can you make me a 10cm one?My fish will all fit on it.
  4. It says you can fish but they don't want you to go on a road trip and fish half the day. It takes me around an hour to get to any ramp i use and I do fish half the day or night.It is still fishing though isn't it? Ps.I only fish with my wife and son ever and I don't mix with anyone at the ramp or on the water for that matter.When I go at night We are lucky to see 3 other people if that. Who can clarify? Cheers.
  5. I'm off in the morning if that's the case.Any other confirmations?
  6. I've fully serviced my reels,respooled them,sorted tackle,lifted floor in boat,serviced engine,serviced trailer,drained fuel,replaced bearings,made up rigs,installed new baitboard and have run out of fishing related things to do except sit in the boat making vroom,vroom sounds. I'm ready to go fishing.I want to go tomorrow but am waiting for a go ahead.
  7. Be careful bending over.That's how you hurt your lower back.
  8. Fab1

    Downloading photos.

    Such a shame.My mate just sold his house and was going to do the round Australia trip.Poor bugger.
  9. Fab1

    Downloading photos.

    Thank you Donna.
  10. Fab1

    Downloading photos.

    Will do.Cheers.
  11. Fab1

    Downloading photos.

    How come it says I can only post 1.18mb?Anyone?
  12. My mrs just bought me the sienna 4000.Let's hope it lasts a long time.
  13. Just finished servicing a cheap shimano reel I've had for 20 ish years and thought to myself how many others use cheap rods and reels?I know alot of you use high end gear but surely there's others out there like me.