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  1. Amazing fish mate. Fished Garie a lot in my younger years. Lots of bream, big ass tailor, bronze walers but never a red ! That’s awesome. cheers Zoran
  2. Very well done! Can’t complain about that as a result of a changed plan. cheers Zoran
  3. Not Quite. Offshore is as Dave describes - but because it’s a colloquial term that is not very specific it is not used by Maritime or related services. Maritime uses the terms “open waters” and “enclosed waters”. These are clearly defined on navigation charts and hence safety gear and such rules can be enforced. As an example, in the Hawkesbury estuary east of the line between Juno Pt and Flint and Steel is classified as limited open waters if waves are less than 0.5m and open waters if waves are over 0.5m. I’ve posted links to the navigation charts in the above post. c
  4. Top shelf stuff Sam. You consistently get the reddies. Have to start calling you SSCRATCHIE soon - Sydney Scratchie! cheers Zoran PS - our belambie sesh must be getting closer!
  5. Oooh. Now you’ve started an itch. Hmm may be the right time to target while night time temps are still in double digits! Top job. Thanks for the report. Agree on taste but quite contrary on preparation and bones. Lop off the head. The gut runs less than 1/3 of fish and is simple to remove (no black lining etc). There are no scales. Rub with hessian or edge of knife to remove the slime. Chunk into 8in lengths for cooking or fillet. There is a solid bone line running whole length of fish which separates away from flesh cleanly except for the gut flaps which have a few flexible bo
  6. Top job Pickles and crew ... the smiles say it all ! cheers Zoran
  7. Nice looking rig 👍... seen a few out at Browns... think you’ll be venturing far and wide for sure. best of luck. cheers Zoran
  8. Tasty reddie! Great catch. Waiting for the weather to improve to hit the Sydney reefs! cheers Zoran
  9. For sure. You’d definitely lose all those light cork handline things from your boat ! 🤪 cheers Z
  10. Please reread my reply - I said “Almost” 😂. That’s a key word that establishes context and meaning. I was also going to say- “imagine what the catch would have been with a rod and some plastic ! “ ... but I bit my tongue as I am a nice person. Hahaha. I’ll make sure to pack a 1000m spool of braid for you next time we head to Browns! cheers fellas. Zoran
  11. Good stuff Yowie! Almost makes me want to have a few estuary fishing sessions - haven’t done that in a while. cheers Zoran
  12. For comparison I’m running an enertia 17p 14.5 dia prop. The vengence props are basic - they get the job done - but are less efficient. Generally spinning the biggest prop you can (pitch and dia) that gets you WOT and good hole shot gives you the best overall economy and performance. Also having the boat thrust (propeller) as close as possible to be inline with the keel is most efficient. The deeper the point of thrust the more lift it generates at the bow. I would be making one change at a time so that I can attribute the outcome to the specific change I made. So stick with the 17
  13. Well with that background and the v17 you’ll do well in a very short time. Just remember to leave some fish for me ! All the best. cheers Zoran ps - sorry didn’t mean to scare you. I have experienced the barrenjoey heads since the 70-80s. So just speaking from experience.
  14. Dropping an inch in pitch has about a 6% effect on rpm/speed (excluding prop slip effect). Smaller pitch can give you more bite at lower rpm, giving better hole shot (but a drop in top end speed) .... dropping pitch will also increase the RPM at which you cruise, which may move you into the motor's sweet spot (torque spot) to help maintain your cruise RPM. But dropping pitch may also underprop you r motor and make the prop prone to cavitation. Especially if your motor has the torque to rapidly spin it up. (It will literally boil the water around it). Sometimes what is done is to dro
  15. Lots of great advice given above already. The V17 is a solid hull with a good reputation - you now need to build your experience and confidence... take your time there's no need to rush it. There's great fishing grounds out there, but take an approach of safety first, and most importantly experiment slowly so that you learn how your boat handles certain conditions and how it responds to your controls under those conditions. A good hull can help overcome small errors and will help you build your experience - but the most important factor in boating is skipper experience. There was a saying I po
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