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  1. Gotta be happy with the fish count for the freezer Rick. Good job. bn
  2. Great photos of majestic Dolphins playing in the surf Jon. Thanks for sharing them with us. bn
  3. I'm picturing you having Buckleys chance of sneaking $350 past "Yes Dear"... better organise a "secret" bank account for your fishing gear. (LOL). Good luck buddy. bn
  4. As Hoodz says there are Eastern Cod in the Mann and Nymboida Rivers. They are a protected species and there is a CLOSED SEASON from 1st August for 3 months. These fish are a sub species of the MURRAY COD and generally grow to about 66cms and 5kg. Cheers, bn
  5. HAHA. Love your handle! You don't say if you are going to fish from boat or land based. Gorge country would be your best bet if land based or from a kayak. The dams West of you would be suited to boat fishing. (Copeton, Pindari, Keepit, Split Rock} all contain Murray Cod. Of course a major impacting factor is the lack of rain so many rivers and dams are still very low. Cheers, bn
  6. Top stuff Scratchie. What a fantastic ambassador you are to Fishraider and even the wider angling community. The depth of passion you have for your sport has no limits. Cheers, bn
  7. big Neil


    Thanks for ur reply Jon. Not your usual result but with fishing anything can happen. I love Merimbula and have caught many good fish there (and Pambula). I will have to have a trip over your way when the weather warms up a bit, some good estuary fishing in your area. I particularly like Tuross Heads. Cheers, bn
  8. big Neil


    Not entirely relevant to your post Jon but don't Tailor migrate North to breed off Fraser Island about this time of year? Cheers, bn
  9. Well done Andrew and the gang of Blackfishing experts. Reading your post brought back really fond memories of the times you have taken me out Blackfishing. I vividly recall all of them, especially the one where we were getting saturated and the older lady from a nearby shop came out with 2 large black plastic bags which we fashioned into wet weather gear. Worked a treat and we kept at it for quite some time, with good results. Thanks for being so generous. bn
  10. Hi Brandon from the Us of A. Welcome to Fishraider. No doubt you have done some research on the site and know a little about Murray Cod, the largest freshwater species found in Australia. Fly fishing for them is not a usual way to catch them but they are prolific in the areas they frequent. The best time to catch them is during the Summer and Spring (December 1st to end of March.) If you find time to visit Australia (after the Covid pandemic) I would be happy to take you out and put you onto some Murray Cod. Feel free to contact when the world returns to normality. Cheers, bn
  11. Some decent fish there Kyle. Great fun catching tailor from a land based location. Well done, bn
  12. Regarding them being "poisonous" Yowie...I was fishing at Port Welshpool (Gippsland, Victoria) and got spiked by a fish which I identified as a "Gurnard". My hand and arm started to turn black and the pain was so bad that I headed to the hospital. The doctor needed to know what it was that had spiked me so brought a laptop with a picture of the culprit (a Gurnard). I was in there for 4 hours before I felt well enough to head back to the caravan park. Have you had any concerns about being spiked by one? Cheers, bn
  13. Hi Jon. Does that mean that some areas that were made sanctuaries have reverted back to non - sanctuary areas? I always imagined that Fisheries would be making more and more "no fishing zones" rather than removing some of them. What changes occur to permit Fisheries to reverse a zone? Cheers, bn
  14. Looks like your "warm up" for the September event has put you on the front line of the grid, alongside Scratchie. Gunna be hard to sneak poll position from you guys but I reckon there will be a few trying real hard to do so. All being well it will be good to see how the experts do it. Till then keep honing your skills Peter, it's pretty to watch. Cheers, bn
  15. WOW you guys are gunna be on cloud 9 for weeks after that adventure. Great write up, great achievement, great result. WELL DONE. bn