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    Outboard Size

    ....and that's why marketing choses a HP rating for the motor vs the true MAX capability of the motor .... so they get max applicability to hull manufacturers. .. the motor manufacturers stay within their justification that the motor can be rated as a 150HP and the hull manufacturers are comfy it meets the hull load rating. Cheers Zoran
  2. zmk1962

    Outboard Size

    I suspect it's something like a Jeaneau ... @MerryFisher has one at around the 6m mark thats rated for a 115hp. He does well with that. I saw one 7m Jeanneau demo at the 2017 boat show with a 150HP Merc on the back. Having said that and based on my experience, choosing an outboard is less to do with the single HP rating that has been assigned to a motor and more to do with what torque output that motor produces between idle and 5252rpm. As per my recent experience repowering my boat from a 200HP 2str to a 150HP 4str resulting in better performance and fuel economy up to 70km/h....i
  3. See if you can pick up some ideas from these posts... cheers Zoran
  4. hahaha .... 🀣 ... and old electricians never die .. they just lose their contacts ! Cheers Z
  5. Hmmm not sure as I don't know the specs on that one. I just look to see if it says it can be used for welding fumes ... I use disposable ones - pick them up at hardware stores in the welding section ... they look something like this in different colours: Cheers Zoran
  6. This is a great educational intro on changing a 2stroke head gasket: But I’m still skeptical how you are getting 120psi per cyl (good reading) with a blown head gasket. The cyl pressure would leak into the water chambers if the gasket was compromised. The water system runs at very low pressure compared to the cylinders. If we believe the pressure test - that to my knowledge indicates a good gasket and no cracks in the head. Happy to be corrected here. But the water got in from somewhere. I would double check the fuel, oil and air intake system for water. Drain all
  7. Interesting .... so did the mech say how the water is getting in the lower cylinder? Where is the head compromised for water to get in, without leaking pressure? Do you have a water separation fuel filter installed between the tank and motor? Have you checked if its full of water? Have you checked for water in fuel? Water in carbie? I also came across this reading engine posts and noted it down in my files: "check your oil tank.... 40 hp recently had water in bottom cylinder it came from the cap on the cowl leaking water into the oil tank and from there into crankcase, in particula
  8. May just be me, but with those replies I get the feeling he knew about it ... Did he give you a service history or any paper work? Did he make any representations in writing that the motor was good etc. Even then, if its a private sale, I think you are up for a civil suit to try and claim any compensation ... personally I don't think there is much you can do. Paying a mechanic to check a 2nd hand motor before you put money down is the way to go - a cylinder pressure test would tell a fair bit about the state of the motor and would have picked up the problem you have found. I know e
  9. Any recourse with the previous owner ? You mentioned it was a very recent purchase. Cheers Zoran
  10. Did you turn kill switch off? cheers Zoran
  11. Or if the rollers are silicon (not rubber) occasionally spray some RP7 or Inox into rollers and onto spindles. Cheers Zoran
  12. I do it infrequently and tend to pour a lot in one go as I find there is a fair bit of prep and set up - so that way I get maximum bang for invested time. Last pour was in 2017 and I made over 20kg of sinkers. Still have about 1/3 of that stockpiled... but I have been chatting to @Welster regarding the next pour. From my experience, there's a couple of things to consider when you chose a smelting pot apart from the construction material. The main thing is: how much lead do you plan to melt? and how many sinkers and what size do you plan to make? That will determine how big a pot you
  13. Oh man. ....looked like a great day on the water- experienced boatie doing it solo with everything under control... but that ending πŸ˜‚ Dave I swear I was laughing with you not at you.... and right at the end - just for a moment I thought you were going to say the stainless shackle snapped πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ glad you didn’t damage yourself ! cheers and thanks for sharing cheers Zoran
  14. Re brand ... I can only comment on their "higher" end stuff... Remember Diawa are largely a wholesaler - and under Aus consumer law, your first port of call regarding warranty issues is the point of sale - the vendor. In my case, I purchased a Daiwa Tanacom 1000 electric reel ... the vendor could not get stock due to the Tsunami in japan delaying shipment to Aus. The vendor worked with Diawa and they came to the party and shipped me a Tanacom Bull 1000 for no additional cost. That told me they stood behind their sellers and their product and their customers when it counted.
  15. Hmmmm. Thanks @PaddyT ... so I took your advice and had a look at the Pakula site .... https://www.pakula.com/btl/ch-10-boat-setup/outriggers.html ... low and behold ... they have this thing called a SHOTGUN POLE .... wow. The concept is identical to my Shotgun Rigger except that I mount mine in rocket launchers and theirs seems to be a dedicated fixture on the hardtop - like outriggers are on the sides ! So that just tells me my concept is a feasible and workable implementation - just happens to be a DIY retrofit effort that perhaps others can adopt - versus a manufactured sto
  16. Bahaha.... there's a lot of incentive to get it right ! Cheers Zoran
  17. Thanks KC. The gremlins were about that day - Both GoPros had SD card errors !!! cheers Zoran
  18. I found my retirement job ! Cheers Zoran
  19. I’m paying $89 for 45kg bottle delivered. That works for me. cheers Zoran
  20. I have solar installed. You can't run your Electric hot water on your solar electric circuit and off peak circuit at the same time. It's one or the other. Cheers Zoran
  21. OUCH ! Sounds expensive in ANY language. I guess I'll wait for the pictures to surface on social media. Cheers Zoran
  22. Live jigging ? .... I saw him pull his pants up ... wonder if he had to change his .....
  23. Hahaha ... yes ... there's lots of sites that give you their theory, but theory with some experience and local knowledge is GOLD πŸ₯‡. ... and as you now know, lots of videos show you deep drop techniques but they tend to focus on the catching part ... not the fishing part ! Bahahaha 🀣 Anyway, I can get similar line tension to when we deep drop, but what I can't get is for the line to be wet when spooled under load. I guess I could soak the spool in a bucket over night etc etc ... but have not gone that far yet. Also, braid ships with waxes and coatings (part of the manufacture proce
  24. πŸ€” hmmm .... if it's all been written before then why does a site like Fishraider prosper ??? Cheers Zoran
  25. zmk1962

    new toy

    Nice. Love your forward planning Frank ! cheers Zoran
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