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  1. This is more than True, have a look at the results for the Royal Pahang Billfish tournament, my team came third, i have no idea where half the other teams were fishing cause they got 1-6 fish for the 1.5 days of fishing. if you didn't put your clients onto at least 10-15 fish you had NO BUSINESS taking people out as a business. http://www.rpbic.com.my/rpbic2013-result.html Anyway if you want or anybody else wants to go just PM me and i'll look after you guys
  2. I wouldn't advise going there without a booking, especially if you can't speak the local lingo. If you do chance on somebody to take you, if they have no bookings, likely they are not a good operator anyway. Get a few people and book with somebody that has a good reputation, send me a P.M and i can help you out as iv'e fished there a few times and even placed in their yearly sailfish tournament. Spyros
  3. Nice, I'm fishing the tournament in September. Who's your boatman?
  4. Don't talk too much about the Nurse. Before you know it your favourite beach will be clasified as a congregation zone in desperate need of protecting as there are no more nurses there. They'll slap a marine park over it and thats that. On the Jew though, that's a top effort! Daylight Jew just look totally amazing.
  5. Hey Mate What did you do with that Hammer in sig pic? Did you keep it and eat it?
  6. Nice fish Robin! Go get em Tiger!
  7. Nice one mate Damn good groper for your first Groper, my first was only about 50cm brown.
  8. While all the advice may produce fish it will also likely produce the following. 1) a BIG fine or maybe a CRIMINAL record PlayerOne seems to have an idea of the sanctuary zones but some of the advise re the reef you have been told to "check out" is 100% a sanctuary zone and pretty much in front of the Jervis Bay Marine Park authority offices. How long do you think somebody fishing in that sanctuary zone up there in front of their offices would last? Based on other people's experiences not very long. You don't even have to be "fishing" in a sanctuary zone to get done, just having your gear r
  9. LOL good one. Mate next time fight it yourself, don't go giving the rod to some guy that was useless. He was too scared to even go anywhere near the edge! Its a flat wooden pier and its 5kg drag! In the absence of a big girls blouse emoticon i'll use this Also its not really land based game with a surf rod and a dead yakka. Kinda more land based plonking.
  10. There is no way its a Marlin its way to cold for them. I think it was either a Halibut or a Mekong Catfish by the way you describe it pulled.
  11. The guys at Global Tackle really know their stuff! Top guys as well and really recommend them as well. You should also check out their kingfish poppers! WOW! I just wished i lived closer to them...
  12. Big Big NO NO in my books. You got there at 4am and as far as i'm concerned the spot was yours. Fair enough to share but to move your rod and throw it on the ground when he got there after you, well...... Your deffinately much more patient than me. I would have been extremely upset with the person most likely have asked him to leave and not to fish within my personal space of 10m from that time on, and all his mates if he had them there. As you can see i have a thing about people touching my gear without asking............. Then again i can understand your non confrontational aproach and
  13. Yeeros

    Lbg Tackle

    Ive never uised the rods but heard the blanks are good but components could be better. However the reel looks more suited to boat fishing than LBG. the line laying system on that reel runs the chance of getting jammed if it gets a knock or bumb and LBG usually does that. Anyway thats my 2 cents, You'll still get fish with it, just watch the line layer.
  14. Mate they are there all year and there are some HUGE sharks at JB and you don't need to be at the Tubes, the front has them as well. I'll give you a buzz tonight.
  15. Yeah fair enough, i guess your pulling them out of cover and on the stones were pulling them into it. Mate if it works for you go for it.
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