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  1. You certainly put a lot of time in to your fishing Rick. EFFORT = REWARDS, simple. bn
  2. That's a cracker result there Bruce. Great when you find something that works in a particular place and time. Lots of yummy meals in that lot too. Good job. bn
  3. Have a heart you guys. "Couldn't be bothered with the rat kings" and "we got busted off a few times" along with "we left them biting". I'm on my knees here hanging out for Cod season in 2 weeks time, having to make do with a few Carp here and there. You having a lend or what? Serious face now. You certainly know what you're doing when it comes to tracking down the big reds guys. The environment where these fish are must be like a fish version of paradise. Keep the reports and pics 'em. bn
  4. Interesting thread. I'm not overly familiar with what fish belong where and are caught in locations where they "shouldn't be". As a monotonously logical person though I offer a few observations. Marine creatures do NOT know if they are in Sydney Harbour or Port Phillip Bay. They don't have the technology that we have when trying to catch them. What they do know is the environment where they are (water temp, depth, clarity, salinity, food supply and shelter). IF the environment is changing, most likely we'll find species in places where they wouldn't be (normally). So is the environment changing? That's for you to decide. DISCLAIMER: The above comments, provided by Big Neil are not necessarily the opinion of his alter ego (bn). As such, no responsibility for the above article is acknowledged nor sought. Have a nice day... bn
  5. Thoughts with you and everyone displaced by these horrific circumstances Dave.Keep safe. bn
  6. Hope that you and everyone else in your region come through this with a minimum of problems Dave. The devastation thus far has been horrific. Unfortunately fires are a regular event. I do hope that something positive is learned from this situation to help minimize impact in future events. These (mainly volunteers) are true heroes and we all owe them a massive debt. bn
  7. Well done mate. Success like that is abit like picking the winner in the Melbourne Cup. Keep the reports coming. bn
  8. Top fish to catch with that set up Rick. As you say great fun. Shame about their eating qualities though (LOL). bn
  9. Sometimes people living West of the divide envy "Coasties" because they believe that fishing is "on tap" all the time. Not the case though is it Rick? Makes it all the better an experience when you can fit a successful outing into a busy work schedule. Well done champ, hope you get to repeat the experience, as often as you can handle. Cheers, Neil
  10. Thanks for the input Donna. Your photos further reinforce what a precarious country we live in. As you say the rivers are suffering throughout this vast land. I read yours and Swordie's posts with great interest, as you did what I had long desired to do (the lap). However, it is no longer on the bucket list. Common sense provides the rationale that I lower the bar on my expectations. I am sure that the country will recover some of its former glory in the long run...just hope it's not too long. We can only hope that this upcoming wet season will bring life back to these areas in abundance. Cheers, bn
  11. Good advice from Baz. Before braid came on the scene everybody used monofilament line and caught plenty of fish with it. Just do what Baz suggested and put the time in. Learn how to target each species by watching videos on Youtube. Also how to set your rigs up for particular species, how to tie the correct knots (Youtube). Above all don't ever think that it's easy to catch fish. Like anything else in life, it takes time to be good at something. Good luck and let us all know how you go with it. Cheers, bn
  12. Thanks for the report Scotty. There are many places which are much worse off than where I fish. Sounds like it's pretty bad up in the Central West region where you are. As you say it is good that we belong to this site and are able to (at least) read about other anglers having some success. I'm sure that everything will return to normal eventually, but it doesn't stop you from worrying about the future for our iconic native species, does it? Here's to brighter days when we can go down to the river and catch a few Cod. bn
  13. LOL Frank re the chins. I hope your observations regarding the weed are right Trav. The river LOOKS unhealthy! My main concern was whether the weed would further reduce the oxygen level of the diminished amount of water. I guess that, as long as there is some water flow, the native fish will survive. Frank and I fished Burrinjuck a few weeks back Baz and it was very ordinary then, but at 30% it is still holding lots more water than most NSW dams. I get very impatient these days and 9 months of terrible fishing is a hard thing to deal with, especially when (as an old fart) I have too many things that I want to do in an ever diminishing time frame. Impatience is not an admirable quality for anglers, eh? Previously, when times were tough, I could always rely on the Carp as a stop gap. Even they aren't playing the game. CHINS UP, eh Frank? bn
  14. Suffice to say that 2019 has been the worst year for fishing in a long time. The severe drought and continual low water conditions has made the boat (almost) redundant. Last week I ventured onto the Murrumbidgee to hone the casting skills and try for a Yellowbelly or two. Boy was I disappointed. Hundreds of casts and not a sign of interest. Even more disappointing is the River being full of weed. Maybe somebody on Fishraider can tell me if this is a good thing for the natural environment or not. It's the first time, in over 20 years , that I have encountered this situation. Water levels are still critically low but there is the odd day when a flow is released from the dams, eventually making its way down to where I can launch the boat. Optimism?? The weekend has provided us with the first decent rainfall in a few years. The spirits are immediately lifted by the sound of rain pounding on the roof and the sight of water flowing along the roadside gutters. Even the air smells different! I have been preparing the rods, replacing line on the reels and rearranging the tackle in anticipation of a good Cod opening day Will the Murray Cod season, now less than 4 weeks away, be better than the last one? Well it certainly can't be worse. But is it too early to be optimistic? Time will tell! The waiting continues, bn A hybrid Murray Cod /Trout Cod A Golden Perch (Yellowbelly)