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  1. Been there , done that !! Great read , looking forward to the next chapter !!!
  2. No news on this? Lets do it like we used to !! Fishraider had the best socials , time to ramp it up again !!!
  3. Hi fellow Fishraiders , Been a member here for many years , have some time off in March , and would like some company on my boat . You dont need any great experience with either boats or fishing , favourite haunt is around the harbour , smokers are welcome ! Just need some good company on the water !! Semd me a PM if you are interested. Ross
  4. I think I still remember how to , Im in !! Ross
  5. Absolutely!! Fishraider has held many , many succesful social gatherings , events planned with the whole family involved. Not too sure when the next one might be , and hopefully the weather will be kinder to us for the next one ( Back To The Bay had to be cancelled due to inclement weather). Keep an eye on these forums for notice of when the next one will be. Ross
  6. Well done on a hard call Stewy , this is why Fishraider is # 1.
  7. Luke , can you give us some more info on your engine? Make Model Year??? Seeing that this is the coldest time of the year , you may notice more water vapor (steam , white smoke) coming out . As Huey said , the Impellor has very little influence on exhaust smoke , unless it has failed completely. If you have a good stream of water of water flowing out of the tell tale , the impellor is probably OK , and doing its job. If the white "smoke" has a distinctly oily or burnt smell , take it to Huetts Marine for analysis !!! Ross
  8. If I didnt love my 75HP Etec so much Id sell it to ya !! Definately talk to Craig from Huetts Marine , site sponsor , and all around good guy !!! Ross
  9. Would that be the transducer?
  10. Any production run of a piece of equipment which is mass produced will have a failure percentage. This applies to ANY make of outboard ( or anything else for that matter ). It seems , that everyone " knows" of someone who had nothing but trouble with the very model you are interested in . Oddly enough , their particular model is perfect in every respect. Mercury are a well established brand , and generally speaking , produce a good quality product. The same can be said for Evinrude , Johnson , Yamaha , Honda et al . These manufacturers have also produced their share of le
  11. Firstly , jack up the wheel in question , ( making sure the other wheel is chocked , or alternatively , connect the trailer to the car.) Next, spin the wheel,. It should revolve smoothly , with very little sound. Any grating noises or roughness indicate further investigation is required. Next , grab each side of the tyre at 9 O'clock and 3 O'clock , and try to "wobble" it from side to side. Any movement indicates the bearings are not tightened correctly , and remedial action is required. Now to the fun part ....... Remove the tyre and wheel from the hub assembly. In the middle
  12. I would suggest that if your car has 4 cylinders , and is not a turbo diesel , then an alloy boat would probably be the way to go . There are trade offs though , fiberglass boats are heavy , but quieter on the water generally , and tend to ride better in less than perfect conditions. Alloy boats tend to be cheaper as well as lighter , but , can suffer from reverberating noise when waves hit the sides. This may become tiresome on a long day out. Having said that , many of our members are extremely happy with their metal boats ,and the aforementioned noise is "just p
  13. Seems to be a common problem , a quick squirt of Inox or any other aerosol lubricant seems to do the trick. Yes , I have had to do this !! Ross
  14. Batteries HATE cold weather . Batteries which otherwise may have survived during the warmer months will nearly always die when it gets cold . Ross
  15. :1happybday: #1 Son !!! He partied hearty over the weekend ( Oh to be that young again !!) All the best for the rest of your life Brett , Love Dad & Min.
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