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  1. Sydangler, Mate I thought we had a good day out the week before, but you guys smashed last weekend. Well done. We had a great outing the week before, but your trip out last weekend smashed it... Well done.. Need to find a spot or two for jigging that my smaller boat can have some action a bit closer in. Hope you have sorted out the Hilux.... Bruce B
  2. Great catch, and nothing like seeing the pure joy on the little fellas faces, I have no idea how you did the video and work the net... I have tried and nearly lost the phone and the net!! Well done
  3. Hi Burnsy 74.. Thanks so much.... Looking forward to you getting your new boat, and learning a lot. Cheers Bruce
  4. Greetings Fishraiders. My boat partner and I are looking for a mentor who is willing to share some of their hard earned experience and time with us. The two of us bought a 4.9 m Stacer last year, and have been learning the art of recreational fishing through reading as many articles, books and many posts on our site. We have come a long way from "knowing very little" to possibly "knowing little". We have really enjoyed the journey. We manage to usually take home a feed for ourselves, but would really like to up our game! We typically launch from Tunks Park at North Bridge, and would like some help on how to catch live baits in the middle harbour area, as well as how to fish the harbour and around the North and South Head, as we poke our boat out in fair weather typically North to Manly and South to Bondi. So far we haven't been successful in catching any live bait, so we need some help here, and outside the heads we have had some wonderful times catching Bonnies and a few Kings on lures. Our reef fishing has had limited success and a couple of lost anchors!! Weekends are the best time for us, as we both are committed to corporate life during the week... Ahh the joys of corporate life.... and both have families with young kids, so Mums usually give us a leave pass on the weekends for a morning. Just wanting to learn the ropes, and really hope some of the Raiders would be willing to share a bit of their hard earned experience and time with us. Hoping some knowledge is willing to be shared with some eager newbies. Regards Bruce
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