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  1. zmk1962

    Holidays end

    Hahaha. Now that’s what I call really North given it’s their summer now. Nice report ... the flatties are delish Cheers Zoran
  2. zmk1962

    Quick Flathead sesh

    Doesn’t get much better than that: fishing instead of work, bagged out instead of zero in bag, got to play hero .... and back home before 5pm. What’s planned for tomorrow Superman? cheers Zoran
  3. zmk1962

    Electrical problem

    Hahaha.... but I think Geoff has lost spark on this topic ... it no longer “sparks joy”. Cheers Z
  4. zmk1962

    Birthday boy

    Top fish. Bet he learnt more on this trip than the missed day of school. I often took my daughters on extra curricular adventures. Top effort! Cheers Zoran
  5. zmk1962

    Electrical problem

    Hi Geoff ( @garfield28 ) .... how did all this end .... did you get it sorted? Cheers Z
  6. zmk1962

    Central coast blackies

    Great job... and nice feed. Not a good weekend forecast for rock fishing....
  7. zmk1962

    Dual battery set up.

    Fully appreciate what your saying @Formosan especially if the main objective is to keep both batteries fully charged with minimum manual intervention. But there are several types of VSRs out there, some just manage keeping both batteries charged, others also allow you to isolate your circuits so the electronics and motor run off different batteries. Also VSRs can be installed with or without isolation switches and you may actually need to add isolation switches in your VSR set up to protect your self from certain failures. So I don't feel comfortable to say the answer is VSR without fully understanding what the problem is. In the end it all comes down to requirements - what electrical devices you plan to run, when and for how long, and what redundancy you need (ie. from what failures you are trying to protect your self). Your power requirements will help determine the optimum choice of battery type and quantity: Start or Deepcycle or Hybrid battery. So list all the devices you plan to run and when they will be running (motors, radio, lights, sounder, anchor winch, bilge, bait pump, deck wash, minn kota etc) Your redundancy requirements will help determine the optimum wiring configuration (with or without VSR). So list out the key electrical issues you are trying to protect yourself from (flat battery, dead battery, etc) and how quickly you need to recover from that issue. Your understanding of the limitations of your wiring set up will drive you to decide if you are comfortable with a manual set up or want to invest in an automated set up. I can see @dmck is happy with a manual set up as I am - it meets all our requirements. All these considerations were discussed in the previous post I mentioned. Cheers Zoran
  8. zmk1962

    Dual battery set up.

    Hey @Rhys Rowlo and @dmck, You'll probably find this post from 2017 of interest - please read start to end - a few of us covered just about everything there was to discuss regarding dual batteries and VSRs .... Cheers Zoran
  9. Hey Raider Amigos, It's been a long time since my last fishing report way back in April....and apologies this one is a belated report from Fishy Friday 26.7.2019 .. but that's all I've got to contribute. Anyway work and life issues cleared enough to get out for a fish and with the weather being kind my good mate Wayne and I headed out to try some new grounds away from my regular Broken Bay haunts. Armed with a few hot tips (thanks Sam), we launched from Roseville and hit the reefs off Manly and DY. Bait: Salted pilles and tailor fillets Rigs: One rod each with a paternoster and another each with "the hybrid" rig Sam spoke about in previous reports. We moved frequently and were plagued by jackets that took their toll on gear... but ended the day with 7 decent flatties, 1 pannie snapper, 1 jacket, 1 gummy shark and a massive banjo. All the bigger fish were landed on "the hybrid". A rather mixed bag from a top day on the water - but enough there for a few feeds and lotsa smiles. 😀😁 Cheers Zoran BARRYCUDA finally saw water after months on the drive way !!! Look at that calm sea ! And a catch to boot !
  10. Continuing the picture story ..... Re-assembly complete: Having fixed the rear posts, I decided to strengthen the other cross members and welded up a few straps. .... and after some cleanup and more cold gal I u-bolted them on for good measure... ...if anything that should help with peace of mind. Hope this helps someone. Cheers Zoran
  11. Another guitarist - ola! I'll keep an ear out for anyone that's looking Frank. Personally I have more than a dozen so really can't justify another at this time....although my heart is already trying to.... But seriously mate, are you sure you want to part with it? Get that 6string out - nothing better then to kick back on the veranda with the guitar and a scotch & ice after a days fishing. Also, thanks for the tip re the straps - I viewed it to be the same as how the trailer frame sits on the angle iron that ubolts the twin bogey wheel chassis to the frame. I wash that area with copious quantity of low pressure fresh water to dissolve the salt away. I'll just do the same with the xmember straps. Theres a bit of a gap and weep holes as well to help with the water egress. Cheers Z
  12. zmk1962

