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  1. zmk1962

    New Extra Long Ramp at Shoal Bay???

    You can't complain about those stats... would bring smiles at the bowser for sure.... Cheers Z
  2. zmk1962

    Off Sydney today

    Mate smiles all around on that effort. Top report and top catch ! Glad you got out there - your dad and his mate must be chuffed to have their own charter boat at the ready.... hahaha. Cheers Zoran
  3. zmk1962

    Sydney Kings on Thursday

    Nice report. Glad to hear Kong’s are still about. I tend to pack and go when seals appear- always fun to watch - except when fishing! Cheers Zoran
  4. zmk1962

    Broken bay wide

    Sounds like an Excellent day out. Great photos. Cheers Zoran
  5. zmk1962

    Fitting New Live Bait Tank Pump

    +1 for solder splice ... I use them all the time. Fleabay is a good place to source them economically if you can wait to receive them. I also put some heat shrink over the top if used in a submerged location. Cheers Zoran
  6. zmk1962

    Feedback on bait / bilge pumps

    Rule 360GPH ... I've had 2 in 20yrs ... they last. Mine is in the water all the time and on 95% of the time when i'm on the water - including when underway. Cheers Zoran
  7. zmk1962

    Sydney FAD firing

    Wonderfull ! ... isn't it great when it goes to plan and you are done early with a big smile to boot... Cheers Zoran
  8. zmk1962

    Reds again

    Doesn't seem to be such a tough decision....seems like a choice between better and best ! ... Best of luck. Cheers Zoran
  9. zmk1962

    My 4th Darwin Trip

    Sounds like an awesome trip.... and a great write up mate. Glad you got into some scale despite the weather 👍👍. Cheers Zoran
  10. zmk1962

    Kingfish chaos

    Well done. Thanks for the tip re live bait. Cheers Zoran
  11. zmk1962

    Reds again

    Way to go Rick ! Droolin’ 😀 Cheers Zoran
  12. zmk1962

    New Extra Long Ramp at Shoal Bay???

    Yes yes nice consumption figure.... not sure why they are Etecs (seems you guys should call them oooh-ahhh-Tecs) .... would you have any idea of how many kms you covered? For comparison my 200HP EFI Merc, last Sunday Parsley Bay-50-60m flathead grounds-FAD-trolling-Parsley Bay ... over 100km covered, used around 100L according to gauge. We trolled at 1700rpm (12km/h), and punched back from offshore at up to 50km/h (4400-4800rpm), in the river 60+km/h(5100rpm). So I'm still pretty happy with the black growl...but it doesn't have the torque to park the boat half way up the road ! Cheers Z
  13. zmk1962

    Port Stephens- The longtail are on!!!

    Very Very nice. Hopefully I can get out and chase some this year... Cheers Zoran
  14. zmk1962

    New Extra Long Ramp at Shoal Bay???

    Yup ... would really be a crap end to the day ... so shiny too 😪 You guys are always advocating how much torque the eTecs push out ... guess he over-revved her coming up to the trailer .... darn that eTec ! Cheers Zoran
  15. zmk1962

    Mobile Marine/Auto Electrician

    PM sent. Agree with PaddyT... sounds like a fuse or circuit breaker or even faulty isolator switch. Cheers Z