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  1. zmk1962

    The kids are killing me

    May have been backbreaking but it’s just Inspirational ! Thanks. Z
  2. Great stuff .... keep it coming! Cheers Zoran
  3. zmk1962

    What is this bar on my new boat???

    Hey @Bobby.V have you taken her out on the water? You may be surprised what your 9.9hp will do with a 3.7m tinnie (if correctly propped and trimmed). For comparison, I have a 15hp Aux on my 6.3m heavy fiberglass boat (with a 2500kg payload) and it will push me along at 10km/h. You may be pleasantly surprised what the 9.9hp will do with your 3.7m tinnie (2-300kg payload). I see that chine providing 3 functions - i. given the T profile it would significantly strengthen/stiffed that part of the hull ii. it would act as a chine - providing additional lift iii. it would deflect spray What ever you decide to do, I'd recommend it stays or is refitted after you wrap. Cheers Z
  4. zmk1962

    Summer Drummer

    Solid! Well done! cheers Zoran
  5. zmk1962

    What is this bar on my new boat???

    +1 with @King chaser and @Sea Ranger. When it comes to boats I always choose function over looks. Looks will get you an ooh ahh from your mates. Function will get you fish and home when the conditions change. Cheers Zoran
  6. zmk1962

    Paternoster Peg Board

    Yup. I use a combination of things. Zip lock bags, easy solution and they pack down flat. They do tend to puncture if you pre-rig with hooks though, and can give me trouble with wet cold fingers. @rickmarlin62 previously posted a great idea of using those CD carriers - they are like a travel case with a zipper all around with sturdy plastic sleeves inside. I immediately went and found the last surviving one in our house - it now stores my hairtail wire rigs - as the wire is springy. This is a great re-useable solution, its just that they are getting harder and harder to find (keep an eye out at garage sales!) I predominantly now just use a section of pool noodle. The pool noodle is bulkier but has the benefit that you can pre rig with different size and types of hooks. everything is easy to see. I use toothpicks (with a hot glued bead on the end) to fix the loop and just wind the rest of the rig on using the hooks to secure it on the noodle. Easy and quick and re-useable. Picture attached. Cheers Zoran
  7. zmk1962

    refurbish fibroglass boat

    Good stuff Antony. I didn’t start this thread so it’s up to you. But it probably makes sense to start a hydraulic steering installation topic. Cheers Z
  8. zmk1962

    Paternoster Peg Board

    Hahaha- I did use some ! Cheers Z
  9. zmk1962

    Tying FG Knot with DIY jig

    Thanks Baz. Yes thought about that but it would make the jig quite a bit larger. I find it works well as is for me. It swivels around in the direction of pull and then stops. I’m sure others will modify to suit what works for them. Cheers Z
  10. zmk1962

    Tying FG Knot with DIY jig

    Hey Raiders, Second post of the evening. Thought I'd share how I tie an FG knot (mono to braid, or Fluoro Carbon FC to braid) using my DIY FG jig. I had tied plenty of FGs using my hands, feet, teeth and struggled keeping tension so never quite felt comfortable the end product was secure. I looked at the $69.99 FG knot jogs and was tempted but thought is it really worth a good bottle of scotch.... NAH ! Anyway, a few months ago I came up with the jig I show int the video - I have used it since and its been a gem. So sharing in the hope it helps some other Raider. Cheers Zoran
  11. zmk1962

    Paternoster Peg Board

    Hey Raiders, Thought I'd share how I tie Paternoster Rigs using my DIY peg board. I'd never claim to having invented the peg board but geez since I've made mine it's made a huge difference. I pump out 5 paternosters in the time it took me to make one - and they are all the same !!!! Anyway sharing in the hope it helps some other Raider. Cheers Zoran
  12. zmk1962


    Rick mate. You should have packed that ALDI 7ft telescopic rod - I’ve heard elsewhere they work great 👍! Cheers Zoran
  13. zmk1962

    refurbish fibroglass boat

    Can you post a picture of your unit - the helm pump and the ram near the motor please. Maybe we can identify the brand/model. If you read the hydrive container it makes some compatibility claims - could be to do with the types of seals used. Cheers Z
  14. zmk1962

    refurbish fibroglass boat

    I use the following stuff - same brand as my unit. Cheers Zoran
  15. zmk1962

    GLENBAWN 2018 still holding a few fish........

    Looks like a fantastic trip, great scenery, photos and fish to boot...... fun times for all! Cheers Zoran PS - regarding .... ... maybe its Darwin's theory at work. the dam would be as closed an ecosystem as you could get. Past success with spinners has reduced the spinner susceptible gene pool - so now the dam is dominated by the gene pool that didn't succumb to the spinners ! Just a thought.