    Finally a Fishy Friday 26.7.2019

    Sure is great ! ... and one day it will be FANTASTIC when I actually get up to Port Stephens to catch a real fish! Maybe you can teach me a thing or three .....Hahaha. Cheers Z
  13. zmk1962

    Finally a Fishy Friday 26.7.2019

    SURE ... especially if you could explain "Aorangi" ! hybrid - extended single loop paternoster - accredited to Sam ( @GoingFishing ) .... Cheers Z
  14. zmk1962

    Finally a Fishy Friday 26.7.2019

    Couldn't agree more Jason .... they were even better for me after a 3mth dry spell ! Hey Antony - yeah likewise we need to do a session out soon. Re Gummy, I haven't had a chew as yet, but all the reports are they they are excellent flake. Two fillets (990g each) came of that gummy. So my buddy and I each have about a kilo to play with and try in various ways. Will let you know. Thanks so much Donna ! Cheers Z
  15. Hey thanks for missing me Frank ! I retired to focus on family and fishing but then life got very busy - I started a consulting company to keep the brain going, began working as the GM of a software startup, my dear wife (best fishing buddy ever) was diagnosed with hashimotos - so we've been chasing down treatments), our 14yr old maltese shitzu got sick and had to have hernia operation etc etc etc ... hahaha. Re my workshop - thats the tidy part - it's my haven and I'm a bit of a Tim-the-tool man ... you can never have enough tools, fishing rods or guitars. Cheers Zoran
  16. zmk1962

    A Strange Day Out at Bellambi

    Great catch and report Sam ! As the song goes "Some days are diamonds, some days are stones" ... yours may have started as a stone, but sure turned out diamonds. Cheers Zoran
  17. zmk1962

    Port Stephens- Last snapper report???

    Just bewdiful .... leaves me droolin'. Cheers Zoran
  18. zmk1962

    Impellor stopped.

    Just caught up on this thread... what a bummer Fab. Glad its all fixed now. I can now imagine you standing at the counter ordering the next one with your micrometer in hand 🤓😂. BTW, the dud one probably worked on the water as the lower leg was deeply submerged and hence effectively only had to lift water up from the surface of the water to the motor and tell tail. On dry land it had to pump from the lower leg up to the motor and hence has to develop a lot more head to lift the water that high. That small variation in dimensions made all the difference in generating that head. Maybe that impeller was a one of defect or wrongly packaged at the factory. I recently ordered an M10x1.0 die. The die came stamped as M10x1.0. I cut a thread with it and the M10 nut just slipped straight over the thread. Hmmm. Checked the thread and the diameter was 0.3mm smaller than an M10 bolt. Turns out the die was cutting a 3/8UNF24 thread, but was stamped M10x1.0. The stamping is the last part of the manufacturing process.... so how the hell did the UNF die get in the Metric stamping line? Shit happens I guess. Cheers Zoran
  19. Hey Raiders, As per my last few posts, I may not have been getting out on the briny much due to being too busy ... but that does not mean I didn't poke around the boat or the trailer in the drive way ! I have been keeping an eye on the two trailer posts that support the rear wobble roller bogeys as they were showing signs of internal rust coming through the gal way more than any other part of the trailer. It always concerned me that these were not manufactured with weep holes and so could never really be flushed with fresh water. Anyway with fishing being off the radar for some time, I took the opportunity to draw up schematics of the posts and had a buddy in the metal business fabricate replacement ones. The big issue though was how to replace the posts while the trailer was dry - so that when I removed the old post I could also clean up the trailer cross members and add a decent coat of cold gal.... so floating the 2.5T boat off at the ramp was not an option ! So after a bit of thinking, talking to folks like Frank, some research and some drinking - I decided on the strategy below. The pictures tell the story. Hopefully this is helpful for others that may be pondering on how to do the same. Picture of the problem riser posts with rust clearly showing through: The replacement posts - with weep holes: So it turns out if you drop the front of the trailer - the back rises .... and you can chock the stern: Then jack the front of the trailer until the hull is off the rear rollers. Choose a strong cross member near the bow to minimise any trailer flex. The wood chock was added for safety so that I did not rely on the jack: Rollers are free ! Cleanup and cold gal underway: To be continued due to picture size limit ...... Cheers Zoran
  20. zmk1962

