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  1. Fair enough. Sounds like a royal pain doing all that.That would put me off boat ownership for life.Boating/fishing is meant to be easy in my books.
  2. Fab1

    Any gym rats on here?

    If i relied on the fish i caught to build muscle I'd have arms like Urkel. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Hello beer gut.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ That's great going.Imagine what you could do it you were "Natural". I'm kidding mate.Well done!!
  3. Fab1

    Any gym rats on here?

    Those are great as you get constant tension like using cables.I use to play tennis too.
  4. How do they know if they've been parked without moving for 28 days in residential streets? If you have a roadworthy boat it's impossible to police unless they camp in the gutter for 28 days watching every move. Move your boat a meter back and forth or drive it around the block and "technically" it has moved. Same as when you park somewhere even if your tyre has been marked move your car one spot along, drive to feet and it starts again. 8am-8pm is 12hrs but basically there's no point having a boat in those areas. I know what you meant.
  5. Fab1

    Any gym rats on here?

    The Key to big biceps is lots of "sets".πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  6. Most people keep their boat that size in a lug , carport,driveway, backyard etc.I kicked the car out on the driveway and have mine in a lug. I wouldn't own a boat if i had to keep it anywhere else. That's my personnel thoughts though as there's too theives walking around at night in all suburbs and don't like giving them something for free except something i can't mention here. As others said ring council and hope you don't have whinging neighbours or the above mentioned thieves walking around. Good luck mate.
  7. Found it interesting even though i never do this type of fishing. https://youtu.be/727kdjDk8lo
  8. As others have said nice rig mate.I thought you'd be happy with the 30 as my quinny goes real well with the 3 of us heavy weights running a 30 yam smoker.Don't be too harsh on yourself and enjoy your boat for what it is.I had the option of wide funnels on my quinny but elected not to and just run rails.My rod holders, baitboard,etc are rail mounted. I also couldn't justify t the expense of a electric outboard and people still caught fish using lures before they were even invented too. I keep thinking of selling mine but can't think of a reason too as it suits us fine and costs bugger all to own,run,maintain. Enjoy your boat mate.
  9. I have mastered your last few words.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  10. Does anyone do weight training?
  11. Cheers mate.Will take another look.
  12. I work a 7 day fortnight mate and usually do catch the train.Driving whilst this virus is going on.I don't use the M5 toll or any toll for that matter other than a handful of times my entire life. I looked at the M5 cash back and it's simply not worth it when i did the sums. They pay extremely well where i work and wouldn't travel that far for the average wage.Love the pay,roster and time off.
  13. I travel from Campbelltown to Artarmon for work.I can tell you klnow it pretty much takes the same time to get there and back regardless of toll or non toll roads.You'd need to be an absolute fool to pay for a toll on say the M5 to sit there in peak hour traffic doing 10k or standing still like they do every morning.You pay a toll for the privilege of doing the speed limit and getting somewhere quicker than other routes in my eyes. They can have their tolls as far as I'm concerned I'll go the free route and get there just as quick thanks.
  14. Fish anywhere in the Port hacking with me and you're guaranteed to come home empty handed.I'm great at feeding the fish my bait though.That I can give you tips on. In all seriousness the few fish I've caught is in the SWA,LillyPilly,Yowie bay,GRAYS POINT, etc at different times using bait. I'm just a casual fisherman and certainly no expert. Good luck mate.
  15. I live in Appin and can tell you now it's more than 30ks to Port kembla, Bellambi,windang etc.
  16. My boat will be staying anchored to the garage floor until all this is over unfortunately as I'm an hour away from the water and it is not worth the headaches or fines.
  17. Fair enough mate.Good luck on your quest.
  18. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but everything will rust if you don't look after it.If you can't spare the 2 seconds to wash and wipe some protecting on your gear like pliers just keep blowing money on new ones.There's 2 choices.Look after your gear or keep blowing good money after bad.
  19. That's what I'm afraid of.It's not set in stone and not worth the risk.Personally if they allow fishing for food it should be anywhere as long as you follow the other rules.
  20. Where does it state you can't be 30km from a ramp to fish for food? I know they say local, but everyone's local is different as some live right on the water others 50,60,100km away.Where is the line drawn? I'm 70k away at times from where I fish.
  21. Fab1

    Outboard problems

    Key to carbie outboards Is running them often and keeping the fuel fresh to prevent issues. I run mine fortnightly wether it is used or not throwing the fuel in the car and replenishing monthly regardless too. Draining carbs and mucking about like that is not needed if you do this unless of course you have crappy fuel filters,fuel hoses,tank,get water in the fuel or simply want to long term store and forget. I wonder how often boaties maintain their auxillaries let alone run and flush them often? I'm guessing very few except guys like yourself mate.
  22. Fab1

    New COVID symptom

    Another symptom you can suffer if not very careful is "abdominal expansion". I hear it's triggered from boredom which then leads to excessive alcoholic/food consumption to fight off the disease.
  23. No dramas.All good.
  24. I'm not Antman and I actually read or watched a YouTube clip on the soft plastic patternoster.Don't watch those clowns on telly as i prefer to watch grass grow than be constantly told you need this engine,rod,reel,glasses,lure, clothing...........to catch a feed.
  25. Here's several ways to rig up I use at different times.There's many more ways than this.If I am berleying and sending out a floater in barely any current I'll use 1. If there's a bit of current I'll add the LIGHTEST sinker i can get away with in picture 2. If I'm fishing for say whiting,bream,etc in the estuaries/rivers in less than 5-6 meters of water I'll use 3 with a very long trace of around a rod length so the fish feel less resistance when they take the bait. As above but when i want the bait to waft in the current i use 4. In water over 5-6 meters like 10,20 or more meters i use a single hook patternoster if using one bait like in picture 5. If like above but want to try different baits like a strip of squid and a pilly tail I'll use the 2 hook patternoster picture 6. If i am drifting in any depth and want bait on one hook and a soft plastic I'll use picture 7. If you want to learn to be a better fisherman don't take my advice because i have the theory down pat but am the worse fisherman in the world or just the unluckiest bastard there is picture 8.Hold on there is no picture 8. Hope this clears a few things/rigs up. Cheers.