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  1. zmk1962

    Off Sydney today

    Mate smiles all around on that effort. Top report and top catch ! Glad you got out there - your dad and his mate must be chuffed to have their own charter boat at the ready.... hahaha. Cheers Zoran
  2. zmk1962

    Sydney Kings on Thursday

    Nice report. Glad to hear Kong’s are still about. I tend to pack and go when seals appear- always fun to watch - except when fishing! Cheers Zoran
  3. zmk1962

    Broken bay wide

    Sounds like an Excellent day out. Great photos. Cheers Zoran
  4. zmk1962

    Fitting New Live Bait Tank Pump

    +1 for solder splice ... I use them all the time. Fleabay is a good place to source them economically if you can wait to receive them. I also put some heat shrink over the top if used in a submerged location. Cheers Zoran
  5. zmk1962

    Feedback on bait / bilge pumps

    Rule 360GPH ... I've had 2 in 20yrs ... they last. Mine is in the water all the time and on 95% of the time when i'm on the water - including when underway. Cheers Zoran
  6. zmk1962

    Sydney FAD firing

    Wonderfull ! ... isn't it great when it goes to plan and you are done early with a big smile to boot... Cheers Zoran
  7. zmk1962

    Reds again

    Doesn't seem to be such a tough decision....seems like a choice between better and best ! ... Best of luck. Cheers Zoran
  8. zmk1962

    My 4th Darwin Trip

    Sounds like an awesome trip.... and a great write up mate. Glad you got into some scale despite the weather 👍👍. Cheers Zoran
  9. zmk1962

    Kingfish chaos

    Well done. Thanks for the tip re live bait. Cheers Zoran
  10. Hey Raiders, It's not often that I get to go out twice in a week, but the stars aligned so following up on Throw-a-Line Thursday II, I launched into the second trip — Almost Stripey Sunday. I met Saad a few years back and had promised to take him fishing - little did I know that he had never fished from a boat before - let alone been offshore. Saad invited his brother Joseph to make up the trio. Jospeh had a bit of Hawkesbury boat experience so was very keen to try the wider space. Plan was to hit the 50-60m flathead grounds of Barrenjoey and then depending on how the crew felt head out to the Sydney North FAD. Conditions at 7am were warm, 1-2m seas with 12kts SW winds, that were predicted to die down to 4kts by 9am. Had salted pilchards and the salted tailor fillets from the Thursday trip as bait, along with the usually SPs. Well we found the tailor were still at the 50m grounds. Along with some yakkas, leather jackets, and squire sized snapper. The snapper fell for the salted tailor fillets which were nice and firm but still juicy - so I'm quite impressed with this as a bait. We boated 2 keeper flatties. One at 57cm which fell to a fresh yakka head. Had a seriously powerful hook up on tailor fillets that put a nice bend in the rod with lots of head shakes and a few good solid runs before the paternoster rig was bit clean through - snapper?, shark? we'll never know. Lost a few sinkers and rigs to the leatheries so we upped anchor and drifted a bit for zero before moving to the 60m mark. Found nothing but juvenile flatties there. Had zero keepers on the SPs this trip - infact all the SPs were demolished by leather jacket bites - it's as if the SPs were attracting the leatheries. Has anyone had luck with flatties lately? So by about 9am Saad was suffering big time and had retired to the cabin. Joseph was keen to push out so we set a course for the FAD. I had not heard of any pelagic activity so was not very confident we'd find anything - guess that made me a bit lazy and rather then get the game rods out I laid out a spread of 6in skirts on the bottom bashing rods - thinking 40lb braid with 50lb leader on Penn 950s would easily handle a bonnie, or dolly that we might encounter. Well bugger me, 1km SW of the FAD the shotgun Pakula pinky went off. A look over my shoulder and there was a solid stripey tail walking. Got Joseph onto the rod (who the hell gets to tangle with a marlin on their first trip offshore…seriously!). Anyway, 3-4min into the play the leader broke - bye stripey and along with it my favourite lure. Lesson learnt - expect the unexpected !!! Anyway, rest of the day was filled with trolling runs past the FAD, with lots of learning for a new crew, another good hookup with what I estimate to be a 1m+ dollie that gave us a few aerials before throwing the hook - we were a bit slow on the rod for that one. But finally we hooked and landed a keeper dollie around (62cm) so the boys did get to go home with something. I put together a short video for the new crew - there's lots of boating action and unfortunately very little views of the fish but your welcome to skim through it. I'm seriously reconsidering where to best mount my GoPro . Cheers Zoran PS - not sure if this should go in the GameFishing section or here ... its got a bit of both I guess.
  11. zmk1962

