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  1. allison US is different to the locally made Allisons.
  2. Allisons are very nice. I am sat in Chicago at the moment reading a basspro marine catalogue. 1 thing i have noticed, more being packaging with Galvanised trailers. There are certainly some sweet rides!
  3. G'Day Guys, Been doing a little experimenting with these, attached is a drawing i did, made it up with various plumbing fittings, attached to a 100L/H pump it works a treat.
  4. I am really keen after a bit of a lull, lots to experiment with, below is an attempt at an inlay a mate is looking for, this is still beta , actually maybe even alpha and i will be certainly be improving after much thought and pain - got any suggestions? Have u done this kind of thing B4? Joe - go for it!
  5. G'Day Adrian - Marblelizing looks great on the right rod, its pretty easy, i have practiced on the butt section of a rod B4 making it up for mates, they take a look at the colours etc B4 we get serious. Epoxy is easy to remove, and done where the handle/grips cover there's no dramas. Live in the "Hills" area of Sydney.
  6. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Now that's good to know Allen, new u were the Aust rep now for Hastings kit, knowing components as above are available locally is great. Been fiddling with line paths etc and it alway seems to be the way that u are a guide out or want to try another size B4 u start binding. Have u used the high build form of LS? No issues to date with LS covering paint, though these rods had a clear cover, I have also used it to cover marbelized sections - Testors model paint, so far so good. Here's a pici of the marbelized rod thats nearly finished - this covers the 1st 100mm of the butt. Photo is not great, bit hard to see the detail if i shoot from too far away - looks like a blurred mess. 1 more coat of epoxy and its done.
  7. Jethro - I have been using a plastikote or dupli-colour, u have to shop around, both work really well. Scuff the blank lightly with a fine grade scotch pad, wipe it then spray on my rod roller. 3 coats usually. Now to polish get some 2000 grade wet 'n dry, soak it in some warm soapy water for 15 mins or so. then lightly sand the blank - MAKE SURE U KEEP THE WET 'N DRY WET - i'll stop yelling now :ohyeh: . It doesnt' take long. I leave for a few days then cover with clear. Going to try a rod in that pearl colour/effect next with some holographic guides like these:
  8. White seabass - closet to a jewie i could find Mark - Cost is very variable, u can buy low cost components and make up a resonable rod. The most important factor is u can make exactly what u want, eg those 2 rods are both painted, the original colours were way too boring. On another note i find the local stuff can be a little pricey and the range is very ordinary - in fact most tackle stores seem really loathed to even bother with rod building components or they are shoved in a corner somewhere. Don't sell them, just a hobby. Jethro - LS supreme - Thin, I have heard their high build is fantastic so i might grab some of that for next time.
  9. Cheers Guys, Trouble - P'bly knocked up 20 or so. Swoffa - Decals + all other bits generally come from customtackle, shofftackle or mudhole. Anyone pick the fish?
  10. GUSA- 7'2" - 4-8KG spin.