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  1. I reckon your right as it was not visable from the road
  2. No on all accounts but not an oportunistic theft as not visable from road etc. It was out of sight behind his garage so someone that has been on his property would be prime suspects. He has had a number of different tradesmen completing repairs from the tornado. Crazy not having insurance though
  3. Hi all Raiders. My next door neighbour had his polycraft stolen from his back yard in Kurnell.NSW It has a Yamaha motor and a electric bow mounted. Thanks
  4. Congrats on your first marlin Guy. One off the bucket list you will never forget. Had that feeling fishing solo last year next Iwant to catch a yellow fin . Tight lines
  5. Hi Tara Never used a kayak before and just bought a pair of yaks for my daughter and myself. we live at Kurnell and even though I love going wide game fishing in the boat I thought the yaks would be great for quick access and sessions in the bay. we can walk down the road with the trolleys. i bought a Scorpio terrapin for my daughter and the terminator 12 for myself from the kayak warehouse at taren point. i looked at loads of yaks prior but liked the terminator 12 for included features and value. i am waiting delivery of the 12 but tried the terrapin and enjoyed
  6. Good read,could feel your excitement . Congrats
  7. Hey mate, If the engine revved to full revs smoothly no vibration and then at 1500 rpm in gear I would be thinking it could be shaft/prop related,even something wrapped around the prop or shaft. Not sure if you have shafts or legs but guessing shafts, I had vibration on my old 35 Bertie and it ended up being a misalignment of the shaft to gearbox coupling which an adjustment to the rear engine mounts rectified. Good luck with it, Paddy
  8. Good read mate, Sounds like a great family holiday and some fishing in the mix. Hope your dad read this as it sounds like you did a bit of maintenance also. Tight lines, Paddy
  9. Would of been good to know what was on,maybe a bronzie?. Tight lines
  10. Hi Raiders,, I signed and also emailed my member of parliament Scott Morrison. I received a detailed letter today from Scott Morrison explaining things. The content of his letter basically meant the government is opposed to super trawlers but is not opposing this trawler/freezer ship because it's under 100meters long. The "Geelong Star" is 95mtrs long with a holding capacity of 1100 tonnes. So as far as they are concerned it's going to happen. Regards Paddy
  11. Well done Mark,nice fish. I thought I heard you on the radio last Friday week on a blue at the shelf when I was at the 12 Mile. I left Botany this morning at 6 to the wide fad for zero then trolled on to Browns and around ,again zero. After Browns trolled back to the fad for 1 bonito then to the gap and along the wash back to Botany for 1 sgt baker. Covered a lot of distance 150 Klms for zilch really but that's fishing. Water looked good and temp from 23 to 25. The chatter on the radio was quiet,some dollies and a black locally but every second boat in the port Stevens comp seemed to hav
  12. Congrats mate, well done. The first of many I hope. tight lines
  13. Well done mate. I had a similar experience last month and know that awesome feeling of triump & happiness doing it solo. tight lines.
  14. congrats Scratchie jnr & snr. You will have a permanent fishing partner now so either You only fish the w/ends or the boy gets more days off school-what a dilemma lol regards, Paddy
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