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  1. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery Donna and Cruz... stay positive you’ve got this ! Sick parade : plagued by a frozen shoulder for past 12months but getting better now. Cheers Zoran
  2. Top stuff @seasponge.... this is very much what I do. My idea's may well have come from reading the same literature. I predominantly fish for food ... sport fishing only happens after we have our feed in the esky ... in that vein I have been advocating no fresh water contact with salt water fish for years. The taste and preservation qualities are just so much better. I have posted about my set up several years ago. The ice actually sits under the container that holds the cold saltwater. Cheers Zoran
  3. I too am not a fan of lock out zones. @Rob81 you are thinking exactly along the lines that I am. But I feel "conditional" signs while providing very valuable information will out of necessity be very verbose. Personally I think the verbose signs in many languages rarely get read - especially in the heat of the moment when someone doesn't want to miss out on their spot on the ledge. I think the warning signs should bold and confronting ... make people pause and think, and perhaps read the more detailed signs. I was thinking something like this: If you run out of years, pri
  4. Oh-Karen...I mean, Oh-Steve...I mean Steve-O ... or is that Oh !!!!! I sense you are carrying some baggage and I am sorry for that. If this was meant for me ... then I'd like to point out you know nothing about me otherwise you would not be making such statements. Infact, it is inaccurate, insulting and polarizing comments like yours that stop intelligent debate and undermine the democracy that we have. So until you are ready to have a fact based discussion without the insults and unwarranted extrapolations please don't come back. Cheers Zoran
  5. Yes... I have provided that link in my original post above ... just under the picture ... that's what I have used to lodge my original position with the MPs. Now waiting for their response to see if it requires a further submission of considerations. Cheers Zoran
  6. Hi Waza, yes I read your comprehensive submission at the time and was one of the first to give it a like. I have also just re-read it and couldn't agree more that there are many parts that could just be re-used in a submission regarding the PEP. Thanks Rebel. That's why when I contacted my MP's I asked them to declare their position. If enough folks do this we'd be able to form a clear picture of for and against. Cheers Zoran
  7. I can't accept one failure as the reason to do nothing... if we do that we might as well scuttle our boats, slash our wrists and bring it all to an end. If you follow the stockmarket, the recent events around Gamestop show that the many... correctly united... can smash the $$$$$$$$ agenda. Governments are taking notice of this trust me. As an individual, you have to believe in the cause (the why) and actually get up and do something as an individual ... the sum of many individuals is unstoppable. There is a great movie - The Power of One. Change starts with each an every one of us.
  8. We can’t give up Rebel - imagine no more chasing the legendary whiskas with kids or mates. No more beach visits on weekends, no more whales on this stretch of coast ... what would Sydney be ... and for what? bloody crazy cheers Zoran
  9. Thanks for taking action! We had a dinner yesterday with 4 couples that are also into boating. They were all unaware this was going on under our noses. The mainstream media has been noticeably absent so it’s come done to folks that care to spread the awareness. cheers Zoran
  10. Well that would be crazy. But then again we are building an airport next to it so planes can fly directly over !
  11. Thanks KC. Australia already has some of the richest gas deposits on the planet but it doesn’t seem to translate to lower gas prices for the population. I don’t see any upside to this PEP for the average bloke... just greed at the detriment of what we are so fortunate to have off this stretch of coastline. I’ve told my state and federal MPs that if I see their name on the list that supports this project they will lose my vote for good. cheers Zoran
  12. Covered feet A+ Sneakers, boat shoes, crocks. Too many sharp, spikey, stingy things on boats. Cheers Zoran
  13. Couldn’t agree more ! And an oil spill will bring down house prices all up and down the coast too .... but .....
  14. G'day Raiders ... I hope you are all across what is happening in the background and expressing your views to the MPs ..... I'd surely hate to see oil rigs in some of the most pristine waters on the planet ... https://www.saveourcoast.org.au/stop-pep-11/ Cheers Zoran
  15. Top shelf stuff Pickles ... I don't think I have ever been able to string 3 days in a row on the water .... something to strive for - just like your kingie adventures. Cheers Zoran
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