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  1. Great report Jon and some fabulous photos. Always good when a plan B happens to save the day. Some very decent fish in that lot. Cheers, bn
  2. What better way to go out for a date than chasing and catching some quality fish in a pristine location Dave and Amy. Plenty of huge "river yellas" up there too and there's no saying what the Cod or Yellas will hit, lure wise. An excellent report and great pictures of some of New England's finest countryside. Cheers, bn
  3. Another outing to help folks get their first Kingie Bob. You're a true gentleman showing all these folks how easy it is (for you). Keep up the good work, will have to try to get back to have a trip with you. Till then keep the posts coming. Cheers, Neil
  4. Cod done in a similar way produces great fish to go with some chips. Inland freshwater fish aren't TOO BAD on the plate, although I wouldn't eat any above 60 cms in length...too fatty. bn
  5. Gee mate, with that sort of reputation developing you're going to need to be very careful with your fishing gear in the future. Apparently we learn from our mistakes, so things should improve for you shortly. On the bright side, you didn't lose your reel too. Cheers, bn
  6. I've just come home from a late arvo session at a spot on the Murrumbidgee that usually produces Perch, both Silver and Golden. Of the two, Silver Perch are more difficult to catch. They are absolute experts at taking your bait without getting hooked. Here's a few tips that should help to improve your catch rate... Silver Perch have small mouths (compared to Golden Perch) and they are absolute masters at taking shrimps or worms without getting hooked. Their bite is very specific. They will cautiously swim up to your bait and take a single bite. Of course, by the time you realise, the bite
  7. Thanks for sharing your success with us Bruce. A few mates frequent the Lachlan and usually target Yellas. They have done well also. Meanwhile, where I live the water levels are up and down like a brides nightie and that is still having an adverse effect on the Cod fishing. They are still biting in short spells and it's necessary to put serious time in to get some numbers like you did. Well done, good to see plenty of just undersize Cod around. Holds well for the future. Cheers, bn
  8. Wishing Donna AND Cruz a full and speedy recovery. bn
  9. I've started an exercise regime too Dave. Twice a day I jump to conclusions. Nearly killing me. Cheers, bn
  10. Nice Snapper Brendon. Did you keep it for a feed or send it back? bn
  11. Chunky Tailor Dave and some nice photos. Always some clown around to take the edge off an enjoyable experience. Cheers, bn
  12. What's the middle fish Luke? Good being able to get out a couple of days running. Cheers, bn
  13. You're a legend Bob for taking numerous anglers out to get the benefit of your experience and get among the fish for themselves. Bit busy at present otherwise I'd be very tempted to head up to Sydney and join you, Keep doing what you're doing, and keep the reports coming. Cheers, bn
  14. Congratulations Scratchie and thanks for explaining some of the useful apps which Deckee provide to the boating and fishing community. bn
  15. Another good day on the water Bob, despite the unpleasant conditions. Cracker Flattie too. Cheers, Neil
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