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  1. Hi Neil is your location Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area - MIA, if so a bit far to get together - if you’re a non- smoker, I’d be happy to go out with you chasing Kings, show you how I do it.

    can you PM me?

    1. big Neil

      big Neil

      Hi Bojulabah. Yep, I live in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. Don't smoke but enjoy a few beers after a day on the water. However, I drive a lot so limit the drinking to just a couple. I have only just noticed your message (sorry). Are you still working and what sort of availability do you have for your Kingfish ventures. I have never caught one and these days I don't fish salt very often. I am retired so have a certain amount of leeway with my free time. Do you actually catch these fish in Sydney Harbour? Must be a real buzz. Anyway let me know your thoughts because I would dearly love to fish The Harbour, have only been there on the ferry. (LOL). I'll look forward to hearing from you and once again apologies for not seeing your message, don't know what happened. Cheers, Neil