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  1. big Neil

    Botany tailor

    A very good report mate. Great fun catching tailor, especially on lightish gear. bn
  2. big Neil

    Port Stephens Raiders Meet

    Hi Scratchie and other participants. I can't make the trip, although I would have loved to. I will try to keep abreast of your progress via the Fishraider site. I hope that you all have a very successful gathering and get among the fish. I'm sure that many of you will. Keep safe and don't take any unnecessary risks. I hope that all of your efforts are acknowledged Scratchie, you have worked hard to provide your fellow Raiders with every chance of scoring. Good luck to you all, bn
  3. big Neil

    Long weekend Lake Mac, PB bycatch

    What a great report NP...I really enjoyed reading the details and viewing your pics. You managed a great feed, some terrific banter and even released the big breeders. Top marks...alas you lose what would have been a perfect score by fessing up to the socks and thongs. Such is life, bn
  4. big Neil

    My first jewie

    Wow Toby. You must really know what you're doing to catch those treasures. Could I suggest that you include a write -up so that we can all share a bit more of your adventure and subsequent success? Top job! bn
  5. big Neil

    Sydney Kings crazy this late in the season

    Thanks for the report and pics Pickles. Great to see young folk following in the footsteps and getting among the fish too. Top stuff, bn
  6. big Neil

    Winter Fishing Tips

    It would be great Frank but I can't leave the better half for that long. However, we are heading (flying) to Sydney between 27th June and July 1st for a family reunion. Will be staying in Queenscliffe at a cousins place. Will let you know if I can sneak away for a fish somewhere. I hope that you have a great time and catch some fish. Will look forward to reading the posts when it's all over. Should be great fun, eh? Cheers, Neil
  7. big Neil

    Winter Fishing Tips

    True Yowie. Hanging in to see if the warmer months bring an improvement. I guess one of the bigger problems is that motivation becomes an issue too. So many months being unable to use the boat because of the shallow water tends to dampen the spirits somewhat. I need a trip somewhere and SOON. Cheers, bn
  8. big Neil

    Winter Fishing Tips

    Good topic GF, sure to create a bit of interest among those who pursue their sport year round and those who sit on the bench. Under normal circumstances, I would be out in my tinnie chasing down Murray Cod throughout the Winter...something that takes a lot of effort and often slight reward. Spring brings breeding time for the Cod and Summer usually sees them fired up and hungry. However, this season, which started way back on Dec 1st, 2018, has been the absolute worst on record for my region, where the weirs impact highly on the fishing. Overall low water and crystal clear conditions have seen me develop a "why bother" attitude. Not a good attitude to develop, but like all anglers, patience is a virtue and optimism is improving. At times like these, I would often fall back on some quality Carp fishing but it too has been very poor. It's not that the fish aren't there but that they are shut down most of the time when such conditions are prevalent. Anyway, a good topic and I'll look forward to reading the replies until I can get back in the swing of things again. Cheers, bn
  9. big Neil


    Hi Col. Hope that you soon get the hang of the new vessel and start to post some reports of your successes. Say hi to Cargo5 from me when you catch up next. We used to share a lot of communication down the track. Haven't been fishing much myself recently for one reason or another...not good for the mental stability, I can tell you. Good luck on the water. bn
  10. G'day Neil

    I haven't been on the forum for a long time. How have you been going? Catching any fish?




  11. big Neil

    Sydney Fishing Lures

    Hi Josh. Pay attention to what Derek tells you. He has a massive amount of knowledge which stems from his own trial and error method of targeting various species. He is an excellent tutor, very patient and forthcoming with information. Good luck with your pursuit. Cheers, bn
  12. big Neil

    Jyndabine lake trolling

    Thanks for the very detailed report. Never ceases to amaze me that (particularly freshwater) there's nothing happening for ages and then it's like somebody throws the switch! Great trip. bn
  13. big Neil

    Janis zander season is open.

    Good to see that your new technology is helping you to catch the fish Jani. Are the Zander good to eat? What is your pb Pike? Looking forward to some more reports. Cheers, bn
  14. Thanks for sharing your experience Pete. A fine bit of angling skill demonstrated for your audience. Top job, bn
  15. big Neil

    Carp widespread?

    Thanks for all the feedback folks. Certainly appears that they are as widespread as the Common Carp. Have to admit to being a bit surprised but maybe I shouldn't be. Cheers, bn