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  1. Good on ya @Yowie. Nice catch and feed ... would be great just to be able to smell the salty air ... ahhh memories. Cheers Zoran
  2. Yup it works … even on this forum - pretty sure you’ll get a decent bite soon 😉 The @Yowie-fish strike hard and put up a good tussle. But they’re also known to flap around a bit and become skittish if boats get too close so let me put out some more burley - plasTic, PLastiC, PLAStic, p-l-a-s-t-i-c…. There, that should do it …. Tight lines 🤪 Zoran😇
  3. Ahhh. The stuff dreams are made off. Top job. cheers Zoran
  4. That’s because it was only a short trip - didn’t need everything. cheers Zoran
  5. Barracoutta (Thyrsites atun).... gemfish are more golden and have deeper bodies Cheers Zoran For comparison these are gemfish:
  6. Hey Raiders, This came across my YouTube feed this morning. The reason FishRaider is a sought out, trusted and respected gathering place for our fishing community, is a direct result of the effort Donna (@mrsswordfisherman) and all the moderators put in to ensure the social norms, values and basic respect are all upheld ... they maintain the site's standards and we reap the benefits of sharing our passion, experiences and knowledge - which leads to discussion and debate and constructive outcomes. Can we say the same for other social media ... ? Personally I am not a fan of Borat's comedy but I feel here, Borat disguised as Sacha Baron Chen, has absolutely nailed the issues facing today's world - a world filled with fake news, conspiracy, hate and bigotry... and the adverse knock on effect this has on us and democracy. I’ve expressed some of these observations to my closer colleagues ....but nowhere near as well as this guy.... I have new respect for Sacha ... Cheers Zoran
  7. Top stuff guys. That’s a truly inspirational catch for most of us… Thanks for sharing and keep it coming. cheers Zoran
  8. zmk1962

    Bate Bay

    Good job 👍. Thanks for exercising restraint and leaving some in the drink for those of us that can’t get out 🤣 Sitting back waiting for the plastic comment. … bonnie in hand ready to dish out an almighty slappin’ ! cheers Zoran
  9. Well according to this article - once they catch COVID they WILL BE STUPIDER ... and if any of them are attending another protest it just increases the chance .... pure idiocy. https://www.news.com.au/technology/science/human-body/british-study-finds-intelligence-hindered-by-coronavirus/news-story/980383a23c88a98a97de8dc18e6f5a02
  10. In addition they should throw every book in the library at them … literally! cheers Zoran
  11. Check the legalities with RMS on the folding drawbar - @motiondave posted there may be some grey area... But as an alternative this could be the go ...😁 Photo - courtesy of @GoingFishing who sent it to me ! Cheers Zoran
  12. Great idea Derek…. So to kick off here’s my daughter’s submission (a bit tongue in cheek) 1. Black and White - well nearly the subject is mostly white 2. Dusk or Dawn - nearly it’s late arvo 3. Wildlife - nearly - I swear at times he’s not domesticated …. And to boot it’s also… 4. ACTION Blueys Beach. 31.3.2019. iPhone camera. cheers Zoran
  13. Thanks so much --- means a lot coming from professional chef mate ! When this whole covid thing is behind us we are going to have to do a catch and cook sesh .... with some serious pot smoking 🙄 ... ooops ... serious smoking pot 🙄.... ooops..... that doesn't sound right again... I mean some serious fish pot smoking 😇 ! Cheers Z
  14. What problem are you trying to solve? To @kingie chaser's comment : Manufacturer's typically recommend flushing with muffs, there's another recent topic going that has concluded muffs with twin water feed are superior. Thanks for the reference @motiondave, the problem I had to solve was 2Stroke idle noise while flushing as I live in a suburban area and prefer 15min or longer flushing time - often late in afternoon, early evening when I'm back from the water. This was my post on the muffler set up: Cheers Zoran
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