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  1. Dear all members, Do we still allow go fishing during Sydney lock down? I am thinking taking my boat out next Monday, need some advise, thank you!
  2. Hi members, have anyone heard about Commander Cat 5990? They are from Jakeroo Boat from Gold coast. It looks great but not sure how does it perform, can anyone give me some suggestion?
  3. Hi guys! I am looking for someone who will do mobile fiberglass repair service to my boat, I have done some damage on the gel coated and chip some fiberglass off, Does any member knows a repairer in Sydney? Appreciated for all your help!
  4. Hi Guys, I am thinking to buy this boat, 2009 Markham 6500 Canyon Runner can anyone give me any opinions please?
  5. Hi guys, Could anyone recommend (send me PM only) a fibreglass repairer near Strathfield? I have done some damages on the hull and need to repair the gelcoa, thanks!
  6. Hi guys, Can someone recommend who does custom corner snapper rack for my boat? I am base in Sydney just want to get the setup right, appreciate all your help, thank you! PM's only for non-site sponsors
  7. I was going to get one for my Yamaha 115hp, spoken to the outboard mechanic and he told me don't waste my money. It won't improve the performance unless you have a racing boat. I don't know much about the motor but I always listen to the expert.
  8. I have 6m Yalta Crafe, spoke to the manufactory before, they said it has two air locks on both side and fitted with anti flotation.However they told me always keep them locking. I was wondering if always keep them lock why bother have two bung holes? I think it's better install a auto flow bilge pump to prevent this problem again.
  9. Hi guys, Need some advices for my silly boating, just had my new boat to the water yesterday, it was so nice and handle very well, after I returned to the boat ramp and opened the bung holes, there was lot of water came out and then I realized one hole was forgotten, I believed all the salt water has been drained away. I just wondering do I need to flush with fresh water and how do I do this? Mine is fiberglass, does the salt water damage the inside of the hull? Thank you guys!
  10. vince1312

    Boat cover

    Hi guys, I am looking a boat cover for my boat which is 6m long, I have got a price for custom made for $1600, however I saw some in BCF store for only $550, are they the same quality? Is any different between them? Can someone recommend a company for me?
  11. Hi guys, Thanks for all the information, I have called Boat Terminal Transport, they are very helpful and good price, good saving!
  12. Hi Andy, The trailer is registered and in a very good condition, I am looking transport by a truck, how much should I looking for?
  13. Hi Guys, I just bought a 6m boat from Gold coast, can anyone recommend a transport company for me? It will delivery to Sydney, thanks!
  14. Hi Guys, I have been looking for a fishing boat for long time, recently I came up with this 2008 Stacer 5.49m Wave Master, it has lots of space on the deck, this boat looks so much like Quintex but lot cheaper, can someone help me is it a good boat for fishing? I am mainly going for estuary and light offshore fishng, appreciate for all you help!