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  1. big Neil

    Navigation lights

    Hi Fab1 how u doing? It can be fairly limiting finding ideal places to position navigation lights, can't it? The port/starboard lights have to have 135 degree visibility from the bow to the stern centre line and the white light 360 degree visibility. In my tinnie, if I stand up on my casting deck it would need to be about 7 feet above the boat. Such a place doesn't exist so I've compromised by having it visible when I'm seated. Hardly ever use them anyway (only at the dams). I guess if I was fishing regularly in Sydney Harbour, it would be essential to have them fitted correctly. Cheers, bn
  2. big Neil

    Mixed Catch Offshore and Inside

    Good to hear your story Brian. Sounds like your life is where you need it to be. Great results. That red fish is a weird looking critter, for sure. Cheers, bn
  3. big Neil

    Bought my first boat! Cant wait to hit the water!

    No stopping you now mate. Just remember...If it looks risky, don't do it. Will look forward to reading your posts down the track. Cheers, bn
  4. big Neil

    Contact information

    I am heading to Sydney this weekend and will be unable to use my PC from early Saturday. Can I ask anybody who wants to contact me to use my mobile phone, please? I hope the weather is pleasant. 0466853633 Cheers, bn
  5. big Neil

    Carp, Friend or Foe?

    I have heard of them being used as Snapper bait. bn
  6. big Neil

    Carp, Friend or Foe?

    They certainly do Yowie and are still in plague proportions as you would have found out at Nyngan. bn
  7. big Neil

    The role of a man

    Well Zoran, what an interesting video, filled with heaps of information that I obviously already knew. Now I'm not being flippant here. I grew up with the "Mersey Sound" and worked my way through different genres of music (Country, Folk, Classical) to a time where my brain said to me "Stop listening, THIS IS CRAP". I feel blessed that I have been spared from having to stagger onto the Bandwagon which is "modern popular music". Has anybody actually thought "why do these modern female singers have to strip down to their underwear to present a rendition of their usual claptrap?" IT'S BECAUSE THEY CAN'T SING! I really enjoyed your post and everything that you say is absolutely correct. But let's not write off the current generation. Sure they are very different, but it's a very different world today. One thing that has stuck in my mind for my entire life is a statement which my father said to me. He had come back to England after 4 years fighting the Japanese in the Far East, married and myself and 2 brothers were all born within 4 years. No doubt his life was tough and at times he must have wondered whether there was any hope for the future. When my 2 brothers and I were in our teens and we were playing The Beatles latest hit, non -stop, while joining in with our "air guitars", he said, "God help us if we ever have to rely on you lot for our future!" A statement which I'm sure he held true, at the time. Yet here I am many years later, having played my part...having contributed, having made a difference. So that statement taught me a very valuable lesson in life...things change, the world changes and people change, BUT LIFE GOES ON! Cheers, bn
  8. big Neil

    Carp, Friend or Foe?

    They are great fun to catch and put up a good account of themselves. I fish for them a lot and have never used that technique which is used a lot in the UK these days. Bread dough round a 2/0 hook is deadly. Cheers, bn
  9. big Neil

    The role of a man

    That's fantastic Fabian and I'm sure that she will never forget you and all the help which you have provided. Top job you, top job her. Anyway chin up mate. I have a saying which I use a lot... "You can take the horse to the trough, but you can't make it drink". bn
  10. big Neil

    Show us your Luderick floats

    You need a retail outlet Waza mate. Good stuff. bn
  11. big Neil

    The role of a man

    Hi guys! Interesting topic and an accurate representation of modern society. But hey it's not just the males of the species. How many young folks of either gender can do the "handy" things that their parents learned from an early age? Ok, there are the "handy" jobs that have been mentioned, but what about cooking a reasonable meal, budgeting, knowing how to get by without particular things? These are the basics of SURVIVAL. I see these valuable life skills dying, even here in the country...the fundamentals of everyday existence. Younger folk dining out rather than having a go at making something nice for themselves and their friends. Bedrooms that look like the trading floor at Harvey Norman. I could go on, but don't need to. Modern society has changed in Australia. For the better??? Most older people would say not. The reality is that younger people may not be able to do the things that their parents could, but there will always be people who can. Tradies and chefs are there to "bridge the gap"...that's a plus for their prosperity. Every generation critically evaluates the next and compares with themselves. The speed of change is the thing that I have noticed more in my 3 generational lifetime. I cannot imagine what the world will be like in another 3 generations. Nor do I need to. Life will still go on and people will critically analyse others. What I would hope for is that people become LESS self-interested and consider the "big picture" more. Technology is (potentially) a bigger threat to humanity than not knowing how to change a tyre. It has already started to strip bare the communication capabilities of the human race. Once we lose the ability to look each other in the eye, to speak and to listen, to feel each other's needs, we are doomed as a species. Here endeth the first lesson in the "book of life according to Big Neil". Cheers.
  12. big Neil

    Hawkesbury Jew

    Excellent result Toby, great effort buddy. bn
  13. big Neil

    My Camera

    I have a Canon EOS T3 Rebel. Undoubtedly a "useful" camera. Wish I knew how to use it properly though. I don't understand much of the technical stuff because I'm as thick as a plank when it comes to reading "HOW TO" manuals. One has to make do with the best one can do. Cheers, bn
  14. big Neil

    catching the myth

    Thank you so much for helping this old fart out. It was well camouflaged, that's for sure. So how prolific are these things? I've never heard of them. Would they exist in the Murray Darling system? Cheers folks, bn
  15. big Neil

    catching the myth

    Hey Dave. Don't know what I'm looking for in your where is it? bn