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  1. Here's a site that explains the different aluminium grades: 5083 plate is what I welded my floatation tanks from. Ulrich Aluminium carries more stock than EDCON ... Sorry I'm in a bit of a rush at moment, so just bursts of info .... hope it helps Dave. Cheers Zoran
  2. EDCON sells ally angles 50-60 x 6mm but I don’t think it’s marine grade. cheers Zoran
  3. It was great to catch up Antony. We’ll have to do an offshore raid soon. cheers Z
  4. Flash Knievel Dave would also have to wear rear entry boots with that suit - in the appropriate colors of course. cheers Z
  5. Nice feed of fish Rick and good to see you back on the water after a long break. cheers Zoran
  6. Great stuff and report and feed. You’ve got to love it when a plan comes together. That’s a nice red for Sydney. cheers Zoran
  7. Impressive! Love the power cylinder innovation which seems to be at the heart of this. At first I thought it was power operated hydraulics but then realized it’s an electric ram. So no hydraulic lines just wires. Wonder how long before OEM copies start to appear?? thanks for sharing Antony cheers Zoran
  8. There is a kitchen section on FR - show is the goods 👍 cheers Z
  9. Can’t complain about that. Yum. Well done and great photos. love the post title as well 👍👍👍 cheers Zoran
  10. In some ways it’s not about how often you get to WOT. The main thing is your motor needs to be able to get to WOT With the fitted prop otherwise you are over propped (too much pitch) and putting undesired burden on your motor in lower RPM. if you hit WOT very easily then chances are you are under propped - and you may benefit from a higher pitch if you are chasing economy and speed - but you may lose some hole shot. cheers Z
  11. Hi Jeff, the rule of thumb I noticed was that each movement in pitch (up or down) will affect your theoretical speed about 6% at a given RPM range. Its the propeller RPM that will determine your speed (assuming your motor has sufficient torque to spin the selected prop at low and max rpm,)... so when you mention engine 6150RPM... you need to take into consideration the RPM reduction in the lower leg gearing ... usually somewhere between 1:1.75 --- 1:2.08... then you will have the prop RPM. Here are two sites you can model the effect of spinning different pitch propellers. Simple MAX theoretical speed calculator (enter prop rpm and pitch)... You can use this to work out what the max speed is, and then what you are observing and hence your propeller slip factor....if its more than 15% you need to tweak your prop set up. This is a more complex calculator where you have all the relevant variables - it will calculate the answer for whichever variable you leave blank. I used both of these sites extensively when I was modelling my repower. Regarding your mates boat - are the propeller diameters the same? Are the boay weights and weight distribution the same. There are many many variables. When I spoke to sites that had repowered boats like mine and prop pitch selection, they gave me an example of two identical boats (in that case Carribean ReefRunners) where one was successful with a 16p and the other 17p. The only difference was how the owners had set up the boats. Hope this helps. Cheers Zoran
  12. Something went weird on my posts fonts between the desktop (posted) and the mobile (illegible). If you can’t read it - It says: SENSEI SCRATCHIE ! Really look forward to the catchup. cheers Zoran
  13. Hey Jeff.... you are a living legend mate. You have mastered your craft, you selflessly share your knowledge ... and you champion the Fishraider spirit ..... In my books that makes you ...... SENSEI SCRATCHIE Cheers and Thanks Zoran
  14. Is spiraling on the drop down necessarily bad?? Don’t most dying fish spiral down anyway - so this is mimicking natural behavior ? just asking as I am not an SP expert by any scale. cheers Zoran