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  1. DPI have not imposed a minimum size limit for deep water species just for that reason - the chance of survival is pretty close to zero. It’s a quantity limit (bag and boat and it’s also a combined limit across all species) with the caveat of only 2 gemfish per person and 10 per boat. So most fishos bag out on deep water fish by hitting their gemmies limit first. On my boat we then move onto trolling and other fishing endeavors- but I see some boats hanging around repeating drifts - makes me wonder if they have some special non-gemfish attracting bait ! 🧐🤨 cheers Zoran
  2. Awesome report and well done 👍 on the fish and the release. The start of many boat adventures I bet. cheers Zoran
  3. I managed to find my way down there yesterday to drop of several packs of expired flares. A bit of an expedition due to the intersection closure - fighting the congestion then working the maze of side streets. I was the only one there at the booth around 11am. Well worth it though. Had a good chat to Ray - he sparked up when I said hey you’re the guy from the flare video on fishraider!! Fishraider rocks! Cheers Zoran
  4. Just in a friend’s antiques shop and found this Alvey it’s a side cast about 6.5in PM me for details of shop if interested cheers Zoran
  5. Out of curiosity, and only if you don't mind sharing your top secrets, could you describe the rig and technique you used to land that bewdy? Cheers Z
  6. In my experience promptly bled and properly looked after (iced down) kingfish freeze well. Agree with @noelm keep bag limit where it’s at. cheers Zoran
  7. zmk1962

    Red at last

    Well written Jon. The crew has often topped this capt’n. cheers Z
  8. I think the choice of length and stiffness comes down to what you feel most confident with, however one thing that’s critical is to have the knife as sharp as possible. I will always reach for the sharper knife regardless of stiffness. Has been discussed before: Cheers Z
  9. My favourite filleting and deboning knife is an old Berkley Blade runner filleting knife... bought ages ago probably at K-mart end of season special ... it has a really stiff but narrow blade - the stiffness makes it easy to cut through bones and the narrow blade is a breeze to maneouver and control around the backbone bumps. Its the one with the green handle in the picture below. A few years back I did receive for my birthday a fancy deboning / filleting knife -- an F.Dick deboning knife - which sounds painful but thats the name (google it). This has a flexible blade of a much higher stainless standard than the Berkley BUT I just can't get used to the flex when filleting. However, I have found that the flex is really good to get skin off shark fillets. It's the one with the blue handle. Cheers Zoran
  10. Water restrictions vary by council / region depending on the level of severity in that region... here is the data for Sydney. Look at section with title Cleaning Cars and Boats. Level 1 Level 2 Personally I have a 5000L rain water tank that I installed the last time we had a drought but again I'll use it sparingly. Cheers Zoran PS - if it gets really bad may have to tow my rig to Penrith Tench Reserve to dunk the trailer and give the tub a run up the Napean in the fresh water up from weir ! Don't fancy the tow fuel bill there and back tho !
  11. Stonker fish @Scratchie .... dropped my jaw when I saw the size of the bump ! Cheers Zoran
  12. Only experienced a bushfire once being trapped at Jervis Bay Huskisson for 5 days as a visitor. Can’t imagine what it would be like to pick up and walk away from everything. Our thoughts are with you guys - wish you the best. Cheers Zoran
  13. Back in the day from memory they were called rangoon poles. Mostly around 15ft long. Very popular for mullet, gar, yakkas etc cheers Zoran
  14. One of our neighbors stopped talking to us after we did similar back in 1996. Then she called the council to report that the boat parked in our driveway was blocking her street view. 🤣 Best of luck with it mate! Cheers Zoran
  15. My last fibreglass job was in 2017 and I had 500ml of resin left over. Just checked and its gone off ... cactus. Sent you a PM with the place where I was referred to by and ex fibreglasser - a one stop shop with reasonable prices. Cheers Zoran