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  1. big Neil

    Fish Shop Fish - Cooking Methods

    Hi Jim. An interesting thread which you've started here. Most of you would know that my fishing is predominantly in freshwater where the target species are Yellowbelly and Murray Cod. I seldom take any fish from the waters I use, much preferring to release them for another day. Occasionally though, when numerous folks are gathering for some occasion or other, I will catch a nice 60cm Cod for the table. I have a friend who runs the local fish and chip shop who lightly batters the Cod pieces and deep fries them for me. I buy a heap of chips and people are amazed at how good the Cod tastes. Of course, we all know it's because it's fresh. I wouldn't dream of buying fish which may have been caught many days's just not the same. So Jim, here's my advice. Stop working so hard, go fishing more often. Catch, prepare and eat your own fresh fish. Utilise the skills and capabilities which you have. We only have one shot at the life we live, work will still be there tomorrow. LOL. Cheers mate, bn
  2. big Neil

    Lake Lyell, Lithgow

    I have no experience of this particular water Greg but to add to the sound advice given by Trav. If bait fishing, everything in there will take garden worms or scrub worms. If you wish to target Carp (assuming they are in there) then corn or bread work very well. I usually take 2 slices of bread, wet 1 and blend it with the dry one (in your hands) to form a slightly moist lump. Take a chunk off the lump and hide the hook inside the bait, run a sinker down to about 30 cms from the hook. Carp love it. Good luck. bn
  3. big Neil

    Hawkesbury River Blackfish

    Good to see you back posting some great results from your recent trip guys. Some very nice sized fish there which would have given you both a decent run around. Good pics too, adding to a very readable post. Thanks, bn
  4. big Neil

    weekend overnighter

    Hey Dave thanks for the report. Hard going but a weekend away trying to entice them to bite is always worthwhile. Sharing with your partner is even better. Good on Amy for being persistent and reaping the rewards for her efforts. Lovely pictures as usual Dave, we certainly get to see some wonderful scenery in pursuit of our hobby. Top report, bn
  5. big Neil


    Not entirely relevant to me, but I have completed it anyway. bn
  6. big Neil

    Friday 15th Feb 2019 - Sydney

    Howdy Jim. What an enjoyable read... accompanied by a few pictures to finish off your report. A lovely reward for your efforts too. Hope the Dolly exceeds your expectations (on the plate). Cheers, bn
  7. big Neil

    Spencer Wharf (the one that got away)

    Looks like a great spot to wet a line PK. Maybe trying lighter f/c leader and various hook sizes may help you crack the code and hook up to these elusive fish? Good luck and keep the posts and pics coming. Cheers, bn
  8. big Neil

    Big Murray Cod Tactics

    Thanks for posting your insight into fishing the dams for large Cod Trav. Some very helpful information there which I shall pass on to my mates who fish Burrinjuck Dam. My main fishing (almost entire fishing) is in the Murrumbidgee which is an irrigation supply river where I live. I have to say that I haven't caught any big Cod but am very happy doing what I do...mainly bait fishing and an occasional lure/spinnerbait opportunity, when the river is not running too fast and has enough water in it. I suppose some of the major differences in the dam and river fishing equations are water flow, depth and snag distribution (being much more snaggy in the river environment). Very interesting comments about seeing what the fish may be feeding on. The types of lures which you suggest as effective is much more extensive than I use (mainly trolling with Stumpjumpers or such and casting spinnerbaits and 100mm lures at stumps}. It's thrilling catching them using lures as they hit hard and head for the safety of the snags. Where do you fish when living in Orange? I have fished a few times at Burrendong and have relos in Wellington. If you fancy taking an elderly angler sometime, to teach a few tricks to, send me a pm. Always keen to learn new things... One thing that is common to both of our fishing environments is "put the time in and keep casting". Cheers for passing on your experiences Trav. bn
  9. big Neil

    Port Hacking Friday 8/02/19

    What a great report Ash. Can't believe how much fish costs. We certainly are lucky if we can catch our own and have fun in the process. bn
  10. big Neil


    I sincerely hope that any skipper with little or no experience of boat management skills will watch this and learn what NOT TO DO. bn
  11. big Neil

    weld burn

    Good luck Frank. You definitely deserve to get out on the water and into a few fish. Sending a pm. Neil
  12. big Neil

    Broken Bay Fad 07/02/19

    Well done on ur first report. No doubt we'll be reading about your Marlin success in due course. Cheers, bn
  13. big Neil

    weld burn

    Hope it heals up Frank and you will be up for a spot of fishing in the next few weeks or so. Have a break for a few days and then get back into what you do best. How did you go with your motor? Cheers, bn
  14. big Neil


    That's a good initiative which should have appeal to the boat users on the East Coast. I wonder if it will extend to the areas West of the range? bn
  15. big Neil

    Bloody Hell!!

    Crikey Frank, you're not having any joy whatsoever. If it's not something mechanical, it's the weather. I'm sure you'll be able to fix the problem but make sure you do some thorough tests before heading out with Jon. Good luck mate and keep in touch till next time we manage to catch up. Cheers, bn