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  1. wizza

    Only One Red

    Great fish and photo,the halo still above your head !!
  2. wizza

    Bag of Blue Spots Means Beer!

    You always need a 24 pack to choose the right one for the batter......
  3. wizza

    Crowdy Heads

    Gourmet catch there..
  4. wizza

    Not a good Friday-Botany 30.3.18

    Yes Foreshore Rd ramp.
  5. wizza

    Not a good Friday-Botany 30.3.18

    Botany ramp was closed sometime earlier than 8.30 am,full.
  6. wizza

    SouthWest Rocks / Hat Head?

    Have snorkled not fished Green island south of trial Bay Gaol.Loads of fish close in.
  7. wizza

    Swordies bag out on crabs

    Looks good practice for Valentines day,you two.....
  8. wizza

    Tragedy and exploration

    Sad situation,and they had lifejackets on board and unworn.The depth sure varies there.Good advice,Going Fishing.
  9. wizza

    Big fail

    Top marks for honesty.Most of us would have waited to report on a better day !!
  10. wizza

    Jellyfish - do they matter?

    Interesting as usual Jon. Is the temp there 16 /17 ?And is the water green/brown? Cheers
  11. wizza

    Another Aussie icon gone.

    Chokpa,I think the best learning curve is finding a club that suits and helps the newbie.Nothing for it but trial & error really.E T started with an old clunker boat.Cheers and tight lines.
  12. wizza

    Another Aussie icon gone.

    My custom made 4.5m Brooker is 20 years old without a crack or leak.Ican see therefore how repeat business has been poor.A very well made open tinny with a thicker hull and higher transom,using a small size outboard .Thanks Brooker.
  13. wizza

    Limitations of Stacer 509 sea runner

    Pulling up an anchor in strong current in deep water can be deadly if the anchor rope is allowed to tangle around the prop in a smaller boat.I have experienced 3 frights in 50 years.This is is the worst case scenario when the current drives down the transom and the boater has to reach over to cut the rope.The best drive-off technique is to go at right angle to the current quickly and away from the rope and ball.No doubt others will have other methods.
  14. wizza

    Fishing to the south of Sydney

    Could have paddled around from Bondi.
  15. wizza

    Port Stephens Snaps Time!!!

    Just reward for big early effort..