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  1. big Neil

    3 days fishing

    Some very nice fish there Jani and great photos too. Lovely that you are ALL into fishing. Big smiles when you catch something. Cheers, bn
  2. big Neil

    Fullday fishing

    Another successful fishing trip from the Finnish Fishraider. Well done Jani and crew. Lovely pictures too. bn
  3. big Neil

    Electric motor

    G'day Hansard. Yes, they will be in the way. There was a previous post on here where the same problem was presented. I think they had the rail altered and the mounting plate installed for the new electric motor. You should be able to find it by using the search facility. Good luck, bn
  4. big Neil

    Oh my cod

    Hey, Sam good to see you have a wish list too and that Murray Cod is on that list. If you ever want to catch one, I can put you on to some...although there's travel involved. They are Freshwater fish and obviously, there are better tasting fish in the saltwater environment. The last 2 legal ones which I caught (simultaneously) came home with me. I cleaned, filleted and cut them into chunks then took them to the local fish and chip shop where my mate battered and deep fried them. Bought some chips and 10 people of all ages really enjoyed the feast. Cheers, bn
  5. big Neil

    Central Coast Kayak Fishing

    Thanks for the report and video Sam. Very professional as always. What was the music clip? It's a bit repetitive, yet catchy and upbeat, which made it highly suited to the video clip. Cheers, bn
  6. big Neil

    Is this a luderick? (Black Drummer/Rock Blackfish)

    Nice PJ there. You girls have fun and good luck with the fishing up
  7. big Neil

    Is this a luderick? (Black Drummer/Rock Blackfish)

    Top job Tash . bn
  8. big Neil

    Oh my cod

    Gunna get a lot worse too, I think Rick. Neil
  9. big Neil

    Oh my cod

    Good to see you getting among them Rick. Cheers, bn
  10. big Neil

    Friday August 10th - Sydney Outside

    Envy personified Jim. Here I am on a Saturday morning wondering if it's worth going out to get a few Carp! Good report and well done finding them and securing a few decent feeds. bn
  11. big Neil

    Easy FG knot video

    What size lines are you using it with connico and how many wraps? I use 20 wraps on 30 lb braid /30 lb leader. Cheers, bn
  12. big Neil

    Easy FG knot video

    I agree that it's great when you need a low profile knot that assists casting with a baitcaster all day long. I am surprised that you use it on 3lb leader material, but with the additional wraps to distribute the "biting in effect" of the braid, it obviously works. Thanks for your input mate, we learn every day. bn
  13. big Neil

    Port Stephens- Brut snapper!

    Can't get any joy myself from actually fishing, at present. So it is great to read and see pics of you guys getting among them. Some very nice Snapper there guys and great job getting out there and back before the crappy weather hit. Top job, bn
  14. big Neil

    Easy FG knot video

    Only a few options really IMO. Best to least... 5 turn Surgeons Loop (used by Stewy) Alberto Knot Double Uni They all have good and bad points. I seldom use light leader material, but have used all of these in the past. bn
  15. big Neil

    Easy FG knot video

    It's not a good option with a thin leader material. I use 30lb braid and leader. I wouldn't use it with less than say 15lb leader because the braid bites into the leader material. bn MY OPINION.
  16. big Neil

    Easy FG knot video

    Thanks for posting the video. I will have a go at doing it his way, just to compare with the way that I always tie it. It is definitely a knot worth learning especially if you do a lot of casting of lures. Cheers, bn
  17. big Neil

    New rod & reel combo for an amateur!

    You can always pop into the local tackle store where you pull up to fish, ask what's happening and I'm sure you will get some constructive help and chance to replace any "lost" lures. Have a safe trip and let us all know how you went. Cheers, bn
  18. big Neil

    About how to fish OZ salmon (need help)

    Go get 'em mate and post the results. Good luck bn
  19. big Neil

    About how to fish OZ salmon (need help)

    For surf fishing, a running sinker down to the top of the gang hooks is best. Holding the rod is better too, although it can be tiring, so a 2 -3 foot plastic tube with a pointy end should be pushed into the sand, to hold the rod. bn
  20. big Neil

    About how to fish OZ salmon (need help)

    Very good pointers there GH Cheers. He should be able to get some, armed with the info provided. bn
  21. big Neil

    About how to fish OZ salmon (need help)

    G'day Marmot. Don't despair mate, Salmon fishing is NOT too hard but there are a few things that need attention. Berley Mix up some pilchards, tuna oil and bread in a bucket with some water and sand. Throw a handful into the wash now and then. That will help attract and keep feeding fish close to where you are fishing. WHERE TO FISH. You mentioned that you could cast further than others, but you don't want to do this. The fish usually feed in the gutters which are often quite close to where you're standing. The rig shown on the left of the pictures is the one which I have always used and it works. 3 gang hooks, the first hook through the eye and the others snug along the pilchards body will get the fish. I could suggest that sometimes salted pilchards can be a better option because they are drier and stay on the hook for longer. Don't worry TOO MUCH if the bait is moving round in the wash. Salmon will find it. Just use a sinker that will get you on the sand and not racing around in the wash. Low light periods are often better (early morning, cloudy days or into the evening). Hope you have better luck. bn
  22. big Neil

    Which fish is this ?,Off Beach. (Salmon/Kahawai)

    I think it's time you set your eyes on some fish identification charts, just in case the "Trevally" turns out to be a Bream. Good luck mate. bn
  23. big Neil

    Your Scientific Fish Names

    Good fun Jim
  24. big Neil

    Your Scientific Fish Names

  25. big Neil

    Maroubra Beach Salmon Action

    Good on ya Jim. You know, the story doesn't hold any surprises for me. You're that sort of guy who would instinctively leap into danger to help someone out. I hope that he learned his lesson and is still fishing (safely). Cheers, bn