    Reds again

    Way to go Rick ! Droolin’ 😀 Cheers Zoran
  12. zmk1962

    New Extra Long Ramp at Shoal Bay???

    Yes yes nice consumption figure.... not sure why they are Etecs (seems you guys should call them oooh-ahhh-Tecs) .... would you have any idea of how many kms you covered? For comparison my 200HP EFI Merc, last Sunday Parsley Bay-50-60m flathead grounds-FAD-trolling-Parsley Bay ... over 100km covered, used around 100L according to gauge. We trolled at 1700rpm (12km/h), and punched back from offshore at up to 50km/h (4400-4800rpm), in the river 60+km/h(5100rpm). So I'm still pretty happy with the black growl...but it doesn't have the torque to park the boat half way up the road ! Cheers Z
  13. zmk1962

    Port Stephens- The longtail are on!!!

    Very Very nice. Hopefully I can get out and chase some this year... Cheers Zoran
  14. zmk1962

    New Extra Long Ramp at Shoal Bay???

    Yup ... would really be a crap end to the day ... so shiny too 😪 You guys are always advocating how much torque the eTecs push out ... guess he over-revved her coming up to the trailer .... darn that eTec ! Cheers Zoran
  15. zmk1962

    Mobile Marine/Auto Electrician

    PM sent. Agree with PaddyT... sounds like a fuse or circuit breaker or even faulty isolator switch. Cheers Z
  16. zmk1962

    Port hacking today.

    Good job getting out on the water especially with the family Fabian ... the fish are a bonus ! Cheers Zoran
  17. Wow that's a nice detailed reply @Captain Spanner.... I have learnt a fair bit from that. I find a headlamp useful loading the boat at night or hooking up the trailer etc. For that I use a Bunnings Energizer (<$10) head lamp... runs on 3 AAA batteries. Has 10W white LED and a 5W red LED mode to preserve night vision. Regarding range the 10W white LED would easily do 10-20m but I reckon it would still upset BAZ ( @Berleyguts ) even at 300m. So can we count that as having 300m range? Cheers Zoran
  18. zmk1962

    Almost Stripey Sunday 7.4.19

    Hahaha... yes he did. You can see in the video every time the reel screamed he was out of the cabin - strange how a bent rod is better than a Travacalm. Cheers Zoran
  19. zmk1962

    Tuesday Dollie trip

    Well done and great report. .. it's an awesome feeling when you have a FAD all to yourself even if only for a while eh? ... but then as Raiders we don't mind sharing especially with another Raider. You are both going to have quite a few chews-days from those catches ! Cheers Zoran
  20. zmk1962


    Love it ! - chooseday it is !! Awesome catch. But after that catch I think you misspelled CHEWSDAY ! Cheers Zoran
  21. Good advice for manual anchoring @PaddyT .. With an anchor winch, we run with anchors fitted and pulled up into the bow rollers ready to release/drop. However, if the anchor is not heavy enough, when you press down (or release in free fall setup), then as the drum unwinds the anchor does not have enough weight to pull the chain and rode out and you get an over run tangle (just like with an overhead reel). @vcreation was recommending an approach with his drum winch reef pick set up where he uses speed and momentum to help launch his light reef pick. I've suggested some alternatives without reverting back to manual anchoring. Cheers Zoran
  22. zmk1962

