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  1. livewire

    Down rigger

    bought one last year from the states and saved heaps...why pay extra..
  2. hello mate i bought a scotty's and happy with it.. i bought it online from the states and paid less for a better model..
  3. Was a good day... shame we couldn't go out today....
  4. livewire

    Sounder Reviews

    hello mate.... i bought the same unit and not happy with it as it freezes when it feels like it..even if you pickup a bit of speed... I haven't tried that depth yet, have done the upgrade also. So lowered the tranducer hopefully that might do something...
  5. bravo... good to see people getting out there and getting results, wish i was.....
  6. hello mate...told you your stiring up everyone with those kingies... very nice catch....
  7. fantastic video lots of fun to watch but tried to view again today but its asking for a password is it still there for all to see?
  8. hello mate... i have just bought a tournament 2000 and i think there a top boat for fishing and cruising with the family... i'm always getting positive comments at the boat ramp.....