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  1. Pickles,I heard of a Labrador that pinched a kilo block of cheese from the shopping and scoffed it,no problem.
  2. That's using your noodle,Pickles.
  3. Thanks for the heads up.Nice fish.
  4. you can double the line thru the hook eye,still tightens the uni knot when lubricated.
  5. Perhaps you dont like outside,but there were loads of blue spot flatties .Cheers.
  6. Rub pilchard on the jig.Strangely,rubbing prawn on a prawn imitating jig does not turn them on .
  7. Sorry for 5 month reply delay,just saw note.No ,it was Bill Dihm from coogee fishos who drove behind the Mattens landing in the little lake.Cheers.
  8. Your boat must be blessed,as mine was!!I had transom built at23 inches an extra 3,which suits long shaft Mercury.Thats a great Sydney catch.
  9. K C it wasnt just his boat that stank..I towed a boat some years ago in Botany.The guy said it was the first trip after being serviced,the same mechanic i was using.He got out in the Bay near Larpa,then zilch.Always wondered what the problem was.Cheers.
  10. Good for you,bless you !!!!Once saw a charter boat at the wharf cleaning a pile of sweep for the paying customers and wondered how they went later in the kitchen.Must try a pike .Slimies are now popular bbq'd.
  11. Keflapod,he's around WeddingCake,trag grounds well further out.On Sunday there were 26 boats around the island.
  12. Prepared persistence provides perfect performance .Wadda bewdy!!!!
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