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  1. The new stradics are unbelievable! 1+ Stradic
  2. Awesome job mate great work! Solid fish! More kingies to come hopefully!
  3. Nice fish there great work! did you catch those under a float? or did you just bomb out with a big sinker?
  4. Hey belligero is davistown wharf any good for whiting?
  5. how do you rig it up Flickn? Do you put float then ball sinker then swivel then the trace? thanks
  6. water is pretty fast, i was thinking maybe a split shot can slow down the float a bit but also dont want my hook on the bottom
  7. Im fishing down south in lagoon where its full of whiting and has a rocky/snaggy bottom so i was wondering if anyone has ever tried using a small float while fishing for whiting? or if its possible? thanks
  8. awesome catch mate! how big was the rod you were using?
  9. Ive heard people have caught them as far up as kissing point wharf. Greenwich can be productive at times, so can Balmain east, however they both have their days.
  10. try the 3inch watermelon grubs gulp, awesome flathead lure!!
  11. Has anyone also tried garfish fillets?