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  1. First thing to consider is what type of fish do you want to target? What sort of areas do you want to fish? You can't really hope to get started until you consider that most basic of things. Matt
  2. It would be worth trying in the boat for sure, it's a bloody trek in there by land though, looks simple on the map. Berowra creek was fishing well from Easter onwards but has really dropped off over the last couple of months. Lot of fish being caught low in all the systems. Matt
  3. Brittania Rock is in the middle of nowhere and a long walk in, is that where you mean?
  4. It works more frequently than you would think in the estuary, you should be able to gather string weed and cabbage at Turrimetta which is only just around the corner from the front of the lake. I've caught plenty of fish on cabbage well up the Parramatta River, and other places when string weed has been scarce. Matt
  5. Or you could use wobble rollers which are great for aligning a smallish tinny onto a trailer. I use the big black ones, and I line then up with the panels on the underside of the tinny. Helps with loading single handed. They don't actually take any wait, but when you ratchet the tie down, they do help with fastening everything up. Matt
  6. macman

    Trudex reel

    Not in a fairly obscure UK based forum, no. Matt
  7. If you need any measurements taken, I have a set of verniers etc, but in the middle of a reno.
  8. macman

    Trudex reel

    Nice reel, I bought a crappy one a few years back with no lineguard, I cut off and filed the lugs and resprayed it, lovely reel to use. Matt
  9. I've got one, I'll get a photo for you over the weekend, if I forget, send me a PM.
  10. Good to see the Iceman is still good at fishing. Looks like a trip to Glenbawn is in order some time in 2019, plenty of fish there! Matt
  11. I had no idea that the Gary Howard was built on a composite blank let alone the 3145G. Are you sure that's correct? If it is, then it's a miracle, the 3145G hasn't been available for years. And if true would look for one myself. Matt
  12. macman

    Avon Royal Mk3

    Yeah , well done, must be tempted to strip it and paint it? They are pretty easy to do, I've done a couple even hand sprayed goes well. Matt
  13. There are a lot of people banding together on this already. But, it requires careful reading of the proposal, real thought and then for everybody to make a personal submission, attend the meetings where possible and support people who are fighting for our rights. Most importantly act with a bit of class, hot headed behaviour and raw anger is not going to help anyone. Be very aware of the facts, there is a lot of misinformation out there. Matt