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  1. A lot of people don't realise that it is more difficult to manoeuvre a boat onto a trailer than reverse parking a car or backing a trailer. Lots of folk have boat licences but have NEVER done any practical test to demonstrate their competence. Sounds like this skipper was such a person. COSTLY MISTAKE! bn
  2. Great to see you guys reaping the rewards of a lifetime's commitment to jobs, family and Fishraider. Enjoy your travels in safety and good luck with the fishing. bn
  3. Over the past month the Murrumbidgee has had some serious water sent down as the irrigation season commences. The water levels now are good, however it's closed season for Murray Cod and the water is really discoloured anyway. Water temp is still only about 10c. It has been interesting studying the layout of the snags (that are now totally submerged) while we had the drought on. No wonder there are plenty of Cod knocking around when you see their "real estate". Here's a few pictures to whet the appetite of any would be Cod angler. Cheers, bn
  4. A good report Ryder. Good to see that you're still hauling them in. Nice feed in that lot. Cheers, bn
  5. That's a great report Brendon and good advice too. Fishing is like many other sports / hobbies...put more in, get more out. It certainly worked for you, that's for sure. Cheers, bn
  6. Good result Bob and crew. Bit disappointing to hear that they're getting harder to find but that's fishing. bn
  7. additional info. Mine is an older model and is called an Eagle Cuda. I have had no issues with it but don't have high expectations for it either. bn
  8. I have a similar one that just provides the basics. It's ideal for the river where I fish for Murray Cod. The Hook range are pretty much the same. It does depth, water temp shows fish and shows the snags etc. As mentioned make sure you get WHAT FEATURES YOU WANT and worry about the price if it's a problem. Good luck bn
  9. Looks like you're using fairly light gear. What's the gear you're using Bob (or James)? bn
  10. Another great report Bob. How do YOU cook Trevally, I didn't think they were a highly rated table fish? They certainly pull the string well though. Cheers, bn
  11. A good result for a plan B eh? Still hoping to get to Sydney in the not too distant future (once Covid ceases to be an issue). In the meantime I'll try to keep up with all the success that other anglers are having. Cheers, bn
  12. Well done. The river usually performs badly after heavy rain but if you can fish the brackish water where the tidal movement is happening they're usually around in numbers. bn
  13. That's a very nice Luderick Kyle. Well done young fella. bn
  14. Congratulations to Granma and Grandad Swordies and well done to your daughter. She will always remember the "special circumstances" of bringing her first child into the world amid a pandemic. Thankfully everything went well and life will continue, somewhat affected, until you can all get together.. Good luck, hopefully you will all stay safe and manage to get together in the near future. bn
  15. I know exactly how you feel JD. It's been far too long since I landed a fish. Can't ACTUALLY remember when...not unusual for this old fart (remembering things). Anyway mate it's good that you persisted and earned your reward. Got to eat it too (BONUS). Keep at it chucking those soft plastics around, the next fish isn't far away. Cheers, bn
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