    Almost Stripey Sunday 7.4.19

    Yup ... Uzi's are still in production (and I have other colours)... just the "pinky" skirts are not. There are colours that are close... but no more "pinky". Pete said it was not a popular colour .... bugger me... it's the one that has consistently produced for me. Just show's how varied experiences can be ! Cheers Z
  23. Hi @vcreation I agree 100% with your description of the problems with anchor choice and drum winch use. But like @shakey55 I am concerned about the safety aspect of your solution. Also, it could be quite disruptive to other anglers or boaters anchored in the area if someone comes charging at speed and hits reverse. I too have a drum winch and have tackled the problem(s) in the following ways : 1) Like you, I could not see the value in paying $200+ for an anchor that could be lost. So I had to fall back to using a reef pick and a sand/mud anchor (danforth in my case). But to do this I had to solve how to change anchors easily, without tools, with cold wet fingers etc. I came up with the approach as shown in the pictures, basically two back to back snap shackles - It's now literally a snap to change to use the best suited anchor. 2) Regarding release of anchor. The danforth has no issue with my bowsprit design and has enough weight forward to pull the chain out - just like a SARKA. Because of that ease of use this is the anchor that is fitted most of the time for me. You will notice on that anchor I have swaged a 5mm s/s cable that connects to the front of the anchor and at the back I use electrical wire to secure the cable and anchor. If the anchor snags - driving over the anchor will change the direction of pull and will break the electrical cable connection and pull the anchor up by the front. So this has worked for me even on snaggy ground like Sydney heads. I have 4 spare electrical cable lengths cut and ready near the bow to retie the s/s cable to the anchor if I need to. I only use the reef pick if I know I am going to anchor over a reef !!! Like you, I did find the reef pick to light at the front to draw the chain out. So since the above photos were taken, I have fitted a large cast iron weight to the front (where the prongs are bent) and that has solved the problem. It does stick out a bit more and its really necessary as actually that's what creates the leverage to draw the chain out. Not sure why you have an issue with that?? (BTW the sarka or danforth stick out as well). Anyway, hope this helps with some of your thinking on this topic. Cheers Zoran
  24. zmk1962

    Almost Stripey Sunday 7.4.19

    Yup makes sense to go lighter (70lb) on the livies - you want them to be natural free swimming as much as possible. Yeah... I actually contacted Pakula yesterday and they immediately identified it and said they stopped production of the Uzi "pinky" in 1990 !!! I know I bought it around 1997 when I started the off shore thing. Holy crap didn't realise that lure and I went back that far. It's had the leader and tackle part changed over the years but has taken marlin, dollies, kings, salmon, bonnies and tailor .... boo hoo hoo. RIP "pinky" : Re GoPro. Yes the centre rail would be ideal. If I mount under the hard top I'd still capture the deck action but I am worried about the head clearance for my taller friends - especially on choppy or bumpy seas. If I mount ontop of hardtop inbetween rocket launchers then I will get a great view behind but may miss the deck action. I'll just have to trial mount and experiment.... oh dear there's another reason to head out on the water - what a bummer eh! Cheers Z
  25. There were yakkas in the mix but the ones we landed were the bigger variety 25-30cm... about the same size as the tailor. It had me stumped as well. What also has me stumped is that the tailor school was still there 3 days later when I went out on Sunday... beat's me .... we stopped feeding them when we left the first time ! 😂 Thanks so much @big Neil, I just write them up as they happen. Sometimes we get great results and sometimes nothing. But if you think about it, any day on the water with a bunch of mates is FANTASTIC. I've travelled to many parts of the world and truly appreciate how much of a paradise we live in... so yeah life's good .... and too bloody short! - a good friend once told me "you're a long time dead" ..... that inspired me to live each day as best as I can. Cheers Z