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  1. Nice work! I always fish Botany Bay but this makes me want to go out in the Hacking! You guys are cleaning up there - keep it up??
  2. That's an awesome session!! I bet on the days you said were sh1t you still managed more then most people do on a normal persons "good day"... Haha. Nice work - inspiring stuff, makes me want to take the boat out!
  3. They said it was a tiger shark on fox news this morning... Looks like a great white to me
  4. Thanks, I always put out divers, might mix it up next time!
  5. Hi mate, the dimensions of the baseplate I have are - 145mm x 130mm The 4 screws holding the baseplate down are 65mm apart ie a square with 65mm sides if that makes sense. Sent from my iPhone
  6. Hi ognum, I have one on my boat. If you search this site for a thread called 'polycraft info' there are a few pictures of one on my boat. I will measure the baseplate dimensions and post this afternoon. Cheers, Sean
  7. Thanks for the info Dave, I will definitely get a heat gun for repairs in the future.
  8. Hi all, I have just picked up a 2nd hand polycraft 455 frontrunner and i'm about to start fitting it out. I have a couple of questions and it would be great if anyone who has worked on these boats could help me out. 1st question is regarding screwing into the plastic - do you drill a pilot hole first? or can you just screw straight into it? my guess would be to drill small pilot hole and use a screw with a high gauge? 2nd question - when screwing something onto the outer shell (bilge for live bait tank) do you need to use any sealant? or is the screw already watertight? 3rd question relates to the photos - i already had this downrigger from my old boat. Does the mounting location look OK? it's the only place i can think of putting it without removing the rails. The downrigger can be removed as there is a seperate mounting plate so i will still be able to access the fuel cap. Will screws be strong enough to hold it? Cheers, Sean
  9. Thanks all, Looks like VHF is the way to go then.
  10. Hi all, I have just picked up a 2nd hand 455 Polycraft Frontrunner. I am in the process of starting to customize it to my likings - It had a 27mhz radio installed but didn't work. I have removed the radio and am unsure weather to replace it with another 27mhz or go with a VHF? Things to consider: - Boat will mainly be used in Botany Bay and inshore surrounding areas, but i do plan on venturing a little further out in the future (wouldn't be very often) when the conditions are right (nothing silly though) - As far as i am aware you need to do a course to be qualified to use a VHF radio but not to use a 27mhz? Look forward to hearing anyone's opinions. Cheers, Sean
  11. Thanks Huey, I will give the q bond a go
  12. Thanks very much for the reply. I am assuming you need to take the lower cover off before gluing? Is it hard to take this off? Would getting it fibre glasses be an option? I only just got the motor and would like to get it fixed as best possible. Really appreciate the help
  13. Hi all, i have just noticed a big crack/split in the lower engine cover of my etec. It is a 60hp 2005 model. Can anyone offer any advise on how to fix it or how to go about getting it repaired? Cheers, Sean
  14. Your battery might not of been flat - sometimes mine doesn't turn on and I need to open the back and take the battery in/out then it starts up fine.
  15. From aus fishmarket website - Price Medium priced. To Buy Usually sold whole, though fishmongers will fillet it upon request; also sometimes available as sashimi. In whole fish look for lustrous skin, firm flesh, and a pleasant, fresh sea smell; flesh should be pale reddish (pale pink to white in Leaping Bonito), firm, lustrous and moist without any dull brown markings or oozing water. Always buy sashimi-grade fish if it is to be served raw or rare. To Cook Average yield is 70-75%. Has a delicate flavour, medium oiliness and moist soft flesh, which quickly becomes dry if overcooked. The cooked flesh turns brownish-grey and breaks into large flakes; there are very few bones to worry about. Cut thick fillets into serving-size portions to allow even heat penetration. Most people prefer to remove the dark bloodline before cooking. Next time you catch one try it and decide for yourself. If you don't like them use for bait or throw them back in future!!