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  1. Time Bandit

    80cm Eastern Blue Spot Flattie

    Great fish, well done
  2. Time Bandit

    A few green eyes

    VERY nice, they would have been tasty!
  3. Time Bandit

    complete and utter dispair.

    Bad luck mate, pitty you didn't get to see what it was. Must have been one angry fish! Just hate that sinking feeling when you know he's got you. cheers
  4. Time Bandit

    Fishing New Zealand

    Hi Joel, there is some magnificent Trout fishing at Lake Tarawera east of Rotorua, you will need a guide but it's worth it as those fish are thunpers. The lakes near Rotorua hold fish too but there only small. Try Tauranga on the east coast as well. cheers
  5. Time Bandit

    Need Help Guys

    Good luck Jez, let us know how you get on. cheers
  6. Time Bandit

    Is all braid line good ?

    Don't waste your hard earned buck's on cheap braid mate, you will know what we all mean when you get tested with a really good fish. cheers
  7. Time Bandit

    Need Help Guys

    Jewfish is on the ball mate, during winter I fish the shallows around the tide change in the Bay catching some good Bream. A good standby bait when their finicky is Chicken marinated in garlic, don't know why but they love it, I also burley using chicken pellets & tinned tuna. Keep plugging away mate! cheers
  8. Time Bandit

    Blacky Madness

    Magical day indeed, just great to see young budding anglers catching fish and having a great day out, well done buddy. cheers
  9. Time Bandit

    my pb pig

    What a ripper mate, that's an AWESOME fish cheers
  10. Time Bandit

    Need Help Guys

    Don't blame the boat Jez it's an asset! Can't help you with the Georges I mainly fish the Bay but I do know that fresh bait is the key to success. Don't despair because there are plenty of guy's that fish the Georges and I'm sure you will get plenty of good sound advice. I'm sure we will be reading about your PB's soon. Cheers Daniel
  11. Time Bandit

    Top Blackie Session

    Now thats a good day, well done
  12. Time Bandit

    Bonnie Plague in the Bay 27/7 - now with video

    Nice video, well done
  13. Time Bandit

    Last Night Jew

    Well done, "no pain no gain" cheers
  14. Time Bandit

    Fishraider Official Marine Park Poll

    Done, just a word on the "Greens", look how they stuffed up Tasmania and their economy!
  15. Time Bandit

    Rinse The Fish And Run The Risk

    Great topic guy's and valuable information, well done. cheers