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  1. cdol9

    Sussex inlet

    Always take worms and nippers and fish those flats around bar .
  2. Hey friends anybody fished Sussex inlet recently and having much luck finding any whiting ? Tried few times over past month not getting many . Chris
  3. Im finding Basin is fishing well for bream and reds. Struggled in Inlet though , cant seem to find the whiting . Any suggestions Jim ?
  4. Nice fish mate . Can i ask where abouts you pump for the squit worms ?
  5. Nice catch Chris . Nice couple meals coming up .
  6. Hasn't been breath of wind all week now just about cyclone forecast , not happy .
  7. Very nice Basil hard to beat flathead for feed . Chris
  8. cdol9

    Whiting rigs

    Don't listen to Pete he only catches Snapper lol .
  9. Very good catch indeed nice work .
  10. Lovely fish boys well done Mike on that monster . And the conditions look perfect . To cold for you Pete thrown cap away for beanie lol ? Chris
  11. Well done helping girls , putting your own life at risk also . Boat ok?
  12. Love Flathead and sure you'll have nice feed . We broke another graphite other day think better off sticking with glass lol .
  13. Nice haul mate enjoy some good eating .
  14. Saying pink rod belongs to Trinity when i see you fishing with it every weekend .
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