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  1. days

    Central tablelands

    Good write up. great pics to looks like it was a great weekend
  2. days

    Removing old line from a reel

    my grand dad told me to do it this way about 15 years ago . So easy to . I to just use cardboard just taped to a big drill bit
  3. days

    Braving the wind

    mate next time try deep creek . A good mate of mine fishes there all the time for bream he raves about it.
  4. days

    Colo River Bass

    mate catti creek is a great place to fish for bass . Ive fished there a few times in the kayak and got some good sized bass
  5. days

    Penrith Bass

    mate i bagged them in a area 100m from the wier to 100m from the rowing club. I just moved around casting under the trees. I got lucky there was only 3 old blokes fishing for mullet there when i went . I went down on friday to for a hour picked up 6 bass but there was around 10 to 15 fisherman there . I got stuck into a asian bloke big time on friday . I seen him catch a little bass about 10 to 15cm in size and he killed it and put it in his bag i ripped into to him useing a few choice words . I get so pissed of when i see people do this . it shits me big time
  6. days

    Nepean River Easter Monday

    wow that thing is a monstar great catch
  7. Hi raider's so i nocked of work early yesterday and headed up to the Penrith wier for a lure flick . I got up there about 12ish water is looking nice and clean .I fished for about 2 hours and caught 13 Bass. All caught on crank lure in black red gold colour and a trout pencil lure took a Bass on the first cast with this on to . I was blown away got a 20cm one on the first cast. I Was getting lots of hits most of the bass i caught were just school size smallest being about 10cm biggest being 29cm. All in all i must say i was very surpised to get that meny in middle of the day. no pics sorry guys i forgot the camera but did get a few on my phone will up load them when i get the chance Regards Dave
  8. days

    Man missing on the Napean

    As sad as this is some people have no brains . I went past there yesterday afternoon a mate of mine lives in the estate at yarramundi. The water is still flowing like a fraight train out there very unsafe. Very sad these kids have lost there father because he had no respect for the water condtions
  9. days

    Bobbin head

    mate i went for a fish down there today. just took soft plastic's and a bag of pillys . I fished of the ponton and around the rocks. picked up 6 bream on plastics only 2 legal. I was getting heaps of hits on the plastics but not a lot of hook ups. I also got around 20 taylor of the ponton 4 good size ones rest just way to small with pillys. Was not a bad way to spend my day of . I will take the kayak next time
  10. days

    Nepean Bass

    Dean Great work pictures 12/13 are bloody great super pics i hit yarramundi and colo for my first crack at fishing for bass last week . what a buzz it is fishing for them bloody loved it. I got 6 at yarramundi and 5 at the colo just down from the putty rd bridge I am going to hit the nepean in the kayak this weekend im hooked on fishing for them now Dave