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  1. There was an interesting review by a national Geo photographer stating the images he managed to get with his sony he wouldn't of been able to get with any other single camera. I used to shoot professionally but have since sold all my high end gear, this little camera can do pretty much what all my other $80000 gear did but in one small outfit. For me it's just a case of one camera that covers a huge focal range and easy to carry means I have it with me ready to go rather than leaving heavy bags of camera gear at home. You still need some sound photographic knowledge to get good results with any camera but this camera makes most tasks easy.

    1. zmk1962


      Certainly looks the goods... Thanks !

    2. masterfisho7


      Nice report I also have high end gear but taking it with me can get to be hard at times but a small camera seems a great idea JonD