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  1. Martin Mills

    FG Knot for light braid

    Thanks for the advice. Seems I need to improve my knot tying skills. I did a bit of searching on the net and also looked at the packet - seems double uni works best on similar diameter lines. The braid is much thinner than the same breaking strength leader so I wonder if that's part of the problem. One option is to double the braid before tying, Also definitely more loops. Also didn't know Kane Dysaught is a bit of a fishing legend up north - so don't mean to diss him in any way. Will have to try his knot out too because its very low profile and wont catch up on the guides. I think it might also be called the Kaneit knot.
  2. Martin Mills

    FG Knot for light braid

    I was out on the bay the other week and trying to impress my new girlfirend. Caught a nice trev on 2nd cast, maybe it was loitering just under the school. So thought I better give her a turn, Just got her hooked up on a nice fish after a number of miscasts - suspect it was a salmon due to the bust-ups. Anyway the knot gave way just when the fight was starting to heat up. From memory I was using 10lb Powerpro to a 12 lb fluorocarbon leader. This isn't the first time its happened to me - seem to be a repeat offence. Am I not doing enough turns? - think I had about 8 and 10 turns on fluoro and braid respectively. Or maybe the leader wasn't long enough - only about 1metre. Theres another knot called the Kane Dysaught knot I saw on a fishing so which apparently stands up better to repeated casting. Sounds more like a surgical procedure but has anyone tried it? Please help - I cant afford to fail in front of the girlfriend again boys.