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  1. Definitely Georges River. It's going off ATM...
  2. Definitely a Georges River Spot X King looking at that colouring
  3. 38cm Trev on an unbaited setup... Surely that's a raider record! As always, nice work mate. I wonder what would happen to the gazebo and the guys underneath if the wind picked up? :/
  4. Awesome mixed bag Chao, that red looks delicious!
  5. A good place to start is your terminal tackle.... Go lighter, and try to ensure your hook is complete covered by your bait. Good quality monofilament leader in less than 10lb is a great start. Bait wise try and avoid servo prawns and go for freshly caught bait or tackle store stuff. It's very unlikely to hit a wharf on Sydney harbour and go home empty handed if you fish sunrise or sunset. Usually favouring Tide changes... Keep at it and good luck!
  6. Thanks for sharing Donna! Boating safety is a much welcomed discussion topic! Hmm Sigma, I would say it might of been that particular officers interpretation of the requirements rather than the exact RMS definition... A chart plotter is defined in multiple online sources as: "A device used in marine navigation that integrates GPS data with an electronic navigational chart (ENC)" which IMHO clearly identifies it as a form of electronic map. Also, For those of us who don't have a GPS combo, the RMS have maps on their site to download or order in waterproof paper here:
  7. I really hope for the coin you shelled out for that setup you find yourself a few monster Hoods this season Jackie!
  8. Recurve any luck on the setup yet? I had a similar desire on a slightly smaller budget...One of our fellow members Chao, gave me a little advice on an entry level setup and have just acquired a Gomoku black paired with a Spheros5000SW... Looking forward to giving it a belting on the weekend!
  9. Good time for everyone to check their epirb! Thanks Scratchie!
  10. Again, I'm fairly green when it comes to this as I'm learning offshore/Outside boating, but aren't they water activated for that very reason?
  11. Would I be wrong in saying that he should of had an Epirb if he was fishing outside? Ditto Cargo05 in saying lifejackets are a must in smaller boats. Very lucky to be going home to his family, it could have very easily been a different outcome.
  12. 20lb??? Mate you're losing the finesse... May as well of skull dragged him in on full lock bro. We're overdue for a sesh!
  13. 10lb? Comeon man, lets not skull drag them in aye? haha Nice feed bruv
  14. Certain Slide bait rigs are designed to prevent swim-back, provided you setup your sinker leader to be lighter than your main leader, you will at worst, loose your lead. Good luck mate.
  15. Average of 50cm! What a great session... The only time I've found them thick they were all sub 40cm... Glad you filled the freezer for the cooler months!