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  1. charzy87

    Need some fishing buddies

    Damn wish I seen this post earlier my partner and I would have been keen to come along only live near penrith. If you ever need a fishing buddy let me know
  2. charzy87

    Jewies in middle harbour?

    I have been to spit bridge never seen anything big come out of there only lil fellas and lots of boats
  3. charzy87

    Night fishing for jewfish

    Hey guys is there anywhere in middle harbour good to go land based and catch jewies?
  4. Hey guys my partner and I want to head out more for fishing as Warner weather coming up. Wanted to see if anyone else keen to catch up for a fish so we can learn some new spots and tips etc. We have no boat so has to be land based but also like to go squidding. We live out west but no issues with traveling let me know
  5. charzy87

    solid squid

    Where do you find ones like that on land based. I normally go to the little wharf kinda things to catch near port hacking. I love going squidy so much excitement
  6. charzy87

    Beach fishing need help

    So jealous yeah I don't have a 4wd only a hatch my car would probably sink in the sand lol. But that looks like a lot of fun especially with all the essentials with the car. Lots of fish for dinner which is good for you . We have to make a trip when your free
  7. charzy87

    Beach fishing need help

    That would be great if we could come along for a fish not worried about the road trip to the beach. Nice fish would be happy with 2 lol so be stoked with a result like yours. PM me your details can arrange something when your free.
  8. Hey guys, My partner and I want to head out fishing on a boat we have been out once but would love to get another day out on the boat to really experience it. I was a little sick myself as forgot to take the sea sick tabs before getting on the boat silly me. Any help would be appreciated. Regards Charzy
  9. charzy87

    Beach fishing need help

    Hey guys, My partner and I want to head out beach fishing we have gone twice but he gets the shits cause just don't seem to have any luck with bites. Really would like someone to join us to give us some tips what beachs and times etc along with what bait and rigs to use. Any help would be appreciated. Regards Charzy
  10. charzy87

    Newbies to Beach Fishing

    Thanks soo much mondo I will be getting out in next couple weeks so wish me luck
  11. charzy87

    Newbies to Beach Fishing

    Hey we are in werrington near penrith way.
  12. charzy87

    Newbies to Beach Fishing

    Hey Guys, Just hoping you guys can give me some advice on where is good to go beach fishing as we have just brought 2 12 foot surf rods. Would love to catch some decent size fish to be able to take home to eat and would love any tips for locations, rigs and if anyone is interested in joining us out beach fishing would be great. Hope to hear back from you guys soon. Thanks Charzy
  13. charzy87

    Squidding landbased

    Thanks I may try there