    Gemfish at Browns

    Nice ! Glad to hear they are out there.
  21. zmk1962

    Electrical problem

    Geoff, this sounds more and more like its the issue I described above. Your radio is missing a negative connection to the battery you have selected to run from. But to absolutely diagnose this could you please: confirm if the negative (usually black wire) from the fuse block is attached to just one battery or both? confirm if you have a cable connecting the negative terminal of battery 1, to the negative terminal of battery 2. As a minimum, this cable should be the same thickness as the negative cable that comes from your motor - it has to carry the current load at starting. As @dmck said above, have you tried kicking over the motor with switch at 1, 2 or both. If the motor negative cable is only connected to one battery, and you do not have both battery negative terminals cross connected then your motor will work from one battery and both but not from the other. @dmck you are asking very valid questions that would help identify additional wiring issues - thanks. Cheers Z
  22. zmk1962

    Electrical problem

    Hey Geoff and HEY RAIDERS - apologies it's been a long time between posts for me - work / life have kept me way too busy .... Sam called out to me in on this one so here's my attempt. Geoff, from what you describe I suspect you have at least two problems in the wiring. As background information, radios are prone to static from running motors, bilge pumps etc and one way of minimising that is to separate radio wiring from the other stuff by hard wiring the radio positive and negative supply directly to the battery terminals. So if you previously had only one battery it may have been wired that way especially if there was no suppressor installed in the circuit. If you then replaced your circuit wire for wire, but introduced another battery and the battery switch, you may well have ended up with the radio positive attached to one battery and with no negative wire connection from the radio back to that same battery. Let my try and explain with the diagram below which shows a typical 2 battery wiring set up: Battery switch 2 = STBD, Battery switch 1 = PORT, NOTE the green connection between the batteries negative terminals - do you have that cross connection in your new wiring?? You would recreate the radio on/off behaviour that you are observing, if : you are missing the negative cross connection joining the two batteries negatives. In that case the fuse panel negative is really only connected to one battery negative, and the radio is hard wired to run off the positive of the other battery. To complete a circuit the radio positive and negative must somehow connect back to the positive and negative of the same battery. Here is the logic: 1. Assume Negative to fuse block (distribution panel) comes from STBD battery 2 as shown in the diagram (green arrow down), and also assume there is no cross connection to PORT battery 1 negative (and hence no negative to the fuse block from the PORT battery 1). 2. Assume Radio is hard wired to PORT battery positive or to switch pole marked 1. 3. When you switch to STBD battery 2 , the radio has positive from 1 but no negative from battery 1 does not work. 4. When you switch to PORT battery 1 , the radio has positive from 1 but no negative from battery 1 does not work. 5. When you switch to BOTH, the radio has positive from 1 connected to positive 2 AND the negative from battery 2 hence it completes the circuit with battery 2 and works ! ----------------------------- Now that leaves the question of why do the lights and the other stuff work? I can't see in your original description above how you have connected the negative wires for all of those devices. Did you replace all the negative wires with one thick negative from the battery to the fuse box? If not, and you replaced wire for wire, I suspect as they head back some of the wires connect to one battery and some to the other - and somewhere in between they are cross connected (maybe daisy chained off a device negative terminal). This would explain why these devices work, but it may be problematic as the cross connection may be through a very thin wire which is carrying the combined current flow when you are running off that specific battery. I also suspect the radio's negative was kept out of this connection to keep it isolated as per the original wiring but now you have connected this wire to a point which only takes negative supply from one battery. Could you please confirm, 1) if you have the battery negative terminals cross connected and 2) if you replaced all the negatives with one larger diameter cable or wire for wire where they stood.. Also I would recommend you draw up a sketch of how your positive wires run from each device (light, radio, bilge etc) back through the fuse box , through the switch to the batteries. And the same for the negative wires (negatives should be easier as they do not have fuses or go through switches). You are looking to make sure that each device has a positive and negative path back to the same battery you are selecting to run from. Anyway, bit of a long rambling answer late at night but hope this helps. Cheers Zoran
  23. zmk1962

    New Extra Long Ramp at Shoal Bay???

    You can't complain about those stats... would bring smiles at the bowser for sure.... Cheers Z
  24. zmk1962

    Off Sydney today

    Mate smiles all around on that effort. Top report and top catch ! Glad you got out there - your dad and his mate must be chuffed to have their own charter boat at the ready.... hahaha. Cheers Zoran
  25. zmk1962

    Sydney Kings on Thursday

    Nice report. Glad to hear Kong’s are still about. I tend to pack and go when seals appear- always fun to watch - except when fishing! Cheers Zoran