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  1. C85

    Thoughts about evolution Boats

    Fished from the evo 552 gold for the last 4 years. Can highly recommend this model and at this size i wouldn't go past it, handles the chop perfectly and has taken us further than a boat that size ever should (has been driven hard as well). Having said this, when you are looking at 6m+ there is alot of competition from the other rigs you have mentioned, especially when the dollars come to mind! Good luck.
  2. C85

    30lb mono enough for harbour kings?

    yeh sorry mate not in the harbour. figure i would use a similar set up for either but could go lighter
  3. C85

    30lb mono enough for harbour kings?

    I used 50lb braid with a 100lb wind on when I used to go jigging for big kings in SA. Most of these fish were 20kg plus and my set up handled them nicely. The last couple of years on the rocks here in NSW I have used the same set up, but scaled down the leader to 60lb. I've landed 7 fish (93cm to 112cm) and lost 6. I have chatted to a few guys on the rocks that use heavier leader, but I dont think using anything heavier would have helped with those 6 that busted me off.
  4. C85

    Merry Beach and Bawley Point

    Will probably fish the area next weekend. Will let you know how I go.
  5. C85

    Merry Beach and Bawley Point

    Hey Mark. I fish the rocks there alot but cant help with boat GPS marks sorry. Just out of interest, where do you launch from down there? The beach ramp at Bawley? Cheers
  6. C85

    Snapper fishing South Aust.

    Whyalla is about 4 hours drive (maybe a bit more?). I guess what I'm getting at is you don't need to drive far for quality fish. (sent you a PM).
  7. C85

    Snapper fishing South Aust.

    Will start picking them up in October but the fish will generally hang around until June. Best time is probably after the closure to about mid April, although this will depend on where abouts youre heading. Arno Bay and Whyalla are obviously awesome, but you dont need to head that far afield. Plenty of big fish are landed off Adelaide, with a couple of charters operating out of Glenelg that seem to get good catches. As Stash mentioned above, you can head south to Cape Jervois/KI/Wirrina, or north to Ardrossen and the Yorke Penninsula. All within 1.5hrs drive of the city. Good luck.
  8. C85

    Reef Magic in Narooma or Bermagui

    I'm based in Canberra and would be interested if a group needs another body. What's the damage?
  9. C85

    Need new beach reel

    I use a Daiwa 4000 Ballistic on my spinning reel from the beach/rocks. Also use a 4000 shimano sedona on my other set up. Have used the Sedona for the last three years from the beach and it hasnt failed me. 15lb braid, nice drag and cheap so not upset with the salt & scratches from the surf/stones. Has caught me many salmon and bonito and landed a 93cm kingy from the rocks in march. Tough little reel for under $100.
  10. C85

    Favourite leader knots ?

    slim beauty has never failed me. Plenty of vids on youtube that teach you how to tie them. Spend a couple of nights and practice in front of the telly. A couple of hours practice in front of the telly will make your fishing days alot easier!
  11. C85

    Fiji charters

    Heading there for work in August and hoping to stay a day longer to get on a charter, so would welcome any suggetions. I need to start doing some research to see what is around that time of year!
  12. C85

    New to fishing

    I would launch at Wirrinna. Plenty of inshore spots for some rugger snapper and the KGW should be starting to come on the chew down there as well. Drift along the front of the breakwall and the cliffs to the left or the right and you will find plenty of squid. used to be a local (and miss it) enjoy.
  13. C85

    Finally got my Kingie (LBG)

    Doesnt matter how old you are mate, its a damn good feeling when you land that first one. I was giddy for a few days
  14. C85

    Finally got my Kingie (LBG)

    Well done mate. Landed my first LB kingie this summer too, its a good feeling!