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  1. GABBA

    Carp Day Soon?

    Thanks guys. I'll wait it out!
  2. GABBA

    Carp Day Soon?

    G'day, does anyone know if there any Carp days coming up? I live in the Western Suburbs of Sydney so the closer the better. I have actually tried numerous places which are supposed to be packed full of carp but havnt had any luck. I am using all the right gear, etc, just can't find the damn'd things. Thanks
  3. GABBA

    Targeting Carp for some fun!

    Yeh mate I'd be very interested to try a "good" spot out (not sure if its "good" if its filled with Carp lol). Post up the pics would also be interested in taking a look at whats out there. Please message me with details of the spot. Thanks mate, Alex.
  4. GABBA

    Targeting Carp for some fun!

    Thanks people. I will give a few of those spots a go. As well as using the tips mentioned above. My previous setup "packed it in" so I am planning on getting another really light setup going. Planning on a 1000 reel, 4pnd line, what rod do you think i should match it up with?
  5. G'day. I am after a bit of fun and therefore am out to target a bit of carp on some light gear. I know of a few locations such as Penrith weir, but I've never had any luck finding any. I use corn and bread for bait but am yet to find the elusive fish. Can someone let me know where else around the western suburbs I may be able to find some. Also where about a would they be hiding? (Structure, reeds, etc)? Thanks.
  6. GABBA

    Jervis Bay Accommodation

    Hi all, I am planning on going down to Jervis Bay for a couple of days with some mates for a bit of fishing. I am wondering if anyone knows of any decent accommodation places close to some of the decent fishing spots - maybe near the Tubes or Green Patch. Doesn't have to be anything too fancy. If you can let me know, it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. GABBA

    Fishy Glossary

    Squire - Juvinile Snapper Hope it helps.
  8. GABBA

    Beaches around Bulli?

    What about Garie Beach? That isn't too far from the area is it? I will be hitting it up soon to try my luck. Has anyone had any good experiences there? Thanks. Al.
  9. GABBA

    Surf Set-up - Please Help

    Or would I be after a "spinning rod"?
  10. GABBA

    Surf Set-up - Please Help

    Ah ok. As this reel is quite large I will be using it for casting out pilchard instead of spinning. As I am not really educated with all the fishing terms, am I after a 12ft "baitcasting" rod rated 6-10kg? How does a "baitcasting" rod differ to a "spinning rod" if they are both 12 foot?
  11. G'day all, now that the weather is starting to heat up, I am fishing a little bit more often. I would like some people to suggest a few spots that are might be pretty hot at the moment. I would rather the areas be in Sydney (any suburb - north, west, east, south). I am not after anything in particular but I wouldn't mind Bream or Flathead. Thanks in advance.
  12. GABBA

    Surf Set-up - Please Help

    Hi. Thanks to both of you for the advice. As I said before I am using a Penn Spinfisher 950 which I am happy with and am looking for a rod to suit. After reading the posts above I now know I am looking for a rod in the 5-9kg range, 12-13 foot. Does this sound accurate? I did a very small amount of reading on the Penn Power Stick 12ft rod, this sounds like something I might be after. Does anyone know if these are still available or have they been discontinued or superseded? Or, if anyone can suggest another type of 12-13ft rod that would suit a Spinfisher 950 for a surf set up it would help. I'd like to buy one soon so I can give it another go. On a side note that is what I was trying to do, cast over the breakers.
  13. GABBA

    Surf Set-up - Please Help

    Thanks for the reply. Im not sure if the 10FT is too short, however as I was casting, I noticed I was not able to get far out enough in the surf. When I tried the other 12.5FT rod I was able to cast significantly better. Does this make any sort of sense?
  14. GABBA

    Surf Set-up - Please Help

    Good evening all, today me and a mate had a bit of a surf fishing session, while he is quite experienced in surf/beach fishing, this was my third time and as such, my gear is probably not the best. Anyway, I currently have a Penn Spinfisher 950ssm, which is one hell of a reel, but it is sitting on a 10 foot surf rod, which I found out today, was WAY too short. I would like to keep using the 950ssm but would ask if anyone knows what rod this could be matched up with. Your help is appreciated. Al.
  15. G'day all, with our Aussie weather starting to heat up, I'm thinking of hitting Bundeena Bay for some fishing. I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck lately? I have heard that fishing off the wharf is good for squid but what can I expect a little bit closer to the rocks (far on the left hand side of the beach - see the picture I have attached for the location I am talking about - the picture is unclear but I have labeled the WHARF and the ROCKS)? I wonder, has anyone tried this spot, and what did they hook on to? Any other advice is appreciated. Thanks. Al.