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  1. Prepared persistence provides perfect performance .Wadda bewdy!!!!
  2. A great feed there. Had a coogee high tide swim and watching good school in a metre .Nothing to eat there ,so they would have grabbed any weed bait.Other end a different story,wild water and loads of weed.
  3. Mowies also good for fish pie.
  4. Billy and Adolf from Coogee Fishos used to drive a tinny to the Mattens and get out at the back of it.Very successful with blackfish ,always seemed to be cleaning a 3 figure catch back at Coogee.Really appreciate the history or your stories Waza,and respect the gutsiness of the climbs.
  5. And you kept a lot more of the fish than Santiago....
  6. Another question,does the bite depend on the tide and time of day?The afternoons have been balmy. Cheers
  7. Conclusion.....you are dedicated and keen.Do you anchor up and is inside or outside the Heads the more consistent.Cheers
  8. Top production,interesting.Fished Coogee island for a few decades.A couple of real experts outfished me 6/1.There are all types of weed.Old blokes with long sight did well, but could not see to thread a line thru a hook if the rig was lost to a pig.Saw several three figure catches from the 2 guys who went round the back of the Mattens andlanded their tinny.One of the best of all fishing modes,Not many can be done in a person"s 80's.Congrats.
  9. Also great typing /editing skill,great read..
  10. Well done scratchie.Looks like Stewart House helped in your life.Its a Rotary cause,and its good to hear a positive mention.Cheers.
  11. Bruce if you've got a mask and snorkel swim around the pylons and crabs will be sitting on them.Got plenty at Ceduna wharf .They jump and swim off but easy catch in the weed.Afterwards reflected on the white pointer population.
  12. Was pulling in a squid to the kayak,and it leaped out of the water!!!!!! A turtle was after it .
  13. Ask the locals where the dead squid wash up on shore and you will have great strip baits for kingies.
  14. wizza

    Air Fry Occy

    Costco has Phillips for$350.00.We have enough kitchen stuff.Stainless lidded pots going well after 40 years,great wedding gift from inlaws. Ovens are often far to big for what one needs ,so usefulness of airfryers obvious.Cheers all.
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