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  1. A hit and run day is better than a hit and miss day Jeff. Great description of the events as they unfolded and a good supply of fresh fish for the freezer. Life's good. bn
  2. I don't think there are any Jani. bn
  3. This is a good topic Mike, especially for somebody who works in the field you do. The interesting info gleaned would be available at the end of the annual cycle. It could be invaluable. I can see quite a few downsides though. The things which happen within the life cycle of a particular species in between trips are huge variants and can bring about big anomalies in the reliability of the data collected. Being an old fart, and computer illiterate, I favour a more hands on approach like KB obviously does. That doesn't however mean that the information which you would gather would be less si
  4. Welcome to the forum Bob. Hope your plans come to fruition and you get into fishing and Lawn Bowls back here in Oz. Plenty of talented anglers in the Port Stephens region so plenty of "homework" for you to research. Good luck with your plans , will look forward to reading your adventures down the track. I am a keen Lawn Bowls player too and live in the Riverina where my main target species is Murray Cod (freshwater). I get about a bit and meet up with other Fishraiders when I can, usually to fish the salt. Cheers, bn
  5. That is lovely Jani. I too fell in love with Australia when I came here 50 years ago. It is a wonderful country and Australians are "special" people, in my opinion. Enjoy your life with your family, where you are. Hopefully you will get back to Australia to enjoy what it has to offer. Till then, you have a lot of friends on Fishraider who really enjoy your unique posts. Keep on fishing and posting your results. Cheers, Neil (bn)
  6. I didn't know that Zander got so big Jani. That is a monster. You will certainly remember the year 2021 for reasons other than Corona virus. I hope that your luck continues through the rest of your Summer. Cheers, bn
  7. Very well done Jani. That is a huge Pike. Your description of the location, hook up and battle to get it to the net is excellent. Good to see your report, it has been some time since we heard from you. Hope that you and your family are keeping safe in this ever changing world. Cheers, bn
  8. Hey Luke. Bob is a fantastic angler and ur Dad would learn the right way to do things in a short space of time. If you can work out the logistics try to make the necessary arrangements. Your Dad would get the absolute best instruction available. bn
  9. As usual Derek, a very extensive assessment of the solution to Gengar's question. Good onya. bn
  10. Welcome to Fishraider Sergau55. Ideal outfit you have there. Glad your buddies held up alright and you all ended up with a great feed. Totally agree that beer battered Flatties are a top meal. Cheers, bn
  11. FrankS is not only a whizz at making trailers and fitting out boats. Here's a bit more of his "handiwork". I particularly like wooden products because of the uniquely random grain patterns. Have a Capt Cook at these beauties. Yes that includes the pen and pencil set. Would these make good Christmas presents or what? Many thanks Frank, Neil
  12. An interesting post DaveBM. Sort of bitter/ sweet/ bitter. Hope the Thai fish cakes hit the spot. Your next episode will be much better after you learn from the mistakes of this one. Good luck! bn
  13. And speaking of Murray Cod, they have to be the least discerning with their food preferences. Cheese, garlic marinated chicken, cooked drumsticks, salami, spam, bread, eggs, potatoes. That list is probably incomplete. bn
  14. Alas not everyone cares enough about the "imprint" they leave behind their visits to these "special" places. The same problem exists in my local area where too many "cowboys" frequent, all too often. Neil.
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