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  1. big Neil

    Nice surprise Dollies 1st fad botany

    You've all gotta be really pleased with a day like that. One for the memory bank! Cheers, bn
  2. big Neil

    Tough Day at the Flathead Grounds

    Good onya for taking them out and getting on the fish (eventually). You sometimes never know what that bit of extra perseverance will produce. Good job. bn
  3. big Neil

    Hacking. Bloody hard work!!

    Good to see you getting out on the water Frank. I know you still love your fishing and you need the therapy in your life. Hope you enjoy a nice feed or have some bait for the next time you head out. Cheers mate, bn
  4. big Neil

    Off Sydney today

    A great read Sam, perfect day... perfect result. YUM YUM on the table. Cheers buddy. bn
  5. big Neil

    Sydney Kings on Thursday

    Sounds like it was a worthwhile trip. Getting among the fish is great but those damn seals are persistent. bn
  6. big Neil

    Nice reddies off cronulla

    Good when a plan comes together and you get onto some decent fish. Top job, bn
  7. Has anybody caught Mirror Carp in NSW and if so where? Here are a few pics of the Common Carp and the Mirror Carp. Cheers, bn Mirror Carp (top) Common Carp (bottom) Mirror Carp
  8. big Neil

    Lake Wyangan

    If ur land based worms are best. Can catch anything on them if the fish are biting. Good luck. bn
  9. big Neil

    Lake Wyangan

    Yep I've fished there many times. Holds some Yellas and Cod as well as Carp. Trolling lures on the bottom, in the deeper parts is a good option if ur in a boat. It bank fishing you will need more than a fair share of good luck to catch anything other than Carp.. It's probably quite shallow at present so don't go rushing around in a boat. There has been algae in it this past summer so I wouldn't eat anything you do catch. Good luck, bn
  10. big Neil

    Copeton messing with the head

    Hey Dave and Amy. I feel your pain and also understand the feeling of ecstasy you have from landing that one fish. There are lots of cliches which can be applied to Cod fishing but surely the most significant is "JUST ONE MORE CAST". You just never know what can happen when the lure hits the zone and you apply your favourite retrieve to the lure. Great read, great photos, great result. Hoodoo broken ...Job well done! On the other side of the coin. I went out to the river at first light yesterday and the very low water was as clear as bottled water. No interest and I lost 2 surface lures, casting from the bank into the partly submerged timbers. This Cod season is definitely the worst fishing in over 20 years fishing the Murrumbidgee. Cheers, bn
  11. big Neil

    Port Stephens Trip 2019

    Reading the account was good but the video was great. Great effort by you all to cement a very memorable trip and a successful workout for the new gear. Cheers, bn
  12. big Neil

    Reds again

    Seems like a while between posts from you Rick but when the report is so impressive, it's definitely worth the wait. Looks like the big reds decided to come to play with you mate. Great result, must be the best fishing region on the east coast at present. Great pics too, bn
  13. big Neil

    A day to remember

    Wow Trav what a fantastic result. We know how difficult it can be getting one Cod but to have such a fantastic day, as you described, is nothing short of amazing. You certainly put the rest of us to shame with your knowledge and determination. Not doing much fishing down here so keep the reports coming, they're great reading. Cheers, bn
  14. big Neil

    Port Stephens- The longtail are on!!!

    Wow what a buzz that would be, catching one of those. Cheers, bn
  15. big Neil

    Aussie bass at ourimbah creek

    Persisting and getting one fish is often as much reward as one can expect. Sometimes fish don't want to play the game and it can be very hard to etch out a result. Keep at it Toby, it's great fun fishing. Cheers, bn