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  1. You are certainly making the most of your small windows of opportunity papafish. Get yourself a bit more organised and there will be no telling what your next report contains. Thank you for your entertaining post. Cheers, bn
  2. Gotta be happy with that stonker of a Bream Brendon...be more than 15 years old I think. bn
  3. Hope they stay around Bob. Real scorcher of a day in more ways than one. Good job. bn
  4. I see that you're in Caringbah. I sometimes stay with an aunt in Sylvania when I come to Sydney. Good luck when you get together with Pickles. bn
  5. You will not meet a more generous person Five flies. Like a lot of Fishraiders Pickles is a wealth of knowledge and he is always ready to provide help where it is needed. Take him up on his generous offer, you won't be sorry. bn
  6. Thanks for the report Scratchie. A long drive and a lot of time spent on the water, coupled with the problems which you encountered with the boat and trailer. These things would normally create a level of annoyance in any angler. To your credit your many years of trials and tribulations simply create a "I'll be back" attitude. I hope you do get to catch up with Woodsy again and get among the fish which Qld have on offer. Cheers, bn
  7. Plenty of rivers North of you that will provide you with the experience of catching a Murray Cod Brendo. If all else fails and you don't mind a long drive, pop down to the Riverina and I'll put you onto some Cod. bn
  8. Very nice result Yowie. I love your reports, they're so matter of fact. Cheers, bn
  9. A good idea to fool the Kingies, lull them into a feeling of false security Bob... then go back and HAMMER them. Some good food for the table, that's for sure. bn
  10. Hi Brendo. 8 fish from 500 casts is a very good result, especially quality fish like those ones. Fishing for natives in the dams can be very hit and miss and getting consecutive days of good weather, even more so. Cheers, bn
  11. An excellent report on an outstanding capture, made all the more difficult given the vessel which you were in. Very well done. bn
  12. Well done on catching the Jack Dave. Persistence usually pays off. I've got plans in mind to visit you again when the opportunity presents itself. Great looking fish aren't they? bn
  13. Good session there Dave and Amy. It's always good to catch a fish but (to me), the beauty of lure fishing is the anticipation that each cast has the POTENTIAL to produce. As you know, hooking up may be the easy part, particularly in real snaggy areas. Thanks for another great report with some excellent photos. bn
  14. Wow what a great trip Bob, and the lucky bananas did it again. Nice Salmon @ 72 cms too. Gotta get back there while they're still on. Cheers, Neil.
  15. Top report Bob. You are a true legend sharing your tips and hints to help others get among the fish. Cheers, bn
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